A wife for my husband part 2 episode 5


Episode 5

About A month before Simi’s delivery, she informed Lakunle that she wanted to have her baby at her family’s house. Lakunle refused.
“Why do you want to go to your parents to have the baby? I’m not about travelling across Lagos to see you,” Lakunle objected knowing that her parents would expect him to check on her regularly.

“Who will help me take care of my baby if I don’t go home? My mother has staff who will take care of me and the baby.” Simi argued.

“My mother will be here to take care of you and the baby.”

“Oh, please your mother is old. I’m going to my parents and that is final.” She walked away.

“Simi, will you come back here?” But she ignored him. Lakunle sighed, thinking what an unreasonable human being she was.

Since Simi left without his consent, Lakunle has refused to call her. Simi’s mother called to ask why he has not been visiting his wife, he lied and claimed it was due to a heavy workload.

A couple of weeks later, Lakunle got a call from his mother-in-law that Simi was in the hospital for a C-section. Lakunle left his office and rushed there. Getting there he questioned Simi and found out she decided to have a C-section because she didn’t want to go through labour pains.

“Why did you discuss it with me, first? Why do I have to hear it from your mother?” Lakunle complained.
“For what? Are you the one paying for it?”

“You are my wife and it’s my responsibility.”

“Whatever,” she dismissed Lakunle’s complaints.

Before Lakunle could continue, the nurses came in and took her to the theatre. Simi gave birth to a baby girl. Lakunle was supposed to be happy, but he was indifferent. He called his parents to share the good news and his mum wanted to come immediately. However, Lakunle advised her to wait until Simi and the baby returned home.
When it was time to discharge her from the hospital, Simi’s mother informed Lakunle that Simi would not be returning home to him. Instead, she would be staying with them until the baby is three months old. Lakunle tried to express his displeasure, but Simi’s mother insisted that it was to ensure proper care of Simi and the baby.

Talking to his parents later, Lakule was upset. “Can you Imagine that? All these decisions were made without informing me. They just decided what they wanted to do and expected me to comply. Now I will have to be driving all the way to the island to see her and the baby.”

“Be patient Lakunle, I will call her mother,” Mami replied.

“Mami, don’t bother. That woman is not your friend and she doesn’t have your interest at heart. I feel they just decided to take advantage of your desperation for a grandchild to marry off their wayward daughter. To think that all my life I have stayed very clear of women like her, only to fall into her trap with your help. See the mess my life has become. I’m at the mercy of an irresponsible girl and her very inconsiderate parents.”

“Please Lakunle take it easy, everything will be okay.” The mother assured him.

Lakunle tried his best to visit Simi as much as he could. The only time he saw Simi was the first time he visited after she returned from the hospital. Every other time, she is either resting or gone out. In this period, she never called, and she never visited the house. Lakunle decided to wait until they returned home before conducting the DNA test.

Because it was a busy period at work for Lakunle he wasn’t able to visit for two weeks. The baby was three months old, and Lakunle’s parents had only seen the bay once on the day of naming. When Lakunle got to Simi’s parent’s house and was informed that Simi and her mum travelled broad and would be there for a while. Lakunle was surprised by the news.

Lakunle attempted to reach Simi on WhatsApp, but she wasn’t answering her calls or messages. It was a week before she responded. Her reply shook Lakunle to the core.

“Lakunle, stop texting or calling me. I am not coming back, and for your information, the baby is not yours. I was already pregnant before sleeping with you. My boyfriend and I broke up before I discovered I was pregnant. We are back together now and I have travelled to join him. My family will return the bride price, good luck.”

Lakunle went crazy, to think he traded his happiness and peace of mind for a scam. Now, he is left with nothing but straws. He broke down and wept. He wept for the loss of his beloved Adesuwa and the life he had with her. How was it possible that one wrong decision could change the course of his life forever, he wondered. He called his parent and told them what happened; he was very bitter and blamed them for ruining his life.

“Mami, I hold you and Bami responsible for this epic failure. See where your highhandedness and impatience have led me. You two have ruined my life, and I hope you are happy with yourselves. Even though I didn’t have a child I was happy, I was content,” he cried. Because of your selfishness I have been scammed, no child and no wife.”

From there, Lakunle’s life went downhill.

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