A wife for my husband episode 7


Episode 7

It was the day Chief Osagie’s last testament was being read, with two lawyers, Imonofi, his adopted mother Eghosa, his uncles, Chief Osaro, and Nosa, and his Aunt Uwa in attendance. Due to heavy traffic, Efosa, his adopted brother, and Omo, his wife, arrived late, Omo apologized as they took their seats.

“Yeah! Now that we are all here Barrister, you may proceed.” Efosa announced.
Chief Osaro interjected, “Have you lost your manners Efosa, did you not see me, Uwa and Nosa seated?”
Apologising, Efosa greeted them, and Chief Osaro signalled to the lawyers to proceed.
“We are expecting one more person.” The lawyers announced.

“Who could that be?” Eghosa questioned. “As far as I know, everyone is here.”
“Not quite, there is one more person, and we have to wait.” The lawyer explained, leaving everyone curious.
“I don’t understand, who?” Egosa asked.
“Please be patient, you will soon find out.” The lawyer assured her. Whispering to his colleague who then stepped out to make a call and returned with Adesuwa, Ani and a little boy.
Eghosa stood up as Adesuwa entered, asking, “Don’t tell me Efe has a bastard son.”
“Please, Mrs Osagie, calm down you will soon find out who she is.” The lawyer responded.
“No, I demand an answer now. All these women who want to reap where they did not sow, I am not going to sit back and…”
“Eghosa, you are running ahead of yourself. Don’t jump to any conclusion. let’s find out what the will says.” Chief Osaro stated.

Imonofi was surprised to see Adesuwa “What are you doing here, Adesuwa?” Adesuwa watched him silently.
“Do you know her?” His Aunt Uwa, asked.
“Oh yes, I do and I don’t understand why she is here.”
“Imonofi, don’t start, please take your seat.” The lawyer said.
“I am not comfortable with her being here, Barrister.”
“I can understand that, but your father mentioned her in his will, and that’s why she is here. So please can you all calm down while I read through the will?” The lawyer urged.

Imonofi sat reluctantly. The lawyer welcomed Adesuwa and informed her that her friend and the boy could stay in the living room. Adesuwa then talked to her friend who led the boy out of the room.

The lawyer began, “This is the will and last testament of Chief Efe Emmanuel Osagie. “I Efe Emmanuel Osagie of No 32, Dan Fodio Street, Asokoro, Abuja being of sound mind, not acting under duress or undue Influence…
“Can we skip all this jargon and just going on to the will proper?” Efosa interrupted.

The lawyer looked at Chief Osas who signalled him to oblige. “The following are my assets: Osagie Oil and Gas, Osagie Telecommunications, Osagie Agrochemical. I have an interest in many companies detailed below. A total of 6 properties, 4 land, a house in England, one in the US and Two in the United Emirates. Two estates in Jabi and Life camp, 9 Vehicles, wristwatches, Jewries, and cash in the sum of 100 million US dollars.”

My beneficiaries… Osagie Oil and Gas, Osagie Telecommunications, Three of my houses, The house in the UK, one in The United Emirates, all the lands, all my wristwatches, six of the Vehicles, my yacht, one estate at Life camp, 50% of my interest in the other companies and 70% of the cash goes to my first son Imonofi on the condition that he produces an heir and consent to marry the mother of his child/children as at the time this will is being read. Else all my estate will go to my heir.”

Imonofi’s uncles and Aunt reacted in shock. Eghosa, Efosa and Omo smiled.
“No, no, this cannot be true, my father knew my situation: I thought he understood my flight.” Imonofi cried out.
“Why would my brother put that clause when he knows Imonofi cannot father a child?” Nosa asked.

Uwa Faced Eghosa, “I’m sure this is your handy work Eghosa, you always favour Efosa because he is your biological child. You want to keep everything for him ba. I know you must have pressured Efe to put this clause. I know you; I know what you are capable of.” Eghosa crossed her legs and ignores her. She smiled; she had actually made that suggestion to Efe. She wanted to return Imonofi to the orphanage, she used it to blackmail Efe into making Efosa his heir.

Chief Osaro spoke “Please calm down everyone, let the lawyers do their job. If Efe took this decision, he must have a good reason. I believe before we leave this place today, we find out why. Barrister, please continue.”

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