14 years old and pregnant episode 3

14 Years old and Pregnant.

Part 3

The pain I felt on my hand was extreme, it felt like a bone in my hand was broken. I wanted Taylor my driver to take me to the hospital but I would arrive late at the party, so I continued my journey to the party.

Soon enough we arrived at the venue, Mitchell and Claire was so excited to me. I wanted to explain what had happened at home but I didn’t want to ruin the vibe, so we partied hard.

We danced to the fullest, I was so drunk that I couldn’t even recognize Claire or Mitchell’s face. There I bumped into Felix, so handsome and sweet, the smell of his perfume smell so good and rare. He held unto me so I wouldn’t fall, I was so drunk that I couldn’t stand or walk normally.

I had to get drunk so I would forget the silly incident that happened at home. It was so late already, I had to call Taylor to pick me up. Felix had to keep me company since Claire and her boyfriend were busy kissing and romancing their selves at the other end of the club.

Mitchell at the other hand was dancing with a man really old to be her father, well Mitchell likes older man. She believes they have the balls to take care of a woman than our age group, I couldn’t debate that with her because I haven’t dated an older man before.

Felix and I got to know ourselves, there and then I found out he was in the same school with me. He has been crushing on me for a very long time but never had the courage to walk out to me and say it.
He was so handsome that I spent more time looking at him and all his features then even talking to him, we almost kissed before I was interrupted by Taylor.

“Ma’am it’s time to go home”, Taylor said trying to help me up and walk me to the car.

“I hope we get to complete our conversation in school tomorrow”, Felix said with a smile.

“Of course”, I replied staggering into the car, Taylor close the door and we zoomed off.

The moment I arrived home my father was standing at the door waiting, Taylor carried me inside and my father followed looking worried.

“Hey dad! I said as I stumbled on the sofa and flinging my purse at a distance.

“You got me worried, why didn’t you call Taylor earlier?”, He asked .

“Am sorry father I was just excited and lots track of time”, I replied.

“Taylor carry her to her room fast”, my father ordered.

Taylor carried me to my room, I could feel his heart racing so fast. Taylor at the other hand is a fine handsome man. He is very muscular, big muscles, so tall and dark, he is always neat. He loves to wear vintage shirts and a clean stock jean, he is always on weaving which made him look like a black American.

I wonder why a fine young looking guy like Taylor would choose to be a driver. I mean he could be a bank manager or a CEO. He carefully laid me on the bed, placing my pillow properly and covering my body with a duvet.

“Sleep tight”, he said as he left my room.

I just kept admiring his body, shortly my mother arrived my room. I was shocking to see one of her eyes swollen, like extremely big covered with blood that just dried up. Her face has some injury, I felt really bad to she her like that but at the same time I felt happy because she deserves it.

“I came to check up on you”, she said standing at the door.

“You don’t have to, just keep your distance”, I replied turning to thw other said of the bed. She walked away shutting the door behind her, well I it is what is next time she won’t try to lay her hands on me.

I managed to take a look at my hands I was surprised to see how swollen my hands had gotten, that part of hand turned red like I have a burn. The pain became worse and I couldn’t move it properly, this b*tch called my mother is just biting more than she can chew.


I woke up really late, 10am in the morning was extremely late for me to start preparing for school. I decided to stay home and rest, I freshened up. Did my normal skincare routine, put on a simple dress and made my way downstairs to have breakfast.

Getting towards the staircase I heard my mother talking to someone, I had to stop and take a peak at who she was talking to. Moving my head side ways I saw Aunty Pere my mother’s friend, what is she doing here this morning? I asked myself. I decided to stay there much longer to know what they were discussing.

“I don’t mean it, so because of Lisa your husband did this to you?”, Aunty Pere asked looking surprised.

“Anything I open my mouth to correct Lisa she will either insult me or my husband will bounce on me, as it stands now treated like stranger in this house while Lisa is treated like wife”, my mother replied.

“Ahhhh! Abomination, this can’t be. For how long to do you intend to keep living like this?”, Aunty Pere asked.

“I don’t know what to do, I have prayed and fasted for who to change my daughter but it feels like the more I pray she gets worse, I don’t have peace of mind anymore”, my mother said as he burst into tears.

“Chai my dear friend, I feel so bad for you. Just look at your eye and your face. What kind of thing is this?”, Aunty Pere said with a sad face.

This two just derive joy in gossiping about me and father, two jobless people…they have nothing else to say. Well I had the intention of reporting to my father once he comes back from work, I won’t let this one slide.

I went downstairs pretending like I didn’t see them in the living room. They kept quiet looking at me as I made my way to the dining table serving myself with the well prepared breakfast left for me.

“Lisa did you just pretend like you didn’t see your mother and I here?”, Aunty Pere asked.

“There are somethings better left unsaid, because if I open my mouth to speak this place will turn into a mad house but I don’t want that”, I replied till focusing on my food.

“What? Do you just speak to me in that manner?”, Aunty Pere askes sounding angry.

“Shey you see what have been condoling?”, My mother said.

“If you can condole this, me I wont be able to condole this”, She replied.

“If you can’t condole anything leave, this is not your house anyway. You women don’t know how to mind your business and it quite crazy, so you want to correct me in my own house. You must be joking”, I replied looking pissed.

“Are you crazy? How dare you talk to me like that?”, Aunty Pere asked about to come to the dining area to descend on me. I quickly took the bread knife that was on the table I pointed at her, then she stopped looking scared a furious at me.

“If you try to do anything stupid to me I will slit your throat”, I said seeing how scared she was.

My mother quickly rushed to warn her friend to stay away from me, I could see how pain Aunty Pere was. She never believed I would act that way, my mother took her outside and handed her handbag to her.

I smiled and faced my food, I was happy knowing that gradually my mother has finally known her place in this house and she won’t dare to join her friend to attack me.

I finished my breakfast and rushed to my room to chat on some social media platforms, I quickly saw a fancy bag that caught my attention. This bag is the finest item I saw on the internet that day, it cost 250k but my love for fashion was something else, I really loved the bag. I decide to save the picture for later in order to show my father when he comes back so he can get it for me.

While on my phone I quickly slept off, I had a bad dream. I saw a mad lady chasing me, she was calling me her child. I have never had a bad dream for a longtime now, but this one quite terrible.


My father came back and I told him about the dream, I never knew my mother was behind the door listening to my conversation. My father told me it was nothing but just a dream, I equally told him about the discussion my mother and Aunty Pere where having and how she tried to hit me.

My father became furious, he got so pissed that he warned my mother never to invite anybody home not even her family members. She couldn’t say anything, I was happy my father scolded her like a child and it gave me more ego.

The next day I was ready to leave for school, Taylor drive me down to school. I walked into the classroom and my friends where just cheering for me like they saw a celebrity.

“What’s wrong with you both, or are you guys on molly?”, I asked with a smile on my face.

“No where happy because you family showed up today”, Claire said.

“I thought you won’t come to school today”, Mitchell added.

“I woke up so late, I decided to rest…school is not for the weak”, I replied.

“Indeed, the lord is your muscle”, Mitchell added.

“Come on what’s the latest?”, I asked, as my ears tingling to hear something interesting.

“Yes plenty gist for you”, Claire said.

“Please start spilling”, I said while sitting down, Claire and Mitchell followed.

“Jason and I has finally had Sex”, Claire said.

“What?”, I said smiling.

“Am finally off the virgin train”, Claire replied.

“I can’t believe this”, I replied.

“I didn’t believe it when she told me”, Mitchell said.

“How did it feel like? Having to be disvirgined”, I asked.

“Well it wasn’t that bad, I loved every single moment. It felt like looking Luke all over again”, Claire said.

Luke is about 29 years old, I gangster, dealing on drugs and pimping some young girls. Mostly girls from the street who needed to survive by all means, he wasn’t born with a sliver spoon just like Claire his girlfriend.

Luke’s mother lives in a psychiatric home, he made sure her medical bills were paid and other necessary things where taken care of. I later understood why he had to deal on drugs and pimp girls for rich men. Sometimes earning an honest living isn’t worth it.

Most at times Claire funds his about weekly at times monthly, things we do for love like she always say. They have been dating for 3 years now and this was the first time they was having sexual intercourse.

I looked across Mitchell who was smiling sheepishly at me and Claire.

“Why are you smiling so much?”, I asked.

“Am smiling because my sugar daddy just bought me a car, it arrived yesterday”, she said screaming in joy.

“Oh my God am so happy for you”, I said feeling so excited.

“Ah ah babe your now the hottest girl in this school oh”, Claire said.

“At least you two have your cars and your driver’s driving you to school and anywhere you want. My father had promised to get me a car but I can’t wait till am done with secondary school”, Mitchell said.

“Yeah I understand, so what did you tell your parents?”, I puzzled.

“About what?”, Mitchell asked.

“About the car now?”, I replied.

“Well I told them it was a surprise present from one of my friends schooling in Canada, so they didn’t bother anymore”, Mitchell said.

“Sharp girl”, Claire praised her.

“Am happy for you”, I said giving her a warm smile.

“You won’t believe what my mother did on the day of that event”, I said, as the pulled theirself closer to hear the full gist.

I told them all that happened that night before arriving at the party, I equally told them about the little gossip my mother and Aunty Pere had. They where shocked, they advised me to keep giving my mother a hard time in the house.

“See don’t show that woman mercy, deal with her till she goes on her kneel to beg you”, Claire said.

“Girl we shouldn’t be telling you what to do, you alone knows the best way to humble a dog”, Mitchell added.

“I hate that Pere of a woman with passion”, Claire said.

“Well let’s not let some cockroach spoil our mood today, I have a better news for you girls”, I said looking at their faces.

“I will be hosting a sleep over party, both boys and girls from this class and other class”, I said.

“Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this, for a very long time”, Mitchell alerted.

“I can’t wait Lisa, my blood is hot”, Claire added.

“I know right? Don’t worry it will be the best sleep over party ever”, I assured them.

They were so excited to know that I was going to host a sleepover party at my place, I was excited too. My father will always approve of it even without asking him, he always want to put a smile on my face.

After the end of lectures Taylor came to pick me up from school then I got to see Felix. We chatted a little about some fun stuffs before I invited him for my sleepover party, he was excited and i was glad he was going to come.

Few minutes arriving home, walking upstairs to my room I rushed to my father study room, where he normally spend his quiet time reading books or making some research.
I got to his study but he wasn’t there, I was about to take my leave when I stumbled upon A purple dairy.

It was so fine that you couldn’t resist flipping through some pages, I took the diary and opened it. The first thing I was was name boldly written “SANDRA”.

Who could be Sandra? I asked myself. I flipped more pages to see some clues and then I bumped into a write up, it doesn’t look like my father’s handwriting. I quickly took a glance at the writing note:

October 3rd 2000,
Mike has been good to me since I gave birth to his lovely daughter, he finally proposed and I accepted. Our love has grown so bright just like the smile of our little daughter Lisa.

“What!”, I exclaimed. Mike is my father’s name and who is this Sandra lady? October 3rd 2000 is the day I was born, Why is my name being mentioned here? Sandra isn’t my mother’s name, so who is this woman? Questions I asked myself but never got any answers to them.
I flipped few more pages to find some answers but all I saw was a picture.

The face in the picture was familiar, this Sandra of a lady was so beautiful and fair, so curvy and calm. But her face looked so familiar like have seen her before, then it struck me. She was the madwoman in my dream chasing after me calling me her daughter.

Watch out for part 4

© Tishania Ginikachi

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