A wife for my husband episode 2


Episode 2

Lakunle walked in on his wife as she paced the floor “I swear to you, honey, that I know nothing about this.” He informed his wife.
“I want that lady out of my house, Lakunle. Why would your mother even do something like this.”

“Calm down babe, I am their only child, and they want grandchildren desperately. Please understand their reasons.”
“I understand their desire for a grandchild, but I am not God, and I don’t know why we don’t have children yet. Their action shows that they blame me for our childlessness.”
“No, they don’t. They are just trying to help and they think marrying a second wife is the solution.”

“But what if they are right? I have seen it happen several times, a man can’t get his wife pregnant, and then he gets another woman pregnant.”
“That’s not the case here I don’t want a second wife.”
“Are you sure Lakunle?”
“Yes, honey, I’m sure. I have told Mami that they must both leave first thing tomorrow morning.” He wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t worry I will fix this, I promise.” She held on tightly.

Later that night, Lakunle discuss the matter with his mother. “Mami, I want to thank you and Bami for your concern about our childlessness. I know your bringing this lady here is out of the goodness of your heart. But mami, this is my life; I don’t want a second wife. Adesuwa is the woman I have chosen, and it is for better or for worse. This is a very sensitive matter; you know Adesuwa is an orphan, she has no one else but us. We have to consider her feelings.”
“Are you saying you have no desire to father children of your own or are you concerned about how your wife would feel? This is beyond her, you are not just a husband, you are the one who will ensure that our lineage continues. If anything happened to you now, there would be nobody to carry on your father’s name. See, if you don’t want her to know we will arrange a secret marriage. Simi’s parents are very wealthy and influential; marriage to her will also benefit you.”

“No Mami I am not interested. I am an only child why didn’t you have other children or did Bami have other children by another woman?”
“Watch your tongue, young man; I am still your mother.”
“Please, Mami, it’s God that gives children and it is better to wait on him. Please leave with her tomorrow morning and when I come home, we can then sit down and talk this matter over with Bami.”

“Okay,” she raised her hands “if that is what you want, fine. Tomorrow morning, we will return home.”
“Seriously, Mami, you are giving in just like that.”
“But you said you will come home next weekend. Right?”
“Yes, I will be there unfailingly.”
“Then when you come, we will discuss the matter.”
“Thank you, Mami.” He prostrated and then took his seat again as they discussed some other family matters.

It was morning and Lakunle came downstairs to have his breakfast. Adesuwa was already there, “So, how did your talk with Mami go yesterday? I fell asleep while waiting for you.”
“Sorry honey, we were discussing other family matters. But they are leaving this morning.”

“Okay, but what did you say that made her change her mind?”
“I appealed to her that she was going about this in a wrong way. I told her I love my wife and have no desire to marry a second wife. I promised her I would come home by next weekend so we could sit and discuss with Bami.”
“Are you really going to see them next weekend?”
“Yes, I have to else Mami will be back before you know it.”
“How are you going to convince them not to go ahead with this barbaric act of marrying a second wife for you?”
“I will appeal to Bami, he is more reasonable about these things, don’t worry honey I got this, trust me.”
“I trust you: it’s your mother that I don’t trust” Adesuwa stood “I have to leave now, honey. I will call you later to find out how things went with Mami.”
“Sure honey. By the way, you look so hot in that skirt, let’s go back upstairs, I just need five minutes.” He tried to grab her.

“No babe,” she slapped his hands. “You are insatiable. I’ll see you later tonight, have a good day,” she kissed him.
“You too honey.”

Lakunle was still having his breakfast when Simi came downstairs and, on her way to the kitchen, greeted him.
“Good morning, Lakunle.” Lakunle ignored her and continued eating. Simi sashays into the kitchen and back, walking seductively. Lakunle’s eyes were glued to her behind; It was obvious he was attracted. His mother peeped from the corner and smiled, she winked at Simisola as she passed by her. She then walked into the dining room.
“Ekaro mami.” (Good morning mother)
“Karo Olakunle mi. (Good morning Lakunle) Are you ready for work?
“Beni Mami. (Yes Mother) He stood up “Mami, I hope you are packed. The driver I hired to drive you home to Ibadan will be here this morning by 8 a.m.”
“Ok, we will be ready and waiting for him.”

“Okay, I have to go now. As promised, I will come home next weekend and we can sit down with Bami and discuss.”
“Okay son, have a nice day at work.”
“Thank you, Mami. Sit down Mami, Linda will serve your breakfast. Have a safe trip back home.”
“Thank you, odabo”. (Goodbye) she responded.

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