A wife for my husband episode 3


Episode 3

Later that morning, Adesuwa called Lakunle to inquire about Mami’s departure.

“How far with Mami?” Adesuwa asked.

“The driver should have picked them up by now, so they should be on their way,” Lakunle replied,

“Okay, but have you confirmed if they are on their way?”

“I will, but I need to attend a meeting now, can we talk later?” Lakunle said hurriedly.

“Sure, honey, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Lakunle responded before ending the call.

By 9:30 am Lakunle’s phone kept buzzing, it was the driver, Yemi calling. He excused himself from the meeting and stepped out to answer the call.

“What’s the matter, Yemi?” Lakunle asked.

“Mo ti wa ni ibiyi for 30 minutes (I have been here for 30 minutes) and they still haven’t come out,” Yemi replied in frustration.

“Okay, I will call her,” Lakunle called his mother’s phone several times but she didn’t pick up. He then called the maid, Linda.

“Hello, oga.”

“Linda, where is Mami?”

“She dey sitting room dey watch Television,” Linda replied.

“Haha, isn’t she aware that Yemi is waiting for her outside?” Lakunle asked incredulously.

“Oga, she know nawh, I bi tell her say the driver don come, but she talk say she don hear and when she no commot I go back go tell am again, she still talk say make I go back go kitchen.”

Lakunle instructed Linda to take the phone to Mami.

“Mami, Oga wan talk to you for phone.”

“Tell him I am busy; I will call him back later,” Mami replied dismissively.

“Ha ha, but Mami, no be television you dey watch. Which one bi you busi?“

“Abi nko se e ni? (Are you alright). I said I will call him back later.”

“Oga, she talk say she dey busi and she talk say she go call you later sir.”

“I thought you said she was watching TV.”

“Yes oga, she just dey watch Television, o.”

Lakunle sighed “Okay, Linda, thank you. I will call the driver.”

Later on, Adesuwa called Lakunle to get an update but she wasn’t surprised when Lakunle told her what happened.

“Why am I not surprised? So, what are we going to do?” Adesuwa asked.

“Don’t worry as soon as am done with my meetings I will call Bami. Don’t worry Honey, I will fix this.”

“Alright, Lakunle I trust you.”

“Sure. I will see you later.”

After his meetings, Lakunle called his father.

“Bami, Ekasan.” (Good afternoon father) Lakunle greeted.

“Ojare Lakunle. Se Alafia lewa? (Thank you, Lakunle. I hope you are fine?)

“We are fine Bami. Thank you. Bami, how could you and Mami do this? Choosing a second wife and without discussing it with me, Mami brought the woman to my house.” Lakunle complained.

“Lakunle, every time we bring up the issue of your childlessness, you push it aside. Your mother and I are only trying to help.”

“I understand that, and I appreciate it, but not like this.”

“Okay, what do you want?” His father asked.

“Please ask Mami to return home with the lady. By next weekend, I will come home and we can discuss it.”

“Is that all you want?”

“Yes, Bami.”

“Okay consider it done. But if we don’t see you next weekend, she will return with Simi.” His father warned.

“I will be there Bami,” Lakunle assured him.

“Oda na (ok), I will call you mother.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lakunle said before ending the call.

That evening, Simi was seated in the living room pressing her phone. She heard a car drive in, and when she checked and it was Lakunle she then arranged herself on the sofa pretending to be sleeping, and she exposed her thighs.

Lakunle walked in and was surprised to see Simi lying down on the couch and her thighs exposed. He was momentarily captivated by her appearance. He moved close and allowed his eye to run all over her body. He suddenly realised himself and quickly moved away from her and escaped to his room. Unknown to Lakunle, Simi smiled secretly.

“Yes, he’s definitely interested,” she thought, pleased with herself.

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