A wife for my husband episode 5

Episode 5

Ani has been complaining about how Adesuwa has not been socialising since her divorce. Eventually, she was able to persuade her to attend one of her social events.

Adesuwa however, picked a corner at the venue, nursing her drink. Ani approached her and exclaimed. “Hey girl, why are you hiding? Are you having any fun at all?”
“Yeah, it’s a great party. I hope your clients are having fun.” Ani replied.
“Yes, they are. One of them wants to meet you.”
Adesuwa declined saying “No, not interested.”

Ani persisted “Come on girl, for how long are you going to hide? Give yourself another chance to love again.”
“No, I’m not interested in love. I just want to get pregnant and have my own child.”
“Well, here is your chance to look over some potential baby daddies.”
Meanwhile, Imonofi, exuding confidence, mingled at the event, attracting attention from the ladies. Eventually, his gaze fell on Adesuwa, sparking instant interest. Ani noticed and remarked “Oh my, Imonofi is here. I didn’t know he was coming. I would have worn the red dress.”

Adesuwa questioned, “Who is he and why should you care?”
“Imonofi Thomas Osagie, heir apparent to the Osagie dynasty. Most sought after, married twice and currently single. Every eligible female wants to be wife no three.”
Ani wondered, “Why would anyone want to marry a man who has been married and divorced twice?”
“Money, looks and charm. He is coming over here, and I am going to introduce you two.”
Adesuwa protested “Why?”
“You said you wanted a baby daddy. Trust me, here is your candidate. Right now, he is commitment-shy, and you are both divorced and single.” Adesuwa glares at Ani.

Imonofi greeted them, and Ani introduced Adesuwa to him. They engage in small talk, and Imonofi expressing interest, invited Adesuwa to dance. She reluctantly followed him to the dance floor.

Their romance was intense but short-lived. For six weeks, they were inseparable, enjoying various activities together. Shopping, dinner, yacht cruises, cinemas, exclusive restaurants and parties. Imonofi even flew her on the family jet to an island for a weekend. Everything was fine until one night, during a conversation at Imonofi’s place, Adesuwa attempted to discuss imonfi’s past marriages.
“Imonofi,” Adesuwa called softly.
“Yes, babe.”
“Can we talk?”
“Sure, what’s going on?” Imonofi asked.
“What really happened in both of your marriages? I heard rumours but I would like to hear from you what happened.”
“I don’t want to talk about it, but I will tell you one thing though, I am never getting married again.” He stood up “It’s late I will ask my driver to take you home. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, I will call you when I get back.”

“Imonofi, anytime I ask personal questions you close up and dismiss me. We have been going out for weeks, and I have not been allowed to get close to you. I thought you cared about me.”
“Look Adesuwa, I like you a lot, but am not looking for anything serious. I can’t give you whatever you are looking for.”

“How can you know what am looking for when you refuse to let me in?
“I am done having this conversation. I will see you to the car.” Adesuwa sighed and left. In the car, Adesuwa cries while Imonofi goes back inside and starts kicking things.

Despite trying to stay away, Imonofi couldn’t shake his feelings for Adesuwa. After a few weeks, he went to Ani’s place to find her.
After exchanging pleasantries Imonofi asked. “Emm, where is Adesuwa? I haven’t been able to reach her on the phone”
Ani sighed “Adesuwa left.”
“Left to where?” Imonofi asked.
“She relocated to the UK.”
“She relocated without informing me.”
“She didn’t think you’d care.”
“Oh really?” He sighs. “It’s fine. I will take my leave now.”
“Is that it? You are not going to ask me for her number?”

“She left without talking to me.”
“She tried to talk to you the last time she was in your house, you walked her out.”
“She was asking questions I wasn’t ready to answer. Look Ani, it’s better this way I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I’ll see myself out, take care.” Imonofi walked out.

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