Mr Lecturer Season 1 episode 11

Episode 11

“ah Mrs Nnamdi, what a surprise, where have you been all these while?” i replied nervously, wondering what could be going through the woman’s mind as she stood before Comfort and I.

“seriously i have been very busy with work my dear but i will make out time to visit you guys very soon. I know your wife must be very mad at me for staying away for so long. Anyway i have to run along. See you soon” she smiled and left the restaurant, saying no single word to comfort.
I bit my lips as i watched her disappear, of course there wasn’t any doubt she was going to tell my wife about all she saw.

“you know you have ruined my marriage?” i said to comfort who shrugged and shook her head.

“how did i ruin your marriage?” she asked softly. I scoffed, shook my head and breathed deeply.

“how come i didn’t notice Nnamdi’s wife when i walked into this place?” i reasoned fearfully.
“my marriage is ruined. How do i explain to my wife what i was doing in a restaurant with a young lady when i was supposed to be at work?” i asked myself, sweat slowly drenching my body.

“what are you thinking sir?” i heard Comfort ask curiously.

“stop pretending as if you don’t know what is going on with me. The woman that just left is my wife’s friend for goodness sake. Don’t you understand?” I cried angrily.
“finish your meal let’s get out of this place” i said to her coldly.
The fire in my eyes was enough to silence Comfort who did nothing than rush up her meal without saying another word.

Thirty minutes later, i found myself at home, looking very guilty and scared. My wife was at the kitchen when i got into the house. She was yet to resume her hospital work due to the little health crises she had two days ago.

“my love” i breathed, drew close and kissed her neck from behind. She turned and stared at me with surprise.

“hmmm i never heard you walk in?” she said with a welcoming smile.

“the front door was open, so i simply walked in. Why did you leave the door open?. Did any of your friend visit?” i asked curiously.

“no dear, i rushed out minutes earlier to buy fresh pepper. I forgot locking the door when i got back. I’m sorry” she apologized without knowing the real reason i asked the question.

“but can you believe Mrs Nnamdi called me today?. After such a long time of avoiding us. Guess what?. She’s coming on Sunday with her husband and Kid. We are having lunch with them on Sunday” she giggled with excitement while my face fell with fear. I was so scared.

I knew the silly woman was coming over to gossip with her. She was definitely coming to share her discovery with my young innocent wife. I just was so confused as a thousand and one ideas ran into my head that very moment.
A part of me wanted to confront Mrs Nnamdi and beg her not to say a word about what she saw to my wife, but doing such thing could also be an admission of guilt. Yes she had nothing strong to prove her point but i just couldn’t allow such information to get to my wife nor allow her harbour such speculation in her heart. However another part of me, urged me to cook up a good lie and present to my wife before her friend shows up on Sunday. I just didn’t know which idea to follow.

“dearest, are you alright?” my wife suddenly asked with concern.

“I’m alright my love” i answered, forcing out a smile to hide my feelings. But the question still remained therein.

“should i talk to Mrs Nnamdi in a bid to stop her from opening up to my wife or should i find something to tell my wife concerning Comfort?”

what should i do??

To be continued.

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