A wife for my husband episode 6


Episode 6

Five years later, Imonofi’s father suffered a heart attack and passed away. Amid the flood of visitors and sympathizers in their home, Imonofi hides in his father’s study. Memories flooded back of past discussions as he sat across from his father’s desk.

Imonofi remembered sitting with his father, discussing his upcoming divorce from Abigail. Concerned, his father asked, “Hey, son, how are you doing?”
Imonofi replied, “I guess I’m okay.”
His father observed, “What is wrong? You don’t look your usual cheerful self today.”

Imonofi disclosed, “Abigail and I are getting a divorce.”
“Why?” His father asked.
Imonofi explained, “Dad, we’ve been married for five years, and I have been receiving treatment for three of those years, but my sperm count is still too low. There is nothing more the doctors can do for me.”
His father consoled, “Son, it’s God who gives children. Don’t give up so easily. Your mother and I waited for many years before it happened.”

Imonofi shared, “Dad, it’s more complicated than that.”
“How so?”
“Please, Dad, don’t worry about it. It’s what we both want. Abigail has been unhappy, and I want to set her free. She’s relocating to Canada, and I’ve already asked the lawyers to prepare the papers.”
His father looked at him with a heavy heart. “I’m sorry son. Don’t worry; everything will be fine.” He reassured him.

In another memory, Imonofi introduced Ifunaya, to his parents. His father welcomed her warmly but his mother didn’t care. After Ifunaya left, he and his father discussed the situation.
Imonofi’s father expressed concern, “Are you sure about this, Ifunaya girl?”
“Dad, why? Do you have any misgivings about her?”

“I know she comes from a good family. Her father and I did business together back in the day. Though her mother was quite a handful. Is Ifunanya aware that you may never get her pregnant?”
Imonofi reassured him, “Yes, Dad. As it stands, she can’t have children either. We plan to adopt.”
His father advised, “Even so, I don’t want you to give up hope of having a child of your own.”

Imonofi explained, “Dad, I don’t want to tie my happiness to whether I can procreate or not. A child is a child, whether biologically mine or not. You’ve shown me that, Dad.”
“Alright, son. If that’s how you feel, you have my blessings for the marriage plans. I’ll inform our family members”
“Thank you, Dad.”

In a more recent conversation, Imonofi’s father noticed his son’s emotional distress. “I know when you are not fine son. Does this have to do with the young lady you have been galivanting around town with?”
“Dad,” Imonofi exclaimed.
“I know everything and I know you, my son, you like this one. Did the two of you fight?”
“She was getting too close for comfort. I’m tired of investing emotionally in a relationship only to say goodbye.”
He encouraged Imonofi not to give up on love and to chase the woman he cared for.

In the present, Imonofi remarked “I’m sorry Dad that I couldn’t give you grandchildren”
He left the study, reflecting on these moments, and joined the gathering of sympathisers in the family room.

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