My destiny helper episode 16



Rebeccah was unable to contain herself, so she felt compelled to join them in rushing the innocent woman to hospital. Military personnel arrived in a pickup van and took some of the perpetrators with them in order to uncover the whereabouts of the kidnappèd girls. Collins contacted mun and informed her of his intention to follow the van, prompting us to both enter and trail it.

Most of the officers and media personnel joined us in the car, bringing our total number to six. Although a few were in a separate vehicle, we all managed to assemble after them. Most of the media personnel dropped and left.

We drove for nearly 11 pm before reaching our destination. None of the security personnel at the checkpoints bothered us, thanks to the presence of the officers accompanying us. We smoothly passed through the checkpoints as if they didn’t even exist.

The house was illuminàted by solar lights, casting a bright glow over the surroundings. However, our peaceful atmosphere was shattered when unknown individuals started shooting at us from the stairs. Tragically, about eight women were instantly strûck in the hèad by bullets and fell lifèless to the ground. Others sustained injuries to their legs and hands.

The officers quickly instructed us to take cover, while they themselves stealthily entered the house. Some of us, fearing for our lives, sought refuge in different shades while turning in our phone’s torch. With no response to their knocks, the officers fórcefully opened the gate door and made their way inside the mansion alongside with Collins, meanwhile I tried stopping him that it wasn’t safe that he might lose his life but he was hell bent on entering.

The women that sat with me were just shedding tears and communicating in their dialect. We were just sitting there as if we were homeless, many of them had not seen their daughters for years. Even the three men who stood behind us were overcome with tears, their emotions mirroring our own. Some of them bore severe injuries that rendered them unable to walk, their legs incapãcitated. Others struggled to move their left hand, their range of motion limited and clothes were severely drenched with blood.

“Mummy it’s okay please. You’ll surely see your daughter.” I told her with teary eyes.
“My daughter you don’t understand. What about my sister Esah that just dîed? Will I still see her again?” She said crying bitterly alongside with the others.

“Yema nae…. Yema nae… Yema nae…” one of them cried, repeating these words over and over again. When I inquired about the translation, I learned that she was lamenting the loss of her mother. It dawned on me that she was one of the unfortunate girls who had lost their lives. I couldn’t help but feel immense sympathy for them. It became clear that crying alone wouldn’t resolve anything, no matter how much grief consumed me. My legs and hands were shaking, most of the women their clothes were ripped apart while they were trying to save themselves..

The sound of gûnshots filled the air, causing our hearts to race with the fear that everyone within the compound had perished. In the midst of the chaos, my phone rang, and it was Rebecca on the other end. Initially, I was not in the mood to answer calls, still shaken by the loss of the innocent lives. However, due to the tremendous help she had provided me in the past, I decided to pick up. It occurred to me that without her assistance, I might have met a tragic end long before now.

“Mummy..” I responded pathetically. “Miriam have they been able to locate them?” she asked, her voice filled with desperation.. “They’re still inside. Alot of innocent woman just dïêd no one was expecting this…” My words faltered, tears streaming down my face, making it difficult for me to articulate my thoughts.

Just then, the signal abruptly cut off, and the call ended on its own accord. We strained our ears, sensing a growing cacophony of footsteps drawing near from the gate, intertwined with the terrified screams of women……..

To be continued.

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