Mr Lecturer Season 1 episode 31

Episode 31

Comfort simply stood up after listening to my proposal, came towards my chair, stopped and stared at me for some seconds.

“your offer is quite a generous one even though you sounded harsh with it. Nevertheless, thanks for coming up with it but another important thing i must emphasis on is nothing else but having you around at all times. No matter how you try shaping the situation, you will never deny the fact that we are starting a family. From next year, your presence will matter a lot to me. I feel you already know the other necessary roles you are to play for the safe delivery of our child?. It’s not all about money” she asked softly. I drew back my chair and stood up.

“you are not my wife Comfort. You can never be my wife. The best i can do is to support your pregnancy with money. Any other thing you are trying to add won’t work. Believe me i will throw a party if you even lose this pregnancy” i said harshly, melting her eyes with my words.

“okay, fine thanks for everything” she said softly, turned and slowly left my office without another word.
I always felt bad after using harsh words on her but most times i couldn’t stop myself from being harsh to her.
I equally thought about my wife at the same time. I couldn’t imagine what she was going through nor were she was staying. My life was totally empty without her, just as the previous week was quiet messy. I couldn’t imagine how to survive the new week all alone, moreover my house was slowly getting untidy with lots of unwashed clothes, plates and pots pilling up everyday, no companion to hold at night and share my stories with. Nobody to serve me dinner with a sweet smile.
“d–n” i breathed hard.

The rest of the week however was totally uneventful. I tried very hard to establish contact with my wife but was unsuccessful and so i managed myself all alone until 22nd of December when i got a surprising phone call from my father. He told me that my wife’s family were inviting us for a family meeting on the 26th of December which was four days away. At first i was a bit happy over the news, thinking that perhaps we were being invited in order for us to put heads together and settle my marriage problems but on a second thought, my heart skipped as i remembered the words my father inlaw used on me the first time he confronted me over what i did to his daughter. I quickly realised that perhaps they were inviting us in order to finally cut ties with my family.

I travelled home on the 24th of December with a very anxious mind but unfortunately my fears turned out to be true, when we got to my wife’s family home.

“i guess you already know why we invited you all here” my wife’s father asked as soon as we settled down in his sitting room.
“Anyway let me hit the nail on the head. Your son destroyed the relationship our families enjoyed by getting another woman pregnant. My daughter has no choice than to move out from his house. We already know she has no child and probably may not have a future in the house she helped build. Anyway let’s avoid long talk. How much do we refund you?” he asked, looking directly at my father and jolting us with his words.

To be continued.

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