A wife for my husband part 2 episode 2


Episode 2

It took Lakunle a while to fall asleep exhausted from the emotional turmoil with his parents. Determined to get some sleep he emptied his mind because he would be visiting relatives with Bami tomorrow after which he would return to Lagos.

In the night Simi crept into his Lakunle’s bed and cuddled him. Initially, Lakunle, half asleep, thought he was with his wife. As they exchanged kisses, he became aware that the person in bed didn’t have his wife’s scent. Shocked, he discovered it was Simi. Questioning her presence, he received no answer, and Simi, undeterred, undressed right before him. Lakunle was overwhelmed as he ogled at her. He succumbed to temptation, giving in to Simi’s allure.

The next morning, Lakunle woke up alone. His mind went back to what happened the night before and he was very unsettled. He has never cheated on Adesuwa in their Five years together, he felt guilty for breaking his marriage vows. He prayed Adesuwa never found out or he’s finished. Uncertain about the consequences, he’s faced with conflicting thoughts – one urging him not to worry, as many men cheat, another mind tells him such men don’t have the kind of relationship he has with Adesuwa.

At breakfast, Lakunle greeted his parents but ignored Simi. Throughout breakfast, he was withdrawn. Simi and Mami were smiling, their plan worked.

On their way out, Bami asked if he was feeling okay as he was withdrawn. Lakunle assured his father that he was fine. The outing was supposed to take a few hours but they ended up spending the whole day. Lakunle had to call Adesuwa to inform her that he couldn’t return home that day. He didn’t reveal Simi’s presence, feeling guilty as he spoke to his wife. He wished he had checked into a hotel the previous night after seeing Simi in his parent’s house, he would have saved himself from falling into Mami and Simi’s plan.

After dinner that night Lakunle spent some time talking with his parents and some family members who came to visit. As the evening wore on, he debated whether to lock his doors. One mind told him that was the sensible thing to do but another mind told him to enjoy what was being offered. After the visitors left and he said goodnight to his parent and left for his room, he was still undecided on what to do. But as he got to the room the decision was taken out of his hands as he found Simi naked on his bed, and once again, he succumbed to temptation.

Lakunle ended up staying until Monday morning and returned back to Lagos with Simi. He found it difficult to resist her and their secret affair continued. Lakunle met Simi’s wealthy parents, puzzled by their approval of their daughter’s involvement with a married man. His mother’s connection with Simi’s mother seemed instrumental, but Lakunle regretted his choice.

Before long, Simi became pregnant, causing mixed emotions for Lakunle. Despite the joy of impending fatherhood, he was sad that Adesuwa would not be the mother. He continued sneaking out to be with Simi, lying to Adesuwa about his whereabouts. Guilt-ridden, Lakunle often looked at Adesuwa with pain when questioned about his sad countenance.
Preparations were made for the bride price to be paid as Simi was already five months gone. Lakunle tried to postpone it but Simi’s parents grew impatient. The event took place in a low-key manner, with only a few family members aware. However, Lakunle was shocked when he spotted Adesuwa during the celebration. She had learned of the secret, and though she was wearing a disguise, Lakunle knew it was Adesuwa.

He had told her he was going on an official trip; how did she find out? Lakunle immediately knew that a family member had leaked the secret to her. He became uncomfortable and tried to leave but his mum and aunts prevented him from leaving.

“Mami, Adesuwa is here I have to go.”

“No, Lakunle that will be very disrespectful to our in-laws,” Mami responded.

“When you get home, you can sort things out with her.” One of my aunts said.

“No, Mami please, this is not right.”

“Lakunle, just calm down, the deed is done already.”

“God this is a disaster.” Lakunle lamented.

Lakunle had no choice but to sit back.

Confounded by the unfolding disaster, Lakunle couldn’t shake the guilt and sense of looming trouble as Adesuwa left the event.

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