Disaster episode 2


Chapter 2

Hello mum,are you still at work? Neme asked

Neme what is it,you don’t sound good,what is the problem? Her mum asked

I’m not fine ๐Ÿ˜” mum,mum please I need to talk to you.. she cried as Nelson snatched the phone from her

Enough of all these Neme, can’t you just forgive me? I said I’m sorry.. Nelson begged

You’re raising your voice right? Nelson please give me back my phone before I do something you and I will live to regret…

I’m not giving you this phone until you forgive me

You think I’ll just forgive you like that? For crying out loud Nelson I am 2 months gone for you, you’re treating me like a fool,we haven’t even…..

Just keep quiet Neme, haven’t I paid your bride price? You are officially my wife now, wedding or no wedding you are my wife, let’s go home.. Nelson told her, dragged her up and left

What are you still doing here Dora? Neme asked throwing her pillows

Dora eyed her, picked up her purse and left

I’m still sorry Neme.. Nelson begged

You should be sorry for yourself Nelson, don’t even come closer to me..

What do you want huh, I’ve begged and begged still you don’t want to listen to me, what do I owe you?

Your life.. she replied

Nelson raised his brow,he smiled and held Neme’s hand

Hey,dog let me be please… Neme screamed

I’m sorry baby girl.. Nelson apologized

You’re stressing me,I want to rest…

But,were you gonna call off our wedding? He asked

Of course, for cheating on me with my friend, Nelson you’re a dog,you stink

It’s fine,let me fix something for you to eat…

I’m not hungry,I want to see and talk to my mom,I don’t know why you brought me here, please I want to go.. she started crying again

Get your handbag then let me drop you but promise you won’t disclose this matter to your mum.. Nelson said

Why won’t I Nelson, Nelson I’m done with this so called marriage of a thing,go ahead with Dora

Neme I don’t like this, can’t you forgive me? Thought you said you love me huh?

Yes Nelson,I have always loved you but you keep on toiling with my heart, what for Nelson? I know you want Dora,go for her… She replied

What about our baby? He asked

There’s no our here, allow me to take care of him or her

What do you mean Neme, the baby is mine…He said

Please I’m not dragging that with you, take me home and don’t come looking for me because it is over, like I’m done with this useless thing called marriage

Neme..He called

Please take me out of here this moment… she said standing on her feet

Who’s the father of that thing in your womb? He asked looking at her

Who’s the father of what? What sort of question is that?

You ain’t leaving here if you don’t tell me who the father of that thing is

Nelson,hey I don’t understand,you are the father,who else?

Neme’s phone began to ring
She stared at Nelson Nelson gave her back the stare

Pick your call Neme…

I don’t feel like taking the call right now,I’m not in a good state of mind.. she answered

Nelson picked up the phone and answered the call

Hello baby,ain’t you coming over again? The caller asked


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