A wife For My Husband

Episode 1

Adesuwa arrived home from work and was surprised to see an unexpected visitor. “Mami this is a pleasant surprise, when did you arrive?” She asked.

“This afternoon, how are you?” Mami replied.
“We are fine Mami, how are you and Bami?”
“We are fine, Bami send his regards.”
“Good.” Adesuwa noticed another person in the room beside her mother-in-law, assuming she might be a relative she greeted the lady saying “Hello.”
The lady replied with a simple “Hi.”
Adesuwa waited for her mother-in-law to make the introduction but it became obvious that she wasn’t going to. “Mami who is the pretty lady with you?” she asked.

She smiled and responded, “You think she is pretty? Oh good, her name is Simisola and she is Lakunle’s second wife.”
Adesuwa Laughed thinking it was a joke “Second wife? Mami, please stop this joke.”
“Do you see me laughing?” she responded.
“You are serious, haha, you actually brought another woman into my matrimonial home.”
“No, point of correction, my son’s home. Since you can’t give him a child, you will allow another woman to bear him children. I am not getting any younger I want to see my grandchildren. Lakunle is our only child I need grandchildren from him, Adesuwa.”
“Mama, am I God that gives children? Please, I can’t deal with this right now, I’ve had a long day, please excuse me.”

Adesuwa left the room. Giving Simisola a disapproving look, and headed to her room. Mami scoffs at her.
“Don’t worry Simi, you are here to stay, she has no say in the matter.” Mami declared.

Once in her room Adesuwa called her husband, “Babe, were you aware of Mami’s visit?”
“Mami? No, no one told me she was coming.”
“Oh great, she has outdone herself this time.”
Lakunle was curious “How so?”
“She brought you a second wife.”
Lakunle Laughed “Second wife indeed! Very funny. Don’t worry babe that can’t fly with me. Stay calm; I will be home soon.” He disconnected the call.
“Oh, the nerve” Adesuwa fumed “She is gone too far this time.” She called her friend Ani.
“Adesuwa, how are you?” Ani greeted
“You won’t believe what my mother-in-law did this time.”
“What did she do?
“She brought a stranger into my home and dared to introduce her to me as Lakunle’s second wife.”
“Ha ha!! Has it gotten to this?”
“She is going on about grandchildren as if it’s my fault we don’t have children. If it’s that easy, why didn’t she have more children after Lakunle.”
“Babe don’t stress over this, I know Lakunle will not stand for this rubbish. Where is he by the way?’
“He is on his way home from work, but babe I’m a little worried.”
“Why is that?”
“You need to see the babe in question, she is drop-dead gorgeous. She is Lakunle’s spec. If she is not out of this house by tomorrow it will be a disaster.”

“Don’t overthink it, you are gorgeous, kind, warm and loving and Lakunle loves you, he will do right by you.”
“I hope so Ani, I’m losing faith.”
“Don’t, I know Lakunle loves you, let me know how it goes, okay?”
“Sure babe, thanks.”
“Anytime girlfriend.”

Lakunle walks in and prostrated to greet his mother “Mami, se dada le de ma.” (Welcome mother)
“Kabo oko mi (Welcome my son). How was work?”
“It was fine, how is Bami?” He inquires.
“He is fine and everyone sends their regards.”
Lakunle then asked “Mami, you didn’t inform me about your visit? se kosi ta ri yin? (Is everything alright?) What is going on?
“Your wife has called you ba? Well, this is Simisola the new wife your father and I have chosen for you.”
“Mami, M-a-mi, how could you and Bami do this without discussing it with me? You don’t seem to care about Adesuwa’s feelings.”

“Olakunle Abioye I don’t care, all I want is grandchildren, and since Adesuwa can’t provide that, I have brought Simi who will give you children. Look at her just the way you like them.” She laughed, and Simi smiled coyly.
Lakunle feeling frustrated says “Mami, kilode te fi se eleyi? (Mother why are you doing this?) The doctor already confirmed that Adesuwa and I are healthy and capable of having children.
“I can’t wait any longer; I want grandchildren now. Your father and I are not getting any younger.
Lakunle pleads with his mum “Mami how can you even do this to Adesuwa, she has been like a daughter to you, loving you and caring for you.”

“This is not about her; I have nothing against her. Haven’t I also loved her as a daughter? This matter is beyond both of you.”
“Please Mami you have to take her back first thing tomorrow morning. I will come home by next weekend and we can sit down and discuss it.”
“Tire lo sὸὸ yen o, (speak for yourself) nobody is going anywhere. Emi Abeni lo wi be, (I Abeni has spoken) Simisola is here to stay.”
“I am going to my room to freshen up Mami but this discussion is far from over.”

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