Disaster episode 7


Chapter 7

Dora was busy washing at the balcony when she went into labour

The felt the first sting , the pain was very sharp, she ignored it

Angela was busy with the chewing gum in her mouth, focused on her phone

Heii, Angela this is real.. she screamed

Angela’s soul and body was glued on her phone, she raised her head up,stared at her and hissed audibly

Angela,I’m in labour, please help a sister..Dora cried

Do I look like a nurse to you? Shey I wear white nii? Madam dey go hospital no de mention my name

Dora screamed again, again and again, she carried herself downstairs, went outside the gate and waved down a cab which took her to the hospital

Nelson came back from work very tired and hungry,he called Dora severally but no answer

Angela where is Dora? He asked

Where is Dora? I carry Dora for my head? She responded pressing her phone

What the hell are you talking? Where is Dora I repeat? He asked furiously

She went into labour and left for the hospital.. she replied and left

Which hospital Angela?

Your questions are sometimes useless like you, carry chair sit down and ask me the hospital she went to,am I the one who took her there? Imagine

Nelson entered his car and drove off

He drove to the nearby hospital and found Dora fanning and breathing helplessly, she has been in labour for long
She was crying and sweating at the same time

Please I need my mum,call my mum… she said the moment she saw Nelson

Nelson dialed her mum’s number immediately, begged her to come to the hospital
After several pleadings from him she decided to come

Mum I’m dying,I don’t think I’ll be able to survive this… she cried holding her mum’s fingers

You will not die,calm down please.. her mum consoled rubbing her waist

You will not die Dora.. Nelson assured touching her hair

Two nurses came out and took her to the labour room

Within thirty minutes the doctor came out,shaked Nelson Dora’s mother, his face turned sour after the handshake

We tried our best but God knows the best, the children are alive, your wife left Mr Nelson.. the doctor informed and left immediately

Nelson and Dora s mum ran inside the labour room, Dora lay lifeless on the bed

Dora please wake up, please don’t leave us,we need you, you’re more than important,Dora please..biko nwam… her mum cried shaking her

Nelson stared at the baby with so much hatred,he hissed, carried the babies and started crying

We lost her,why didn’t you allow her to stay,why did you choose to stay while she leaves, you don’t know how much pain you have just put us through…he sniffed and dropped the babies

Neme rushed in, seeing the body of Dora, her once best friend, she went closer to verify if she was actually seeing Dora or someone else, goose pimples took over her body
She touched Dora, her body was cold and stiff, she sat on the floor holding her two legs

Is this a dream or what? What kind of dream is that, please I want to wake up, Dora this is not you, someone should tell me that you’re still alive, you’re still alive smiling at your twins,Dora don’t leave now, your children needs you,we need you too,I’m sorry for the fights, everything Dora,I’m sorry.. Dora please wake up, wake up Dora… Neme cried as her tears fell freely from her eyes

To Be Continued 🤗

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