Mr Lecturer Season 1 episode 18&19

Episode 18
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That was how my affair with Comfort blossomed into a deadly inferno without any of us getting tired of each other. We virtually had s-x in every corner of my apartment with no holds barred. She slowly stole my heart and my attention, drawing me away from my wife without me realising it.

My wife however came home after the two weeks holiday with her mum, expecting lots of love and attention from me, but unfortunately i was unable to live up to her expectation. I couldn’t even spend an hour with her without getting bored, likewise having s-x {with her} became a problem. All that was in my mind was Comfort. I always looked forward to a hot blowing s-x session with her, thereby neglecting my matrimonial duties and my wife who was still yet to get pregnant for me.

My wife however never complained in the change she noticed in me, thinking that it was perhaps work stress that made me so withdrawn from her without suspecting that i was cheating on our marriage. Slowly i became a professional in the art of lying and deception. I perfectly hid my relationship with Comfort and always had a sweet lie to tell whenever she asked any suspicious question.

Comfort and I carried on with the illicit affair until she graduated four months later, but just as we all know, it’s very hard to eat your cake and have it back.
The situation of things instantly changed as soon as she became a graduate.
I had hoped that our relationship would end with her graduation but unfortunately it was when the main problem popped up.
She told me she was pregnant the day i planned saying goodbye to her, shocking me with the revelation that tore my heart into bits.

“i’m doing you a huge favour dearest. Your wife is yet to conceive but here i’m giving you the greatest news of your life” she summarized with her usual killing smile while i speechlessly stared at her with shock.

To be continued
Written by Valentine Nkemjika


“You are kidding right?. I can’t believe you just made that silly joke” i replied with shock. She rolled her eyes, grabbed her handbag and a fetched out a piece of paper from it.

“here is the test result” she said, offering me the paper which i refused to accept. Instead, i stood up and stared at her furiously.

“i don’t know the game you are trying to play here but if it’s more money that you want from me just spill it out” i barked. She stared at me and breathed deeply.

“why do you always think that everything is all about money?. You got me pregnant and you have to take the responsibility” she breathed strongly.

“this was never part of our agreement” i reminded her.

“yea it never was but i’m now pregnant for you. I didn’t put the pregnancy in there by myself. You did” she accused. I bit my lips and backed her.
I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t even remember sleeping with her without protection.

“what you are doing isn’t right Comfort. You know i never slept with you without protection” i reminded her.

“yea you are right, but maybe you failed to notice that one of the condoms you used on me had a leakage or something. I’m no virgin Mary. You got me pregnant and we have to make plans for the baby” she defended herself.

“you said “we”?. You must be out of your mind involving me” i screamed.

“you have to find a way of making plans for me and equally open up to your wife before this thing comes out public. I won’t hide the truth when people starts asking questions” she threatened seriously. I simply eyed her and stormed out of the hotel room while she ran after me, catching up with me at the hallway. She strongly grabbed my left hand, forcing me to stop.

“this isn’t like the last time you walked out on me. The baby i’m carrying is ours and there isn’t anything you can do to deny it” she said quickly.

“i have a wife Comfort and i can’t make you my second wife” i said to her, snatching my hand from her grasp.

“I hope you know what you are doing?. I won’t bring up this issue with you again but don’t come crying when the consequences come crashing at your door step” she threatened, eyed me and left the building.
I just didn’t know what to do or which way to go. I badly needed a child but not from her. I couldn’t help but think of my wife’s reaction if she discovers what i had done.

“no there must be a way out” i breathed. There wasn’t anyway i was going to allow Comfort to be the mother of my first child.

“what if she ends up giving me a boy?. That would be total calamity, my family will never have peace again. Of course we are in Africa where the first male child of a man is most times the heir to everything, whether legitimately born or not” i reasoned fearfully.

“oh my God no” i breathed, very uncertain of my future.

To be continued.

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