Mr Lecturer Season 1 episode 20

Episode 20

I couldn’t eat nor concentrate on anything as i got home later in the evening and at night, I simply stayed awake, thinking of the trap i got myself into.

There wasn’t any doubt i needed to seek out Comfort and try every possible means to get her abort the pregnancy. Yea it really was a heavy decision, considering the fact that i was yet to have a child of my own. I just couldn’t risk destroying my peaceful home by accepting a child from a woman not married to me.

However i knew convincing Comfort to get rid of her pregnancy was an impossible task i was ready to give a trial. I equally knew the silly girl was trying to cash in on my wife’s inability to have a child to get some kind of deal for herself. I have seen such thing happen in movies and i wasn’t going to allow it happen to me.

Early the next day, i rushed my breakfast and headed to my office. I called Comfort on the way and asked her to meet me at my office as soon as she can. She showed up about forty five minutes later, looking very serious and ready for a fight.

“you better have something good for me sir” she said as she sat down and faced me. I smiled and stared back at her.

“so what exactly do you want from me?” i asked curiously. She smiled and breathed deeply.

“of course you know what i want from you. A good home for my kid. Good health and education insurance for him. I want to be a part of your family as well” she poured out while i calmly controlled the anger boiling up in me.

“so where will that leave my wife?” i asked her.

“she won’t have any choice than to be accommodative. I’m not asking to move into your house but it still won’t stop you from telling her the situation on ground” she replied quickly.

“you are so wicked!” i screamed at her.

“after f—–g me with all the styles you could think of, you expected me to move on and find a husband. Can you even count the number of times you had s-x with me?. I bet we had more s-x together than you had with your wife” she sparked and stood up.
I scratched my head and stared at her speechlessly. Her replies and behaviour cleared told me that she was very happy about the pregnancy. It was obvious she had wanted it all along.

“how much do you want in order to get rid of it?” i asked quietly. She shook her head and drew back with fire in her eyes.

“i’m having this baby my dear and don’t dare under estimate me. I know what to do and how to have my way in everything. Better start making provisions for me because i doubt if we are ever meeting again to discuss this issue. I have my school clearance to do. Bye bye” she hissed and left my office while i speechlessly watched her leave.

The silly girl was somehow leaving me with no option than to stain my hands with her blood out of desperation.

To be continued

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