14 years old and pregnant episode 2

14 years old and Pregnant.

Part 2

Soon enough I arrived at school, lectures had started when I walked into the class room. All eyes where on me, I walked swiftly to my seat. Claire and Mitchell my best friends, Claire is 15 years old and Mitchell is 16 years old, they are the only friends I have and we grew to love each other’s company.

While I sat down the both gave me a warm welcoming smile, these two had been my best friends since I started school. We talk about anything and everything, they are equally from a wealthy home like me.

The sweetest part of our friendship is how we do everything together, we think alike, act alike and even have fun alike. After the teacher left the class room, I told them about what happened between I and my mother and they where not happy about it.

“Your mother is crazy why would she slap you? Mitchell said.

“Your father did not deal with her very well, he would have blinded one of eyes since she has forgotten her place in that house”, Claire said sounding angry.

“You needed to see the way I pretended like I was going to die, my father saw me and began to pet me like a baby after he had bounced on her mercilessly”, I said feeling fulfilled.

“Awwww, your father is a very sweet man am so happy he stood up for you”, Mitchell said.

“Yes ooo he really tried”, Claire added.

“Am happy our fathers are really taking care of us and treating us right”, I added.

“So are you coming for party?” Claire asked.

“What party?”, I asked trying to recall what party she was talking about.

“Ah ah, Lisa don’t tell me you forget about the party my boyfriend is hosting at that seaside club?”, She asked with a bit of disappointment written on her face.

“Oh! Yes I remember, I will be coming for the party. What time is the event?”, I replied, as I recalled.

“It’s starting by 8pm proper”, Claire said.

“But you know African man time you have to come by 9 or 10pm for the main heat”, Mitchell said smiling at me.

“If am not attending this party who who else will? I will wear the hottest outfit in my wardrobe and rock the dance floor”, I said as I shake my body in excitement.

“I trust you na, the highlife of the party”, Claire declared.

“We have to look on point, you know the rest of our classmates are coming for the party, so we have to show them who leading”, Mitchell said.

“Of course na, we are not their mate”, I said shaking my body in excitement.

“Hope your mother will not spoil your show tonight?”, Claire asked.

“If she do anyhow, she will see anyhow, if she tries to play smart I will make sure she gets a five star beating from my father”, I assured them.

“I trust you father he doesn’t joke with you”, Mitchell said.

School was over for the day, we all rushed home to prepare for party. I really don’t want to miss out knowing that the my friends will be their and some school mates will be attending. I needed to show off with the expensive clothes I have.

I got home I saw my mother in the living room watching TV, I didn’t bother to greet her. I just walked straight to my room, I had to freshen up and apply all my skincare products diligently. I love to take care of my skin, my father equally like to shop for good skincare products to enable me maintain my fair glowing skin.

With the right amount of skincare products I have used over the years, my skin looked flawless like my friends would always say “Lisa boo, you have a glass skin”, I would blush and fill delighted.

I went straight to my phone going live of Instagram letting my followers know how I was preparing to go for a party. I always have thousands of views, and so many admires online. Everyone at school follows me Instagram, am supper popular so are my friends, I dream to become a presenter or a news broadcaster because of my love for social media.

I was done, I rushed to my wardrobe to pick out some clothes for the party when my mother came into my room looking at my every move.

“Lisa dear, I would like to have a word with you”, she said seating close to my dressing mirror.

“What word do you want to have this time?”, I asked still focusing my clothes not even looking at her face.

“You mean alot to me and I adore you so much Lisa”, she said looking concerned.

“I mean alot to you and you still treat me like a maid in this house, when last did we have a mother and daughter bond?” I asked her wanting for answers she will never give.

“We haven’t because you always want to go out with you father and not with me”, she said.

“You see, your good at giving excuses. You can never give a straight answer to any question”, I replied looking away from her and still check out outfit I will wear for the party.

“Lisa I love you so much, I don’t want you to live a wayward life. You are a young girl you should enjoy your youthful age, but instead you derive joy in doing big stuff that is not suitable for you”, she added.

“Thanks for loving me, you don’t show it and I don’t think it’s real. If you love me you won’t act the way you do, and by the way it’s my choice to do whatever I want. Am a human being and all those adult stuffs excites me please if you don’t mind I was very busy before you walked in”, I said as I stepped towards my dressing mirror take a good look at the dress I finally picked.

“Hmmm Lisa am trying to be reasonable, am your mother I deserve you respect”, she said standing up from the chiar close to my dressing mirror and walking towards the door.

“And please learn to mind your business or else father will teach you how to”, I said, while she looked at me in disbelief leaving my room.

I rushed to close he door, I didn’t want her lousy attitude ruin my excitement for the party tonight. My mother can be a pain to the human body, I don’t even know why my father put up with her everyday. His really trying I have to give him his flowers for that, I tried the dress on and exhaled knowing it’s the right outfit for the occasion.


It was 10pm already, I had finished my makeup and hair arrangements. I quickly put on my dress and shoes when I heard my phone ringing, I quickly moved to the bed to pick it.

“Hello Lisa, where are you?”, Mitchell asked.

“Am still home preparing to come, I will be on my soon”, I said trying to adjust my bracelet.

“We have been waiting for you, please be fast lots of cute guys are chill here, we need to pick a boyfriend tonight”, Mitchell replied in excitement.

“Alright am on my way, see you soon”, I said while I ended the call.

I quickly picked my pause and looked at myself for the last time to see if everything is right. My fine figure just popped out in this outfit, my skin was just glowing anyhow, ah my beauty was even blinding me.

I quickly went downstairs and I saw my father watching 10pm news, my mother was busy clearing the table. My father smiled as soon as he saw me, I could see the confusion on my mother’s face.

“Where is my angel going this evening?”, He asked.

“Father am going for charity party hosted by my friend Claire”, I replied as I hugged him.

“Oh that’s nice, please don’t come home late you know times are bad. Always be around people and where eyes can see you”, my father said.

“Okay father”, I replied with smile.

“Take this and buy whatever you want on your way out”, he said while handing some money to me.

“Thanks father, your the best”, I peeped him on the forehead and they to leave when my mother voice echoed from the dining area.

“Where do you think your going by this time”, my mother puzzled.

“Am going out for a charity party”, I replied in a detestful manner.

“What charity party?”, My mother asked.

“You heard what she said”, my father added.

“You are not going anywhere Lisa, go back to your room and study for you forthcoming exams. No decent girl will be out by this time”, my mother said as she makes her way to the living room where I was standing.

“Am sorry mother I have to attend this party, it’s important to me an ld my friends”, I replied as I tried to make my way to the door.

Suddenly my mother dragged my hands and squeezed them really hard making my hands crack, I screamed so loud. I have never felt such pain before in my life, the pain was just too unbearable.

“Ahhhhhh! My hands, father help me”, I screamed, my father rushed to my aid. He took a look at my hands and try to comfort me, I could hold back my tears.

“Am sorry my angel, please go to the car let Taylor drive you out of here”, my father said and manage to open the door for me.

“You are really spoiling this girl, when the bad results come out don’t blame me for anything. Have said my own”, my said.

While I made my way to the car, I could hear my father scolding my mother on what she did. Her voice was so loud, and she kept running her mouth for mt father. He quicky bounced on her, beating her mercilessly….I could hear her cry and beg for him to let her be but he kept on beating her.

I didn’t even want to know the pain she was going through, but she deserves it anyway. She doesn’t know when to mind her business, she keeps running her mouth on things that doesn’t concern her.

Watch out for part 3

© Tishania Ginikachi

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