14 years old and pregnant episode 4

14 Years old and Pregnant.

Part 4

I heard my father’s footsteps, I had to keep the diary back on the table the way I found them. My father walked in and I was acting calm so he wouldn’t suspect a thing.

“Father, I was looking everywhere for you”, I said with a smile.

“Oh sorry I was on call with a business partner, do you need something?”, He asked.

“Not really, I wanted to inform about my sleepover party. I need your permission to host it”, I said keeping a baby face for his approval.

” Come on my angel, you don’t need my permission for that. This is your home, you have the free will to host as much parties as you like”, my father replied.

“Aww thanks dad, your the best”, I said while pegging him on thw cheek.

“Dad I saw one Hermes designer bag online, I was wondering if you could get it for me”, I said holding onto him tightly.

“Of course just forward the photo of the bag to my WhatsApp and I will get it for you”, he replied.

“Your the best father in world, I pray you succeed in all you do”, I said to him.

“Amen, I thank God for bring you my way”, he replied.

He gave me a forehead kiss and I was happy. That didn’t change the fact that a ladies diary is in my father’s possession. I got a my room, freshen up and did my normal skincare routine. I started making list for my sleepover party, making sure nothing is left out, I trust my father he is going to take care of every bill and make sure he gets everything on the list.

Sometimes I begin to think why my father loves me this much, he loves me beyond love itself. Even when I do wrong he still loves me, I know my mother cares for me but she’s not playing fair towards me and it’s pretty annoying.

My phone bleeped, I got to check who it was and to my greatest surprise it was Felix the boy from the party. I and Felix began to talk more often on phone and on Twitter. I didn’t want to chat with on WhatsApp, well my WhatsApp it’s for nasty stuffs and girl time vibes. I don’t let guys text me there, so I move them to Twitter or we just text one IG (Instagram).

Being on the Virgin train is no joke, being a virgin at 14 is enough for me. Like my mother Always say “keep your body for the right man so your marriage will be sacred”. Well to me that crap, it’s an empty saying. What about all those women who are not Virgin that still got married to their dream man? Well that’s on her and nit on me because am about to burst that hole open no jokes.

My love for Felix grew, we text more often the calls became regular. Even when we see at school we behave like married couples, we kiss most of the time and even get to hold hands while walking.

I and Felix relationship because known in school, they called us “The vanilla relationship”. It’s cute though, Felix became my rock of happiness and joy. He came from a single father, his mother died shortly after giving birth to him, his father has been the only one who raised him.
Felix confided in me more of the time and I did the same, Claire and Mitchell was in support of my relationship with Felix.

The day for my sleepover party had arrive, I started putting things in place. Arrange the other side of the guest area for me party, my father compound is really large. The guest area is quite far from the main house, so it was much better for me to have privacy with my guest.

My mother was already pissed with the idea of me hosting a party at home, but I just ignored her. Everything was in place and I went to my room to prepare myself, am the queen of highlights I no dey carry last.

9pm in the evening I started welcoming some school mates, bother seniors and juniors. My classmates equally came Andi was excited how the turnup for sleepover party became filled with so much people, I knew it was the hand work of Claire and her gangsta boyfriend.

Claire and Mitchell arrived, Mitchell drove the sport car her sugar daddy bought for her. Most of our school mates were stunned, I wasn’t that surprised because I could get such a car if I wanted. Claire arrived with her boyfriend and they where so cute together, they arrived the party Luke’s power bike, throughly he is a gangsta.

Party was bubbling so hard, I could filling so much positive vibes every corner I drift to. Claire’s boyfriend Luke came with so many goodies to get us high. Everyone danced to their hearts content, some person’s took the ones they are good with, I took molly the best for me.

I was really high that I could hear the music playing, I could hear only the voices of people charting and dancing. I was dancing so wildly when Felix came to and started dancing with me. Felix was really high too, we danced so hard till I passed out.

I woke up the next morning which was Saturday, I woke up with a very Sharp headache, my head was hurting as if I banged my head across the wall. I managed to turn to the left to gain balance when I saw Felix laying down naked beside me.

I was shocked to see him beside me even naked without boxers, I quickly checked myself I was naked too with my panties on. Then it dawned on me that something nasty happened between I and Felix, I rushed to put on my clothes.

I saw blood stains on the bed, that was a sign that felix had disvirgined me and it was quite early for that. I didn’t really remember much of what happened last night, I could only remember little of what had happened.

I quickly woke him up, I needed him to know what he had done.

“Felix, Felix, wake up”, I said tapping him.

“Hmm babe, what’s wrong?”, He asked still maintaing his sleeping position.

“Felix wake up now”, I scolded.

“Babe what’s wrong, come over to the bed let cuddle”, he replied while running his eyes.

“Look you just disvirgined me, and this is not how we planned it”, I said feeling furious.

“What? How did it happen?”, He asked.

“Am the one that suppose to ask you such question, what really happened last night?”, I asked him.

“We both pop pills and got high, how are we suppose to remember?”, He said.

“What if I get pregnant? What are we suppose to do?”, I asked.

“If your pregnant we will keep the baby, having a child is not a sin and besides my father desperately needs a grandchild.

“What? Are you insane? Do you know how much trouble I will get if I was found pregnant? My education will just end my whole life will just spoil”, I said sound so scared.

“Lisa calm down, you won’t get pregnant, chill. You know I don’t like when you stressed, it drives me crazy”, Felix said.

“Gosh”, I muttered.

I moved out of the room, then I realized I slept in one of the guest rooms. Thank God it was in my room my mother would witnessed this, Claire and Mitchell where long gone even before I woke up. All my guest who arrived at the party had already gotten to their various homes, the place was messed up. I had to call the cleaner to take care of the guest area leaving no trace of dirt.

Felix quickly dressed up about to take his leave when he saw my father who was sitting outside reading his newspaper, with a glass of fruit juice in front of him. Felix was frightened at first. I had to walk up to my father and Introduced Felix to him.

“Good morning Father”, I said with a smile on m face.

“Good morning my lovely daughter”, he replied as I seat on my father’s lap.

“How was your night? And how did your party go?”, He asked.

“My night was fine, my party was lit”, I replied with a warm smile.

“Father this is my very close friend Felix, Felix this my father my joy giver”, I said.

“Good morning sir”, Felix said, while he bows his head down showing respect.

“How are you young man?”, My father asked.

“Am fine sir”, Felix replied.

“You look like one of my closet friend years back, just that something happened and we couldn’t be friend anymore”, my father said.

“Really?”, Felix asked.

“Yes but that’s a story for another day”, my father said.

“Okay sir, I have to go home now before my father starts getting worried”, Felix said.

“Alright, take good care of yourself”, my father said, as felix waved me goodbye.

I walked down to my room, I drowned myself inside my bathtub trying to get my mind off the incident that happened. I quickly drifted away like I was dreaming, I saw Sandra the mad woman again, this time she wasn’t chasing me. He was seating next to me crying and begging me.

“Please my I need your help, please find me”, Sandra said.

“How can I find you when I don’t know you or know where you are?”, I asked her looking confused.

“Hurry before it’s too late”, Sandra echoed.

I quickly felt my heartbeat slowing down like I was about to die. I could hear voices of my mother calling out my name, I slowly opened my eyes and saw myself on the floor and my mother pressing my chest to enable the water that had flowed through my nostrils to come out.

“Please Lisa stay with me”, my mother kept repeating as she kept pressing my chest.

Suddenly I regained consciousness and called SANDRA, I looked around and I didn’t see Sandra anywhere I only saw my mother who was looking at me worried.
What is happening to me? Why am I seeing things that ain’t real? I asked myself within.

My mother looked at me in a very strange way when I called out Sandra. It felt like she had seen a ghost in me, she stood up and ran out of my room like someone who was running for her life.
I got up and made my way back to the bathroom, what is happening to me? Why is this mad woman bothering me? My mother definitely knows something, she hiding something.

I walking swiftly to her room, I wanted to barge into her room but I could hear her talking to someone on the phone and good enough the phone was on loud speaker.

“Pere the worse has happened, you wouldn’t believe Lisa just called out her mother’s name”, my mother said on phone and I was stunned.

“What do you mean? How did it happen?”, Aunty Pere asked.

“She was in her bathtub having her bath, I wanted to give her the fruit salad she always take as breakfast on a Saturday. I knocked countless times but she wasn’t responding, when I enter her room she wasn’t there. I got into the bathroom and saw her drowning, I decided to take her out and help her regain consciousness. The moment she regained consciousness, she just called out her mother’s name SANDRA”, my mother replied.

“Jezzzz so what are going to do about this? Because you have manage to gain your posiiyas a wife in that house, you have come this far to loose that position”, Aunty Pere said.

“I swear, have longed to be with Mike for a very long time. Even if his not treating me well I can’t leave him, I love him so much”, my mother added.

“Don’t worry your won’t loose your home am solidly behind you”, Aunty Pere said.

“But do you know where Sandra is now?”, Aunty quickly asked.

“No I don’t know, after giving her that potion that made her loose her sanity I never got to see her again”, my mother revealed.

“Okay that’s good, but hope Lisa doesn’t know how Sandra is? Because if she does that’s going to be another problem”, Aunty Pere asked.

“No, am not sure Lisa knows anything. But I will make sure she doesn’t know anything”, my mother assured.

“Very good, make sure she doesn’t know or find out anything, you understand?”, Aunty asked.

“Yes I understand, I will call you later let me check up on her”, my mother said.

I quickly moved back to my room without a sound, how can this be? So this woman is not my mother, no wonder I grew unreasonable haters for her. She is more devilish than I thought, she made my biological mother run mad and still took her away from me. Am not sure my father knows about this, but then I saw Sandra’s diary in his study, does this mean he knew Sandra and what happened to her? Ah plenty questions but no answers to them.

I was deep in thoughts before my mother walked into the room acting nice and sweet towards me, handing my favorite fruit salad to me.
I pretended like I was okay but deep inside me I was burning with anger and more hatred for her. I planned on stealing Sandra’s diary at all cost without my father suspecting, maybe I will be able to find answers there.

Weekend was over and it was just Monday, I woke up really early and had breakfast even before my father woke up. Taylor was done washing the car before I arrive outside, I could see him sanding my the car waiting for me to come out so he would drop me off.

I really admire Taylors hard work, and how he treasured his work. Well Taylor has been working with my father for a while so he might have answers to some questions, I got into the car and we where on our way when I asked him some questions.

“Taylor I know you have been working for my father in and out have managed to come across any woman named Sandra?”, I asked looking at him.

He took really long to reply me, his facial expression changed I could tell he knew something but was looking for a very constructive way to say it, that wouldn’t complicate himself.

“I don’t know anybody like that”, Taylor said looking away from me.

“Taylor you can’t lie to me, I know when you lie. I can tell through your facial expressions and how your body remains unsettled in that seat”, I said looking closely at him.

“I just don’t want to get into trouble and loose my job”, he replied.

“Nothing will happen to your job, am the apple of my father’s eyes so whatever I say stands In that house”, I assured him.

So tell me have you managed to know anybody by that name?”, I asked looking directly into his eyes.

“Yes, madam Sandra a very nice and welcoming woman. Filled with joy and good Aura, very beautiful and outspoken. I managed to know her, she use to be my bosses wife which is your father. At some point I stopped seeing her, it felt like she vanished into thin air”, Taylor said as he inhaled and exhaled, as if he was relieving himself of a burden.

“What? My father wasarried before? To that woman? Oh my God this is just took much for me to bare”, I said out loud.

“What’s wrong? This one your asking about that lady, I everything okay? He asked.

“Yes am fine”, I said with a pretentious smile.

“I forgot to add, madam Sandra use to invite her best friend Chioma which is your mother, every weekends. Since she started inviting Chioma home that was the end of me seeing her, I started seeing Chioma coming to that house frequently before my boss married her”, Taylor revealed.

“So my mother and Sandra where best friends?”, I asked again to be sure.

“Yes”, Taylor replied.

Wow I can’t believe my life is more complicated than I thought. So Chioma my mother was Sandra’s bestie, hearing my mother on phone saying Sandra is my biological mother really adds up to what Taylor told me.

“My life is really complicated, how do I find my biological mother Sandra. Or should I ask my father about her? I know he wouldn’t lie to me, maybe I should ask him some questions too”, I said withing me.

Few minutes later i arrived at School, some of the students greeted me and cheered me for a successful sleepover party. Remember am super popular so getting an invitation to my party was a very big deal for them.

I got to my seat and I remained quiet, I was just in my head the whole day at school. I didn’t even talk to Claire and Mitchell even when they where giving me the latest gist happening around them. I just didn’t care, my head was filled with thoughts of how my life was unfolding differently.

I really dont know why I hated my mother Chioma so much even when she was trying to be nice to me. That doesn’t mean anything, she did something to my biological mother and I won’t stop till I exposed her. I planned vividly on how to steal thw purple diary.

Felix tried to talk to me and keep me company but I didn’t want any of that, I tried to beg me aboutywhat happened beius at my sleep over party but I didn’t want his apology because that wasn’t the issue for me. I was thinking about something that was way bigger than that, he felt disappointed and left me alone.

School has ended for the day,Taylor arrived right on time. I got into the car and we zoomed off. I got home and my mother wasn’t home, that wasn’t my business. She can get lost for all I care, she didn’t matter to me anyway.

I got my father’s room he was fast asleep, I wonder why he got home early from work. I went back into his study to search for the diary but I couldn’t find it, I checked all the shelves and drawers but I could find it.

My eyes landed on the safe resting by the corner of shelf, I got to it but it was locked as usual. Inputing a wrong code could get it locked automatically, I had to think harder and get inspiration.

There and then it struck me, I quickly inputed My date of birth and it suddenly opened. I could see the purple diary inside, I quickly took it and left the study before my father sees me.

I went into my room and locked the door, I dropped my schoo bag on the floor and focused on the diary.
The first page was like an introduction of herself and it reads;

Welcome to my diary,
My name is Sandra odinaka am from imo state, the only female child of my family. Grew up with 4 older brothers, coming from a royal family I am worshipped like a god and our clan treasures me as their pride, if you manage to see this diary anywhere please call my number to return it.

I couldn’t believe my biological mother is from a royal family.

“what if they have been looking for their daughter and couldn’t find her? If they couldn’t find her then they would have held my father responsible, but what if they had found her?”, I asked myself, so many questions but no answers.

I read through some pages, I found out how she met my father and how they fell inlove. She wrote down every details on how she was there for him when he had nothing till he built his empire. She opened down when they got married few years before she introduced her best friend Chioma to my father.

The one that shocked me the most was the part she revealed being 8months pregnant and accidentally hearing a shocking conversation Chioma was having with Aunty Pere on the phone. Stating how she will get rid of my biological mother Sandra, just to have my father to herself.

In Sandra’s writing;

“I will get rid of her and take her position as a wife in this house, am so much in love with this her husband. If only her husband knew how much I love him he wouldn’t want to be with Sandra anymore”.

Reading this part made me rest assured that the mad woman I keep seeing in my dreams every now and then is my mother. She is trying to pass an information to me but I really don’t know how to go about it.

I finished the diary and I was filled with half of the answers I needed. I too the picture from the diary and was so amazed I how beautiful my biological mother was. We have same fair complexion, small face and beautiful smile, I can’t believe this was hidden from me. At least my father would have told me who she was even without me asking.

I turned the picture to check the back then I saw an address, it looks like her hand writting. I got relieved at least I will find out who lives in this address maybe they might know the whereabouts of my mother.

I saved the phone number I saw on the first page on my phone, I quickly called with on of my private numbers but it wasn’t reachable. I tried it for the second time and someone picked the call, I wanted to speak but I waited to hear the receivers voice.

“Hello, please who am I unto?”, I quickly recognized the voice, it was Chioma’s voice. I ended the call and blocked the number, so this wicked woman still held onto my mother’s phone. No wonder I didn’t like her, she must pay for what she had done.

Watch out for part 5
© Tishania Ginikachi

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