A wife for my husband episode 4


Episode 4

The following day, Mami reluctantly returned home with Simi, and by the next weekend, Lakunle visited his parents as promised. When he returned, he informed Adesuwa, that he had bought them more time and the decision was to conceive within the next year.
However, Adesuwa noticed a change in Lakunle after his visit home. Although he remained loving, something had changed. Sometimes he looked at her with a pained expression, attributing it to their childlessness. He became increasingly desperate for them to have a child.

Adesuwa also observed that he began disappearing for hours without a proper explanation, giving flimsy excuses. Adesuwa was worried, for she knew something was wrong. But as they say, a lie may go on for many years, but one day the truth will come out.
One day at work, Adesuwa received a call from Ajoke, Lakunle’s second cousin. After exchanging pleasantries Ajoke dropped a bomb.

“Aunty Adesuwa, I am sharing this in confidence because you are a nice woman, and woman like you us, should look out for each other.” Ajoke began.
“What’s going on Ajoke? Adesuwa asked.
“Do you remember the lady Mami brought to your house as Lakunle’s second wife?” Ajoke asked.
“Simi or something,” Adesuwa replied.
“Yes o, she is pregnant for Lakunle, they are paying her bride price tomorrow,” Ajoke revealed.
“What are you saying? How? When?” Adesuwa was confused.
“The how and when is not important. What will you do about it?”
“But Lakunle told me he was going on an official trip.”
“Lakunle didn’t travel anywhere, he’s here in Lagos; Simi’s family actually lives here, and the traditional marriage is happening here. I will send you the address.” Ajoke announced.

Adesuwa’s life became a nightmare. She informed her friend Ani, and together, they attended the traditional wedding, confirming the painful reality. When Lakunle saw Adesuwa in the midst of guests, he became visibly uncomfortable but was prevented from leaving by his family. Adesuwa and Ani left the event, their worst fears confirmed. Adesuwa cried all the way home.
When they got Home Ani tried to console her.
“I’m so disappointed in Lakunle. I thought he was different. Some men are wicked” Ani lamented.
“I don’t understand how Olakunle could do this to me. I thought we were in this together. I never imagined that I was living in a fool’s paradise. How could he deceive and betray me while pretending to be a loving husband? I never believed Lakunle could mortgage our love and happiness for of another woman. This goes beyond having a child; it’s about his inability to control his desire for Simi. I told you that girl was trouble.”
“I’m sorry Adesuwa you don’t deserve this. What are you going to do?” Ani asked.
“I don’t know why my story always ends this way. I never knew my father, my mother died alone and I have no family. I built this family with Lakunle, hoping I’d never be alone again. They took that away from me without empathy or consideration. And now my dream of becoming a mother is shattered. I’ve always wanted children, because I was alone for a long time, and now, I’m denied the joy of motherhood?” Adesuwa wept bitterly.
“Please Adesuwa, stop crying and don’t give up on your dream of becoming a mother someday. There’s someone out there for you who would love you genuinely.” Ani comforted.
“No, I’m done with love, done with loving and trusting only to be betrayed at the slightest opportunity. Even if I meet someone, how do I know If I’ll ever be able to have children?
“You will. Remember the doctors said there was nothing wrong with you.”
Adesuwa wiped her tears “I suppose Lakunle has determined the fate of our marriage. Even if I forgive him, I will never forgive myself for allowing this child to be raised without both parents. The child is innocent and shouldn’t be caught in our mess. Please help me pack some of my stuff; I will collect the rest later.”
“I’m so sorry Adesuwa” Ani hugged her.
“Me too, Ani, me too.”

That very day, Adesuwa moved out of her matrimonial home into her friend’s apartment and started the process of rebuilding life. Lakunle apologised and asked her to return home, blaming his parents for pressuring him. He promised Adesuwa that he would keep Simi away from their marriage. But that really angered Adesuwa.
“So, what is she? A baby-making machine. Good enough to carry your child but doesn’t deserve your love and respect.”
“She knows what she was getting into,” Lakunle replied.
“Does she? Do you know what you are getting yourself into?” Adesuwa asked him but he had nothing to say.
Adesuwa no longer considers Lakunle her husband or the home they shared as hers anymore. She couldn’t bear to share her home or husband with another woman.
In less than a month of living with Simi, Lakunle came crying to Adesuwa complaining about Simi’s spoiled behaviour and poor upbringing. He admitted his mistake and begged Adesuwa to come back, longing for his life with her.
“That’s your cross to bear Lakunle. You wanted a child and now you have one on the way, if living with Simi is the price you have to pay for a child then you better brace up because I have accepted my fate you should accept yours.”
Despite Lakunle’s plea, Adesuwa remained resolute and eventually filed for divorce.

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