Disaster episode 6


Chapter 6

Neme stayed at the hospital for two weeks trying hard to recover,her mum has always stood beside her
Her husband Nelson never bothered to visit her,he wished she died in the process
Neme miscarried her two babies (Twins) she vowed to fustrate Nelson and Dora s life

You are still crying for that he-goat… her mum said

Neme sneezed, she stared at her mum and continued crying again

Sam was sitting beside her,he bowed his head thinking deeply

Your friend is really wicked ooo..Mrs Cynthia said pouring out hot water from the flask

It’s okay mummy, Nelson’s life is messed up,I think he’s trying to heal

Trying to heal you said? You’re trying to cover up for him, what are friends for.. Mrs Cynthia replied stirring the hot water

Dora at the other hand was enjoying herself with Nelson, living peacefully until one hot afternoon
Nelson’s secretary came from nowhere with her luggage crying

Who are you looking for young lady? Dora asked fanning herself

My husband,Mr Nelson,my boss.. she responded

Dora dropped her two legs she placed on the table, she quietly dropped them on the floor looking at Nelson’s secretary

You mean you are pregnant for my husband? She asked again

Yes, Mr Nelson.. she replied

Blood of Jesus,God forbid,God forbid… Dora screamed

Nelson ran downstairs thinking something bad had happened to Dora,he jammed his secretary and shouted

What?????? Angela what are you doing here? He asked

I’m pregnant for you,my parents chased me out of the house, this is the only place I know and it’s my husband’s house

Nelson scratched his hair and ran upstairs

Angela followed him

Angela you need to go please, please leave I am married..he said

When you were busy raising my leg up and down you forgot you’re married, be like say your head de bang…. she shouted opening the door, she dropped her luggage,lay down on the bed admiring the room

Nelson, are you okay? What is she doing here? Is she going to sleep here this night? Nelson I don’t understand, explain to me Nelson, Nelson I am loosing it this moment, explain please..Dora cried dragging the collar of his shirt

What do you want me to explain, please nobody should disturb this body this night,I want to rest..he replied and left her

Dora went inside the room, she stared at the lady lying like a baby on the bed

Home breaker,witch, what are you still doing here?

What brought you here brought me here too so don’t question me, question your ancestors…

Dora bit her finger, she felt like tearing Angela apart but Angela’s muscle scared her, she cried and left the room

Sam took Neme took his house,he took very good care of her since Neme’s father never wanted to see her close to the house, her mum begged Sam to allow her stay with him for awhile
Sam took her as his best friend and sister
He made life easier for Neme not until one morning Neme discovered she was pregnant

She waited for Sam to wake up, she sat beside him with the pregnancy test strip

Neme you’re awake? How was your night? He asked rubbing his eyes

Sam I’m pregnant,I don’t like this,I warned you Sam … she shouted at the top of her voice

Calm down please, people are still sleeping…

Neme flinged the test strip, stood up and faced him

What are we going to do? You know I’m married and I love Nelson… she said

You love who almost killed you? It’s fine,I’ll refund him the bride price and then do the needful,calm down okay..he assured

Sam,you ain’t my spec I don’t love you huh

I’m not your spec and you kept on disturbing me every night, please don’t get me angry..Sam replied pulling the duvet cover down

Oh God,I’m finished..I’ll think about it.. she replied going to the parlour

To Be Continued 🤗

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