A wife for my husband episode 10


Episode 10

After leaving his brother’s house, Nosa found a quiet street and parked his car to read his brother’s letter.

Dear Nosa,

When I returned from my trip and found you gone, I didn’t think anything of it. But when, holiday after holiday, you refused to come to stay with us or even stay in the same room with Eghosa, I realised something was wrong. I never imagined that you and Eghosa had a son together. I know you Nosa and I know Eghosa. Judging by your reaction to her, I knew she must have lured you into it.

Nosa, my dear brother I want you to know that I hold nothing against you. I understand that your refusal to get married and raise children of your own was your way of punishing yourself. Well, all that is over now; you have a son who needs you. His mother did a poor job raising him and won’t allow anyone to discipline him. I suggest you take him under your wing and do whatever you can for him. He didn’t ask to be born, it is not his fault he has a wicked and conniving mother, but most importantly, he is an Osagie, and we don’t abandon our own.

The new Auto business I kept in your care is for Efosa he always has a love for cars. He is still my son even though not biological. Only give it to him when he is ready and tell him I love him despite everything that happened.

Nosa my dear brother, it is time to put all that has happened behind you and embrace life again. I love you and I wish you the very best.

Your brother,

E. E. Osagie.

Nosa broke down and wept uncontrollably.

Back at the house, Chief Osaro and Uwa congratulated Imonofi.

“See what being patient can do. All those times I told you to be patient, see how it has paid off,” Uwa said.

Imonofi thanked his uncle and aunt for their support and for never treating him differently seeing he was adopted. They assured him of their continued support.

Chief Osaro addressed Adesuwa “Welcome home, Adesuwa. I am glad my brother found you before he died. I remember your mother; one of these days, let’s get together and I will tell you all I remember about her.”

“Really, I would love that very much.”

Uwa also welcomed her and requested she introduce them to her son. As they left the room Imonofi read his father’s letter.

Dear Imonofi,

If you are reading this letter, it means I am dead, and the will has been read. First of all, allow me to say that you are the best son anyone could ever wish for. Despite that, you didn’t come out from my lions, I was grateful for you every day.

I know you are probably shocked at all that ensued at the reading of the will. Eghosa thought she was smart, but I outsmarted her. I have always worked with my instinct, and it has never failed me. My instinct was never to trust her and that made me double-check everything, even the paternity of Efosa. You can imagine my shock when I found out the truth. I had the DNA test narrowed down and found out it was Nosa. After examining all that has happened or did not happen between them, as Nosa could not stay in the same room with Eghosa, I knew he probably did it against his wish. I don’t want the family to hold it against him. He has suffered enough.

Well, he has a son, I hope he can live past his guilt and bring him under his wings. I left an inheritance for Efosa, it’s under Nosa’s care which he will pass unto him whenever the time comes. I have written a letter to Nosa which the lawyers will deliver to him.

As for Adesuwa, she is just as sweet as her mother. I want you to marry her; I know you are in love with her. Please take care of her; she has been through a lot. And my grandson I want you to take good care of him too.

Finally, my legacy is in your hands, all that I worked for, Adesuwa doesn’t know anything about running a company, so do all you can to make sure my legacy is preserved.

Until we meet again,

Your father,

Chief E. E. Osagie

While Imonofi was emotional after reading his father’s letter. While still brooding over the content of the letter, Chief Osaro came back into the room. Imonofi thanked him again.

“Your father was my senior brother; he made me who I am today. After the way Eghosa treated you all these years, see how the table has turned. My brother was always proud of you, he always says he couldn’t have asked for a better son. And that young woman in there is a remarkable woman. You have to make an honest woman of her and the young boy is as delightful as you were when you were his age.”

Imonofi grinned “I promise to do my best uncle. What is going to become of Uncle Nosa? He is also a victim of mother’s treachery.”

“Don’t worry about it, he is still our brother. We will bring him and Efosa together, but that woman will be cut off from this family because at the end of the day, Efosa is an Osagie and we don’t abandon our own.”

“No, we don’t?”

“Efe, so patient and wise, he never knew how to hold a grudge, but it is better not to cross him because you will never see him coming until he hits you hard. I am going over to Nosa’s place to talk to him. Your wife-to-be and son are waiting.”

They both walked out of the room and while the chief exited the building Imonofi went in search of his son.

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