Disaster episode 3


Chapter 3

Who are you? Nelson asked the caller

Please give my wife the phone,I want to talk to her.. replied the caller

Nelson looked at Neme, she turned her face to the other side immediately

Who is your wife? What’s her name?

Chinemerem nah, Neme, Neme, Neme… please give her the phone

Nelson ended the call,faced Neme

For how long now Neme? He asked with a teary voice

I don’t know Nelson, you’re the cause of all these,you pushed me

I, Nelson pushed you? Okay, leave my house and never return..he barked

I will leave,I am tired,let me go and meet Alex,I love Alex and he is the father of my unborn child.. Neme cried picking her handbag

The father of your unborn child,I see… leave this place right now before I fustrate your life this moment

Neme looked at him from head to toe, sighed and walked away from him

Neme..he called

Get behind me you Satan.. she replied and walked faster

Neme got home, she sat down crying uncontrollably, she wished Alex never called, she has messed up her marriage, she doesn’t even know the real father of her unborn child

Her mum opened the door, she came in with Alex

What are you doing here Alex? Neme shouted

I came to check up on you,who picked your call today? Why was he asking me those questions? He asked

Which of the questions do you want me to answer,Alex please leave, leave now…

I’m going nowhere Neme,why are you ch…..

You’re the caller I guess,who are you and Neme wh….

What’s the problem please? Mrs Cynthia asked shocked

I am Neme’s husband..they responded at the same time

Neme held her hair,ran inside her room and locked the door

I don’t know you young man.. said Mrs Cynthia

Me? You don’t know me Mrs Cynthia? Alex shouted with anger written all over his face

Nelson sighed and went to meet Neme

Neme please we need to talk…

Talk about what initially? Talk about what Nelson, after cheating on me with Dora, Nelson I am done… she replied from inside

I’m sorry Neme,but who is that guy,why is he claiming to be your husband,are you married to him? Neme please open the door..

Nelson just leave,I’ll be going to the hospital to abort this pregnancy, Nelson I am tired, what did I ever do to you? You just paid my bride price weeks ago and here you are cheating on me,why can’t you wait after the wedding you can then cheat as you like, please leave, beside you asked me to leave your house too so leave here

You are also cheating, Neme we can fix things please, forgive me and I’ll forgive you too,I can’t afford to loose you..He pleaded still knocking on the door

You can’t afford to loose me,why did you cheat on me?

Dora drugged me, she did…he lied

Neme stood up, unlocked the door and stared at him

You disgust me Nelson,I forgive you but…. where’s Alex? Has he gone?

Who is Alex? The guy out there? He asked

Neme didn’t reply, she pushed Nelson and went to the parlour

What was the meaning of that Neme,why do you want to bring shame upon this family? You’re always disgracing yourself,who was that? Her mum thundered

I don’t know him mum.. she replied turning to face Nelson

Let’s go please.. she said going outside

I’m sorry for what just happened, Neme is always causing confusion at times… Mrs Cynthia said patting him

It’s mum,see you later..he answered and left

Everyone was busy preparing for Neme and Nelson’s wedding, Nelson was in his room in the hotel where he lodged with his friends when Dora came in

Hi Dora..Dan greeted

Hi Dan, what’s up with you guys? She waved laughing

We are cool,you look pretty..Sam complimented

Thank youuuuu, Nelson we need to talk

Talk about what initially? Can’t you see I’m busy? He asked

Nelson, this wedding is not going to hold

Nelson and his friends stared at each other, the whole room was quiet like a graveyard


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