My destiny helper episode 7



Inside the room madam dropped a particular nylon on the floor and instructed me to get undressed, tear it and wear the gown that was inside and I abruptly did as instructed.

She then hauled me to one of the men in glasses because I couldn’t walk properly because of my left leg. “You don’t have any other thing to take? Mind you, as you’re leaving here have it in mind that you’re never coming back to this place because you’ve been sold.” One of the men pronounced, gripping my left hand.

I nodded amidst tears and told him that I had no other thing to take other than myself. He brought out a rope and gave madam the order to rope my hands and legs after which they brought me close to the gate where a car was parked. Madam helped him and together, they threw me in the boot and slammed it.

I was in excruciating pains as I tried folding the leg that had began to rotten. The boot was very dark and hot and if I told you that I was comfortable inside, then that should be one of the greatest lîe I had ever told.

After I had squeezed myself inside for over thirty minutes, someone abruptly started the car and it began to move. I was trying to cover my mouth to prevent the foul odour emanating from my leg to enter my nostrils.

It was already over an hour and the car was still moving. The heat became too much to the point my whole body got drenched with sweat. I began struggling to breathe hitting the booth with both hands trying to cry for help and of course I was tied inside like a goat and no one could see nor hear me. After a while of struggling, I lost consciousness.

Later, when I awoke, I discovered that the ropes had been released and the car had stopped moving. I got frightened after sighting a thin long knife right in my front and the place appeared to be a bush. My skin was being saturated by fresh air while the boot was only partially open. I was attempting to stand when I unintentionally dropped off the boot, causing another bruising on my hands.

I saw a young man tugging a man’s hands inside a bush with unruly, shooting hairs. The person was dressed in a suit and appeared to be dêãd, with blood dripping from his mouth. The young guy was wearing what looked like grass and had empty legs, giving the impression that he was wearing shorts.

“Shhhhh. Stay there. Keep quiet I’m coming.” The guy whispered to me and continued to pull the man’s cõrpse till he entered inside the bush. I couldn’t stand up with my legs not to talk of escaping. My breãsts and gênitals were itching me badly as I laid down unconscious close to the car. I was constantly hearing the echoes of women screaming.

The boy came back, carried me across his left shoulder and began moving rapidly, observing everywhere to see if someone was coming. He was holding a cutlass on his left hand. I began to cough and ask him questions. “Where am I?”

“Just be quiet. No time for questions now.” He said and continued to move faster. He sighted some guys that were dressed like him. They were brandishing a blood-stained cutlass while some had guns in their hands. When he discovered they were headed in our direction, the guy hurriedly veered to the left. We knelt down beneath some shades, and he carried me as usual before continuing.

He left me off at a boundary that led to the roadway after more than four minutes of walking. ” I don’t want them to kîll you. When I saw the list, I felt pity for you after noticing that you’re frim my country. You’re still a young girl and I wouldn’t want to kîll my own person.” He said, looking around to know if someone was coming.

“Please I don’t want to dîe. I don’t even know where to start from. Where am I? How do I go home? I can’t walk. Please help me. I hadn’t eaten in days. I’m thirty..” I criêd out and he quickly covered my mouth with his hands.

“Can’t you reduce your voice? Do you want my people to know that I’m helping you? You’re in AJEGO TOGO. We are doing this because of mõnêy. We get paid for what we do here. Our country is not doing us well. If I tell you that I’m a graduate would you believe? Hunger and poverty really dealt with me because there’s no job. I’ve done the best I can. Please just find your route from here. Hold on while I get some water for you from my pot.” He said to me, stood up from where we were sitting, dropped his cutlass next to me and snuck off.

To be continued.

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