14 years old and pregnant episode 6

14 years old and Pregnant.

Part 6

The next morning I prepared for very early, I put on my school uniform. I needed to act like I was preparing for school so I wouldn’t create suspicion, I was about leaving my room when my body system changed. I rushed into the toilet as vomit gushed out of my mouth, it couldn’t stop, I kept vomiting for close to 5 minutes.

It was strange, “I just hope am not pregnant”, I said to myself.

I became weak and couldn’t walk, I had to embark on the journey to seek THE WHITE PEACE. I can’t stop now, I quickly rushed out of my room hurrying down the stairs when I saw Chioma blocking my way.

“Leave the way am late for school”, I said to her.

“I dont know what you are up to lately but soon I will find out”, Chioma said.

“Is that suppose to be a threat? Wow you should walk on that if you want to gain a PHD in threatening people”, I replied her, trying to push her out of the way.

“You have no idea of what I can do, don’t mess with me”, she said making more threats.

“Don’t worry I won’t mess with you, your my mother right? I can’t mess with my mother”, I said to her, trying to mock her indirectly but she didn’t get what I meant.

Immediately she left the way, and I rushed out to Taylor who was already car waiting for me. I dashes into the car and we drove off, immediately I began to change into another dress, taking my school uniform off. I quickly saw Taylor who was glancing at my body from the small mirror at the driver’s seat.

“Hey Taylor quit it”, I warned.

“Sorry but you have an amazing body and i can’t take my eyes of you”, taylor said.

“Thanks for the compliment, but this is not the time am trying to embark on a journey leave the sweet talk for later”, I said to him.

Quickly I was done with changing my clothes, I moved to the front seat and exhaled trying to calm myself down.

“I thought you are going to school”, Taylor puzzled.

“No Taylor, am going to find THE WHITE PEACE”, I replied.

“Oh, okay. Then buckle up it’s going to be a very long drive”, Taylor said.

I quickly texted my father taking him I may not get back home after. I lied that Claire is hosting a sleepover party and i needed to be their, replied with a smile and gave me the go ahead.

I felt relieved, I texted Claire to lie on my behalf Incase My father calls to confirm or Chioma calls to confirm, she agreed. I felt like throwing up again, I told Taylor to stop and I had to jump out of the car and relief myself. I vomited close to 2 minutes, Taylor became concerned.

I go back into the car, and we continued our journey. Taylor kept a sad face and refused to say anything to me, I felt the weird energy.

“Taylor what is it? Just say it and don’t keep a sad face”, I said.

“How can you just give yourself away to a boy, and now your pregnant”, Taylor scolded.

“Taylor you have no right to tell me what to do, I can’t even remember what happened that night…I was so high and I woke up next to Felix”, I scolded.

“Then you should not be doing drugs or drinking, your still 14 how can you be this wild?”, He scolded back .

“I do drugs because it’s fun and it calms me down, you have no idea of what I go through in that house so stop yelling at me”, I screamed.

We went so calm, we didn’t speak to each other for some hours till we got to a hospital far from our city.

“What are we doing here? I asked looking confused.

“We are going to check if your pregnant?”, Taylor said helping me out of the car.

“Oh my God, Taylor your so stubborn”, I said.

“And so are you”, he replied.

We got to the hospital and I ran some test, we sat on a long chair at the reception area waiting patiently for the result. I was so weak, I rested on Taylor’s shoulder.
After few minutes, a nurse called us to the doctors office, we walked pretty fast because we were curious to know the end result.

“Your miss Lisa ?”, The doctor asked.

“Yes and this is my driver”, I said introducing Taylor.

“Well the pregnancy result is negative, you are not pregnant besides we ran some other test on you… your still a Virgin”, the doctor revealed.

“How can that be?” I asked looking confused.

“Are you serious? She’s still a Virgin?”, Taylor asked with a bright smile.

I was just wondering why his happy about it, I know Taylor likes me alot but I didn’t expect it to be this much.
The doctor handed the result to me and we left and continued our journey, Taylor was just happy. We discussed about alot of things but he never wanted to talk about himself, he always changed the topic about himself I didn’t want to start another argument so I left it that way.

I realized that each moment I spent with Taylor, I began to change to a better person. I began to love him, and see how important it is to be good to people no matter what. Taylor equally felt the same for me but I really don’t know how this kind of relationship could work knowing our age bracket.

Shortly I realized my belly was growing large, every minute my belly grows, I became scared. This was another witchcraft in a whole different level, am not pregnant and am still a virgin why will my belly grow this big in a matter of seconds.

I could feel something moving inside it, Taylor got scared and we speed up our journey.

“Ahhhhhh, ahhhh”, I screamed holding on to my swollen belly.

“What’s wrong?”, He asked trying to hold my hands for comfort but it wasn’t helping.

“Something is moving inside of me, help me”, I cried out.

I couldn’t bare the pain anymore, the pain I felt was beyond the ordinary eyes. My abdomen felt like they were cracking it with hammer and chisel, my eyes had gone red due to constant outpour of tears.


In an hour time we got to my mother clan, we parked the car somewhere around the road and took a bushy area in search of THE WHITE PEACE.

We journey into the bush for hours, during that time my belly grew bigger continuously. I became scared and so was Taylor, we kept walking in circles in the bush and still arrived at the place we parked the car. This happened for some many hours then it remembered the riddle “you have eyes but can not see, look hard and you will see”, I looked harder into the forest and then I could see a part. I and Taylor walked towards the part and suddenly we arrived at a white house.

“Taylor you have to wait for me here, remember what Mercy the old lady said. Only the daughters of kings and queens are allowed to enter, you have to wait for me here”, I reminded him.

“I understand, please be safe and I remember I love you”, Taylor replied.

“It’s too early to say that Taylor”, I said.

“I know I just have to say it before its too late”, Taylor replied with his eyes filled with tears.

“Thanks for supporting me, you have change me in matter of hours I have spent with you”, I said to him holding his face.

“You changed me too, I promise to tell you more about me when all this is over”, Taylor revealed.

I smiled at him and made my way into the compound, everywhere was quiet. I walked around slowly, gazing at the golden sculptures of women neatly made. I took at the front door shaking in fear, I knocked softly, immediately the door sprang open.

I was scared, I had to be brave in other to bring peace to my home and make my father happy again.
I walked into the house, it was massive. Fully furnished with white chairs and interior decorations, the interior decorator knows his or her job very well. Immediately a lady appeared in front of me calling out my name.

“Lisa the daughter of Sandra bullock odinaka what brings you here”, The white peace said. I was really frightened by her appearance, she was in all white outfit, bother beads and hair was white, even a look at her could blind you completely.

“Am sorry to bother you, but am looking for THE WHITE PEACE”, I stamered.

“I am THE WHITE PEACE”, she replied.

“Please I need your help, I need to find my mother she has been missing since I was birthed to this world. I need your help to find her”, I boldly said.

“Your you seek is close to you, you need to look harder”, the white peace said.

“How do you mean? Please explain”, I asked.

“Sandra is in your house, she has been there the whole time. You have to find her really fast or else you may loose her”, she replied.

“Oh no! “, I exclaimed.

“My child you are from a great royal family, your star is so bright that it even blinds you. Don’t let fear bite you up, be brave, be strong because a very big battle is ahead of you. Do not worry I will fortify you in other to make you unbreakable”, the white peace said.

“Thank you so much, thanks alot”, I bowed my head thanking her.

“But first you have to give me that beast growing in your belly, as a sacrifice”, she requested.

“Huh! What beast?”, I asked with confusion written all over my face. She laughed so loud like what I said was really funny, if she had the chance she would have rolled on the floor while laughing.

“My child you have a wild beast growing inside of you, your enemy put it inside of you to bring shame to you and your father”, she replied.

“Your enemy made you fall into a deep slumber during your party, she used a cattles blood to invoke that beast inside of you. Don’t you know she is the daughter of the devil? As long as your breath that beast will grow inside of you”, she added.

“Why will she do this to me after cause my father and mother so much pain?”, I asked as tears rolled down my eyes.

“You are the ever green apple of your father’s eyes, she wants to destroy you. Don’t worry you have come into the right place she will not win”, she replied.

At that moment I sudden remember all that happened that night at my sleepover party, Felix wasn’t with me in that night she was with me, she put me to bed and pour blood all over me and lurked Felix to sleep next to me. I know am a bit nasty and stubborn but not giving breaking my virgnity at fourteen. Jesus Christ, what a wicked world.

THE WHITE PEACE finally fortified me, after the fortification my belly reduced to it’s normal size. I regained strength, I was feeling so strong like never before. I felt like I could carry 10 people at a time, I quickly dashed out of the building.

Taylor was shocked to see my belly flat and my eyes clear, I didn’t say I word to him till we got back into the car.

“Taylor I want you to drive as fast as you can back home, I have to save my mother”, I said.

“Okay”, he replied looking as we drove off in full speed.

On our way home I told him all that THE WHITE PEACE revealed and he was amazed. I was happy I got myself back, I was scared of showing up like that to my father, it may break his heart.

It was already late at night when we arrived home, I didn’t care about the lie I told of staying over at Claire’s house for a sleepover, I just entered the house. Taylor followed me to insure my safety.

I stumbled into my father’s room he was asleep, I quickly woke him up. He was shocked to see, he checked his watch which was resting on the side drawer 11:45pm.

“Lisa did you come back home this late? Do you know it dangerous?”, He asked, I ignored his questions.

“Taylor why didn’t you come back after dropping her off at school?”, My father asked.

“Sir there is a bigger problem than that”, Taylor said.

“What?” My father puzzled.

“You have to stand up, where is your wife Chioma?” I asked.

“She should be in her room”, he replied.

“Let’s go father, stand up hurry”, I said.

“You know she doesn’t let anyone go to her room”, my father said, then it struck me that I may find a clue to the location of my mother.

We stood up racing to Chioma’s room, the minute we opened the door she wasn’t there. We searched the room but we couldn’t find her, I went straight to the wardrobe to find something that can lead to the location of my mother.

Watch out for part 7

© Tishania Ginikachi

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