A wife for my husband part 2 episode 8


Episode 8

Lakunle entered a restaurant one afternoon and was taken aback to find Adesuwa sitting in a corner with a little boy. It had been five years since their last encounter. He had begged Ani for her contact information after revealing that she had relocated. Seeing her really excited him.

“Adesuwa.” He called out to her.

“Lakunle, hi. How are you?”

“Wow, when did you come back?”

“A couple of months ago.”

“Look at you, you are more beautiful than ever.”

“Thank you. How are you?”

“Life has not been fair to me, Adesuwa, but I won’t bore you with my story. Who is the boy?”

“This is my son, Tom.” Lakunle was taken aback. But before he could react the boy gave him another surprise.

“My name is Thomas Imonofi Osagie,” the boy proudly announced.

“Oh, nice to meet you, Tom,” Lakunle said, glancing at Adesuwa with a shocked expression. “Imonofi’s?” he asked.

“Yes, um, Thomas, why don’t you go and play with those toys for a few minutes before we leave.”

“Okay, mummy.”

“You had a son for him?”


“Wow, Adesuwa, I’m happy for you. I’m really sorry for betraying your love; trust me, I paid a heavy price for my betrayal.”

“It’s all in the past now. I’ve forgiven you. I’m happier now.”

“Are you and Imonofi together?”

“No, and he doesn’t know about Tom yet. But he will soon. You won’t believe it, but I found my father. Or he found me.”


“Imonofi’s father has been looking for his lost daughter. When Imonofi and I broke up, he wanted to find me and ask me to be with Imonofi because he knew his son had feelings for me, only to find out I was the daughter he had been looking for.”

“Chief Osagie is your father?”

“Yes, he is.”

Lakunle was amazed. “You don’t say.”

“Yes, but he passed. I can’t go to the burial, but I will be at the reading of the will next week.”

“Wow, Adesuwa, I’m happy for you. You are a very good woman, and I’m glad things worked out for you.”

“They will for you too.”

“I don’t know, I was depressed and went into alcohol and drugs, ended up in rehab. There I met a nurse, Modupe.” His voice softened “She saved me and keeps me grounded. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

“Do you love her?”

“No, we’re just friends.”

“I know you Lakunle, you are in love with her. I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. You should take a chance with her. You never know. Don’t give up. When we broke up, I just wanted to get pregnant and have a child, and I didn’t know when I started liking Imonofi. Did you ever find out if Simi’s daughter was yours?”

“No, I never bothered, and that’s why I don’t want to get involved in any relationship. What if the problem of our childlessness was my fault?”

“No. The doctors said we were both healthy. You have to find a way to get that test done. Simi and her family can’t be trusted. How is Bami and Mami?”

“Mami passed last year, cancer.”

“I’m sorry, Lakunle. How is Bami taking it?”

“Bami’s sisters married him a wife six months ago, and they are expecting a child!”

“What? You are about to have a sibling.”

“Yes, can you imagine that? After so many years.” They both laughed.

“It’s so good to see you again, Adesuwa.”

“You too, Lakunle.” They talked about other things and exchanged contacts, and Adesuwa promised to stay in touch before leaving.

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