Mr Lecturer Season 1 episode 34

Episode 34

As we eat together minutes later, my father in law once again advised me on the need to be dedicated, honest and truthful to my wife just like he did before i married his daughter many months ago.

“To be candid, i don’t give people second chances once they wrong me, but I just decided to give up this fight for the sake of my daughter and her happiness. We had a very long talk yesterday evening and she kept begging that i should forgive you. She loves you more than you deserve but i still had to shout her down and behave the way i did earlier today. Anyway it’s now all in the past but do know that you have used up all your life lines. Any new bad report about you i get, i won’t hesitate dealing mercilessly with you. That reminds me, you have to sign an undertaking to that effect” he seriously said to me while my wife screamed with a smile.

“oh daddy come off with the attitude. Everything is now over and Caleb isn’t signing any agreement” she protested.

“oh don’t worry dear, I can sign anything” i added.

“no you are not” she insisted while her dad shrugged with resignation.
After the meal we all had a long discussion concerning Comfort and her baby. I told them my plans for the baby she was having for me. I told them all i earlier revealed to my wife in her bedroom. We ended up having a long debate over it, my mother in law insisting that it was so cold a decision while my parents and father in law accepting that it was a good but tough decision, however at the end of the day, we all agreed on giving the child my last name if it turns out to be a girl but do the opposite if it turns out to be a boy.

My parents and I finally left later in the evening without my wife because her parents refused allowing us go with her. They jokingly but seriously insisted that i pay back all the expenses the made on her head all the period she was out of my house.
However two days later, i went back for her with two strong goats, two bottle of hot drinks and ten thousand naira wrapped in an envelope. Jessica was handed back to me, just like i wished, and thus my second shot to a happy life began. We spent the rest of the Christmas and New year together with my parents and on the 3rd of January we headed back to the City to face life once again.

Unfortunately no matter how optimistic i was that January. I still was scared over my situation with Comfort because she always comes up with something new to shatter my plans, nevertheless i was very hopeful that she will have no place in my future. My second prayer was for my wife to get pregnant……

To be continued.

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