Disaster episode 10


Chapter 10

Who did you say you saw? You’re acting strange Neme..Sam complained

I saw Dora the very day I went into labour, she was smiling at me but before that she came to my dream telling me some things Angela was doing in Nelson’s house she even went ahead to tell me when Angela will die, that her child doesn’t belong to Nelson, Nelson is not the father.. Neme explained

Malaria..I’ll go get you drugs.. Sam told her

Sam this is real, nothing like malaria here…

Sam stood up, carried his baby and went downstairs while Neme dressed up to go out she met her mum in the parlour watching TV, she sat down with her and told her the encounter she had with Dora her mum bursted out with laughter

Your husband should take you back to the hospital biko.. Mrs Cynthia told her

Mum I’m serious I don’t like this,Sam said this earlier today if you guys like don’t believe.. Neme said going outside

Neme entered her car and drove off with anger written all over, she drove to Nelson’s house, she saw Angela and her friend Julia discussing she greeted them And requested to see Nelson and his kids when Angela asked Julia who was standing in front of her minutes ago, Neme turned immediately she heard her, that was when she realized all Dora told her was nothing but the truth

“She’s blind bind isn’t she?” Neme asked

Julia nodded rubbing her palm

Whose child is that? Neme asked again

Angela’s daughter.. Julia replied as her heart raced faster

Who is the father?

Julia didn’t respond, she stood up and went to the backyard

Neme sat beside Angela staring at her with disgust “you killed Dora” she said, Angela didn’t reply,”are you ready to confess?” Angela didn’t answer
She picked up her walking stick to leave Neme, she stood up Neme pushed her down

Is not fair.. Julia said rushing to carry her up

What’s not fair? After killing my friend, her kids are now motherless,you think Dora is happy wherever she is,you even tied Nelson down, well you will soon join her.. Neme said as tears fell from her eyes

Julia didn’t say anything, she carried the helpless Angela who has already urinated on her clothes up “you are wicked Neme” Angela told her looking towards another direction

You are blind and still talking,you are leaving this earth soon but that will be after you have confessed to the world how you killed Dora,you killed Dora Angela.. Neme cried

Julia carried her friend up to her room, Neme followed them she entered the room and covered her nose immediately, she opened the wardrobe and closed it
Julia kept on staring at her while Angela lay on her messed up bed staring at nothing
Neme searched everywhere but couldn’t find what she was searching for, she bent down to check under the bed still with her nose covered, she saw a small calabash which contained Nelson and Dora’s passport tied with red threads and so many other fetish things “This is it, come and see for yourself young woman” Neme told Julia
Julia was shocked when she saw her three passport inside the calabash, she turned looked at Angela and then Neme

“I have been searching for this passports for a very long time now” she told Neme

Which passport Julia,where did you find them? Angela asked sitting on the bed

You are evil Angela, Angela why are you this wicked? Julia asked

Where did you find the passport, don’t touch that calabash please, don’t go close to it..

Neme’s phone rang, her husband was calling her”Where are you?” He asked

I’m coming.. she replied

My son is hungry, your mum has gone to the market and I’ve tried my best to make him stop crying, please start coming back..he said and ended the call

Neme dragged Angela to the parlour where Nelson, his mother in-law and kids were watching TV
Nelson stood up at the sight of the calabash, Neme smashed it in front of him and asked Angela to confess

Confess what, where is that calabash coming from? Nelson asked

Angela started crying, begging them to have mercy on her “It’s the handiwork of the devil ooo 😨, please forgive me, forgive me please I don’t want to die” she begged

Akuko (Story)you are going to die in two days time.. Neme told her knocking her on the head

I killed Dora..

You did what? You killed my daughter,are you crazy? How dare you? You made my grandchildren motherless, God!!! Dora’s mother screamed jumping and punching her (Angela)

Julia where are you, please help me… she cried

Help a witch like you? What did you do to me? Julia fired

I killed Dora oooo,I tied Nelson to myself so that he doesn’t leave me for another woman that was the reason why I killed Dora,I made you look like a trash to other women please forgive me…ju..li..a…I also made you…loo..k.. like a trash to other men..I … never wanted..you to… get.. married and… this… child…I … mean my daughter..her bilogical father is not Nelson…. please when I die take her to her father… Angela confessed

Neme became weak, she sat on the couch and wept like a baby, she missed her best friend, Dora’s mother was at the other corner crying her eyes out, she wished her daughter would just come back to life, Nelson’s mouth was widely opened,he didn’t know what to say whenever he tried to say something words won’t come out

Julia take your friend out of my house.. he commanded

Julia was scared of touching her, she picked up Angela’s daughter and dragged both outside the gate, leaving them at risk

Julia are you leaving me? She asked

One more word from you I’ll strangle you here.. Julia told her and left

Neme consoled Nelson and his in-law before leaving to attend to her child

Immediately she got home she saw Dora at the gate keeper’s position smiling at her giving her a sign of a job well done and vanished, Goosebumps took over her body as she shivered inside, she explained everything to her mum and husband,they believed and congratulated her

In the next two days, Angela was found dead along the roadside with her daughter lying helpless beside her, Julia was passing that morning when she saw her and picked up her daughter,took her home and washed her up fed her and took her to her father’s place,her father was delighted to see his blood,he asked about Angela and was told she died earlier that day along the roadside “She has always been evil” was the guy’s last comment.. Julia promised to always visit them and left

Four years later, Dora’s mum took her grandchildren to the cemetery to drop flowers for their mum and to tell her how life has been without her

“We love you mum” they chorused

“Rest Well Dora” her mum said waving
Nelson promised himself never to remarry, he took care of his two wonderful kids


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