14 years old and pregnant episode 7

14 years old and Pregnant

Final episode

Immediately I opened the wardrobe, I saw my mother Sandra tied up and her mouth taped. I was shocked, I called the attention of my father and Taylor. My father was shocked to see the love of his life tied up, we quickly untied her but she wasn’t moving. She was unconscious, Taylor helped me lay her down on the bed.

I was fully fortified, so much strength and power was swelling inside of me. I touched my mother’s head and began to make some incantations, my father was just looking at me in shock. In matter of seconds my mother sneezed gaining her consciousness back, she hugged my father passionately.

“Oh my God, I thought you left me. I can’t believe I would see you again, I have prayed and longed for the day to just see you again”, my father said as the tears rolling down his eyes betrayed him.

“My lovely husband, I can’t leave you. You are the one and only love of my life”, my mother replied as they kisses passionately.

“Oh my lovely daughter, you have grown so much. You look so much like me”, my mother said as she hugged me tightly.

I quickly explained that happened, how Chioma my mother’s best friend made her run mad. I explained how she made a wild beast grow inside me, I explained everything without leaving a single details out of it.

I coul see how shocked my mother and father was, I could see the pain in their eyes.

“My angel you have suffered enough, you found my wife even when I had lost hope. You are Indees strong and brave, I thank God for bringing you into my life”, my father praised me.

“Thanks father”, I replied.

“Mother what happened to you? How did you end up here?”, I asked.

“Few months after giving birth to you, i regained my sanity. I ran immediately to the house to look for you and my husband but he wasn’t home. I only saw Chioma who happy welcomed me not knowing she was luring me to my death. I saw you sleeping soundly in your baby crib, I was singing a little lullaby for you when Chioma blown a powder substance on my face. The next minute I opened my eyes I saw my self in an unknown place so dark and cold, I couldn’t find my way not know I was locked in here the whole time. I only cried and prayed for you to find me, I believe you got my messages”, my mother revealed.

“Oh my Goodness, mother. I got all your messages and I never relented from finding you”, I said.

“Thank you Taylor for keeping a close watch on my daughter as instructed”, my mother said.

“What?”, I and my father puzzled.

“Am sorry sir and am sorry Lisa, I was sent by your mother to keep a close watch on you. After she went missing I tried to find her but all effort went in vain, I had to take the position of being your driver just to keep watch on you. My name is still Taylor that didn’t change but all I said to you about my feelings is real I didn’t fake that”, he said to me, holding my face passionately.

I was speechless, I could even move. I just looked at Taylor who has been there for me all along but didn’t notice.

Soon the lovely moment was cut short when Chioma barged into her room, she was shocked to see us. She was extra shock to see my mother conscious again, she was even more shocked to see my belly back to normal.

“How did this happen? How are you awake? How come your belly is back to normal?”, Chioma asked so many questions.

“Your days are numbered Chioma, you have to pay for all you have done”, my mother muttered.

“I won’t pay for anything”, Chioma rephrased.

“How can you be this wicked? All this things you did is for what?”, My father asked.

“Do you know how much I love you Mike? I was so obsessed with you. I fell in love with you the moment Sandra introduced us. I knew then I have to do something, she had so much money, she could get any man she needed but me I had nothing I wanted you at all cost so I did what has to be done, I gave Sandra a potion that made her loose her sanity”, Chioma replied.

“You made me run mad because of what? Money? I had so much money because of my family, I was there for mike when she had nothing. I sticked with him and built this empire with him, I remembered when you where hawking on the street you begged for my assistance. I took pity on you and helped, all you did was to repay me with evil”, my mother said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Enough of the charity talk, you all have to die”, Chioma said while bringing a huge red cloth to cover my parents, she began to say so many incantations but it didn’t work, my fortification subdued the forces around her.

I got in the way and held her hands, I looked straight into her Eyes I could feel a force running through me and dashing into her, immediately she staggered backwards. She started speaking strangely and ran out of the house to the road then we knew she has ran mad.

My parents and I went to my mother clan’s to let them know my mother has been found. The king my grandfather was very happy to see his only daughter alive and well, my grandmother the queen declared as feast to celebrate the return of her daughter.

I was marveles of how the worshipped my mother, praised her and gave her lots of gifts. I then realized that a female child in this clan is highly valued and respected.
My grandparents praised me and gave me a title for my bravery and determination, it was known to all in the clan and I was very excited to see and experience such tradition.

Coming back to the house was another overwhelming feel I had experienced. Peace and unity was finally restored, I became a whole new person. My father’s happiness knew no bound, I and Taylor became close. I got to ace my senior WAEC and my JAMB. I got into the university, I forced more on my studies than material things.

Claire and Mitchell retraced their steps after getting to hear my story. We all went to same university, and today we are living a peaceful and successful life. Claire is a medical doctor, Mitchell is an architectural engineer, ended being a TV host for viral popular TV channels just like I dreamed of.

I never got to Cross path with Chioma, I heard she ran into moving truck and it squashed her to pieces. At the other hand Aunty Pere disappeared the face earth without a trace, that what happens to wicked people.

My mother never stopped doing good, she visited the old lady who helped us, and continued to take good care of her and other old women. I never knew my life will become complicated and yet interesting, I was 14 years old and mysteriously Pregnant with a wild beast but then my life change and God has Been awesome.

Shortly after my success in hosting my own tv show I finally go to be with Taylor, we got married and had 3 beautiful daughters, Jamie, Lydia, and Gina.

Never give up on life, be strong, be brave and put God first and you will see how beautiful things will Begin to fall in place.

The end.

© Tishania Ginikachi

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