A wife for my husband part 2 episode 3


Episode 3

He couldn’t make it home that day. The following day, he returned with a friend who had accompanied him to the traditional wedding, only to find Adesuwa had left. All her stuff was gone, leaving Lakunle stunned. He had never anticipated that Adesuwa would leave him, he thought she loved him deeply and would never leave him but he asked for it.

“Linda, Linda.” He called for the maid.

“Yes, Oga.”

“Where is my wife?”

“Oga, why you dey ask me nawh. You no sabi wetin you do.”

“Are you ok? I asked you where Adesuwa is you are talking rubbish.”

“Madam pack bag o, say she dey leave, as you don marry another wife. But oga why nawh because madam no born bekin. This one wey get belle for you nawh how you wan take know say na you get the belle.”

“Will you short up and get out of here.”

“Sorry oh oga, no vex.”

Lakunle and his friend rushed to Ani’s house; he knew he would find her there. Ani was more than just a friend; she was the sister that Adesuwa never had.

When they arrived at Ani’s place, Ani didn’t allow them in. “Please, Ani, I need to talk to Adesuwa.”

“Lakunle, how dare you show your face here after what you’ve done. To think I was rooting for you. When you were sleeping with Simi and she got pregnant, you didn’t bother talking to Adesuwa. You sneaked behind her to pay Simi’s dowry, and even now, after being exposed, you want to talk. Well, she doesn’t want to see you. To think I assured Adesuwa that you would do right by her. You’ve really disappointed me, Lakunle. I thought you were one of the good ones.”

“I’m sorry Ani. I didn’t plan for all this to happen; I know I failed her. Please let me see her and explain things to her.”

“Will your explanation change the facts? You lied, you cheated, you betrayed her trust, leaving her high and dry.”

“Please Ani, just let me talk to her.”

“She is not ready; give her time she is hurting right now and there is nothing you will say that will make all of this go away.”

“I know, but she is still my wife and I love her. I need to talk to her; I’m losing my mind.”

“Oh, really then better go get a therapist because you will have to wait until she is ready.” With that Ani left them and went back inside.

Lakunle was reluctant to leave but his friend was able to convince him to give her a day or two before returning to try again. But every day Lakunle kept going back, sometimes twice a day. He was lost, he loved Adesuwa very much and didn’t want to live without her.

After a week of fruitless attempts, Lakunle returned home late one night to find Simi comfortably sitting in his living room. He hadn’t spoken to her since the engagement and had avoided her calls. Upset by her presence.

“What are you doing here?” Lakunle asked.

“Welcome baby.”

“Don’t babe me, what are you doing here? You can’t be here; this is my matrimonial home.”

She ignored him and continued watching the TV.

“Linda, Linda” He called the maid.

“Yes, oga, welcome.”

“Who allowed her in?”

“Oga na Mami bring her for afternoon, she talk say na this aunty be your wife nawh. And oga me too by tomorrow I dey leave o because I no fit work for here again.”

Lakunle stormed into his room. When he got there, he could see that Simi had already taken over the room. He called his father and mother but no one picked up. Panicking, Lakunle realized the mess he had created. Simi had taken over his room, and he felt trapped in his own home.

“Oh my God,” he thought “what kind of problem have I created for myself. Even if Adesuwa agrees to come back how do I get Simi out of this house. God, I’m in trouble.”

That night he slept in the guest room but Simi didn’t care she had her wish. Linda left the next day and when Lakunle came back from work on Monday he was expecting that Simi would at least make dinner.

“Oh, so you expect me to cook for you. If you are hungry order a takeout or go into the kitchen and make yourself dinner.”

He observed that the sitting room was littered he asked why she didn’t clean up her mess. Simi simply informed him to get a maid. Lakunle went to bed angry and hungry.

From that moment his life became a living hell. Simi was the opposite of Adesuwa. Simi is spoilt and mannerless
Simi’s presence turned Lakunle’s life into a living hell, she was nothing like Adesuwa who was a loving, caring and dutiful wife. Sometimes Simi would go out and not return till the next day. Lakunle struggled to cope with her spoiled and disrespectful behaviour.

Eventually, Adesuwa agreed to meet Lakunle. He pleaded with her and said his parents lured him into doing it.

“Lakunle, you betrayed me with Simi, I will never share you with another woman especially one who has your parents’ approval. I cannot subject myself to that and I don’t want your child to be raised by a single mother. I believe that both parents should raise a child.”

“Please, Adesuwa, come back to me. I can’t live without you.”

“You will have to. Simi is the wife you chose, so I suggest you get used to living with her.”

Dejected, Lakunle returned home, regretting his actions. He cursed his weakness, lamenting how he allowed his desires to ruin everything for him. His involvement with Simi wasn’t solely about having a baby; it was because he was attracted to her, and couldn’t resist her advances.

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