A wife for my husband episode 11


Final Episode

When Imonofi entered the room, Tom was playing on the rug with some toys, and Adesuwa and her friend were talking in a low tone.

“Hello, ladies.” Imonofi greeted.

“Hello Imonofi, good to see you again,” Ani greeted.

“Same here Ani.” He turned his attention to the boy.

Adesuwa beckoned to her son and said to him, “Tom, come over here for a minute. You remember I told you that someday we would return home, and you would meet your daddy?”

“Yes, mummy.”

“I want you to meet Mr. Imonofi Thomas Osagie.”

Tom laughed “Stop mummy, that’s my name.”

“Yes, that’s your name because I named you after someone.”


“Your daddy.”

“My daddy? He turned to look at Imonofi, “Is he my daddy?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Hello Tom, I’m sorry I’ve not been there for you and your mummy. I promise that from henceforth we are all going to be together as one big family. Will you like that?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Imonofi tried to hold back his emotions as Tom called him daddy. “Can Daddy hug you?” Tom nods his head and Imonofi gathers him in his arms and hugs him tight; there are tears in his eyes. Adesuwa and Ani had tears in their eyes too. After a few minutes, he let him go. “Son, I need to speak with mummy for a few minutes; why don’t you go with Aunty Ani she will take you to the kitchen for a slice of chocolate cake.”

“Yes, I like chocolate cake.” Ani takes his hands, and they leave, Tom stops at the door and turns to Imonofi. “How did you know chocolate cake is my favourite?”

“Because it is also mine” He winked at him and Tom attempted to wink back, this made everyone laugh.

As soon as they left the room Imonofi turned to Adesuwa who was standing a few feet away from him.

“I was a fool to let you go Adesuwa. In my defence, I was trying to protect myself. My first wife left because we couldn’t have children, and my second wife had an affair with my brother. I wasn’t ready to let anyone in at the time we met. With you, I had already broken many rules; going on a second date, inviting you over for the weekend, and taking you to all my special places. All my life, I had to live with rejection and disappointment; first, my blood parents gave me up for adoption, and then my adopted mum withdrew her love the moment she had a child of her own. I couldn’t let you in.” He moves closer to her. “Adesuwa, if you will have me, I would like to comply with Father’s will for us to get married and I promise to love and cherish you and our son for the rest of our lives.”

“Of course, you will marry me. How else are you going to get your inheritance if you don’t?” Adesuwa replied.

“Forget about the inheritance; I have money of my own. If it will make you happy, we can go to the lawyers now, and I can give it all to you; it’s rightly yours. What do you say?”

“I’m not the same Adesuwa who left five years ago. When I travelled to the UK I was depressed until I met Jesus. And for us to be together you need to understand what that means to me.”

“I do, and I want some of the peace that you have. I’m with you Adesuwa, whatever it takes.”

She looked into his eyes and replied “Don’t think that because Father offered me to you on a platter of gold you will just assume I will marry you. I expect an elaborate proposal.” she moved to walk past him but Imonofi pulled her back.

“Elaborate proposal, eh?” He kissed her on the cheek, “How elaborate?”

“Very elaborate. I want all those girls who think they still have a chance with you to know that you are taken.”

Imonofi laughed heartily. “Well, that can be arranged. I have missed you, Adesuwa.”

“I have missed you too.” (They kissed).

Efosa was wandering the street when his uncle drove up to him.
“Efosa gets in the car.” His uncle said “Now that your world has come crumbling down, you would listen up. You don’t deserve an audience with any of us but count yourself lucky you are an Osagie. We are going to Nosa’s place, but you will have to cut all ties with your mother and submit yourself to him. Are you willing to do that?”

“Yes uncle, I will do whatever you want.”

“Good, we’ll sort you out with Nosa and then with your wife. But you need to man up and take responsibility.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

“Don’t thank me yet; the road is going to be bumpy, but with determination and humility, you will get there.”

The housekeeper went to Eghosa’s room, knocked on the door and got no response. She opened the door and saw Eghosa lying on the floor with an empty pill bottle beside her. When she checked for a pause and found none, she ran out of the room screaming.

The end.

Thank you all for reading. I know you have thoroughly enjoyed the story and I’m glad. Remember that no condition is permanent. Whatever you are going through today is subject to change; don’t ever give up. Don’t live only for today understand that there is always a tomorrow and God is your father he will not forget you. He will show up for you at the right time. The challenges you face today are your stepping stones and building blocks for a better and greater tomorrow.

Stay blessed, I love you guys.

Jumie Naths

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