My destiny helper episode 10



Without giving it much thought, I instinctively reversed and continued crawling until I found someone who would lend me a listening ear. “The world is a complex place. Oh Jesus, I can’t believe that man just chased me away from there, and I’m almost certain he’s a Christian. He attends church on Sundays. Many people fail to recognize the struggles others face in life, being so self-absorbed and only caring about themselves. But that’s alright. Who am I to judge?”

As tears streamed down my face and my mind raced with thoughts, I inched my way towards a particular compound. Along the way, I caught the attention of some passersby but they all chose to veer in the opposite direction and ignore me. They likely assumed I was either disabled or maybe even a beggar as their indifference persisted despite my attempts to communicate with them.

Finally, I arrived at a small guava tree where a woman sat on a humble stool at the back of her house. There were some scars on her left cheek and forehead. I crawled towards her and gestured with my hands, desperately trying to get her attention. “Mummy. Mummy… Mummy.” Startled, she turned around and swiftly stood up.

“My daughter what is it? What happened to you? What’s going on? Jesus my dear what happened to that leg” She quizzed as she approached. After realising that she was able to understand English, my mind began to be at ease. I heaved a sigh of relief, stretched my right leg and laid on the floor and began wiping my tears.

She took me in, tending to my wounds, providing shelter, bathing me, feeding me, and even offering me some necessary medications. After spending four days under her care, she sympathetically explained that she would have allowed me to stay longer, but her husband had a strict policy against having strangers in their home.

Sitting me down in her room, she continued to share her situation with me, her voice filled with exhaustion and sadness. “My husband is not someone who would be pleased to find you here. I’ve known him for years, and unfortunately, our marriage has become unbearable. I endure constant abuse from him, and I have no family support since I lõst my parents after my secondary school.” She said she she pulled her shirt and showed me the severe wounds on her back. ” My life is just like a double edge sword. I sell food but throughout this week I couldn’t open my shop due to depression. All these scars you’re seeing my husband inflicted them on me. When I heard about the hardships you faced, I couldn’t help but cry.”

“You’re a young girl who should be in the school and It breaks my heart to see how your precious years have been wasted for nothing. Even now, I’m still grieving over my inability to help you,” she said, her words interrupted by tears. “Mummy, I understand,” I replied, expressing my gratitude for her support. “Marian, please don’t say that. Your injuries are severe, and I couldn’t take you to the hospital for proper treatment. I’m giving you this remaining 10,000 CFA Francs is not enough, but it’s all I can offer. My last savings. Please use it wisely.” She handed me the cash from her small purse with concerned evident in her eyes.

“That money won’t take you all the way home, but it can help you find a safer place than here if you use it wisely. Please be cautious of strangers, especially those who may exploit young girls like you for their own cruel purposes. I hope the experiences you’ve had taught you some valuable lessons.”

“Mummy, thank you. Thank you so much, mummy.” I cried, kneeling beside her and resting my head on her lap. “It’s alright, my daughter. Just be careful. Look for a vehicle heading towards the Sokode axis and ask for guidance along the way. The Lord will guide you until you reach your home country. You need to start moving now, as my husband will be returning soon. It’s already 1.22pm.”

I struggled to stand up, even though my leg had slightly eased allowing me to walk with some difficulty. However, the wounds on my legs remained, causing persistent discomfort. Showing her empathy and understanding, she offered me her hand. She gave me one of her palms because we were actually having thesame leg- size. I put the money inside my gown, hugged her and left there in têars because I knew that the possibility of meeting the woman in this life was just 5%. Some women are so kind. In short women are kind hearted.

I successfully hailed a cab heading towards Sokode. When the passengers completed, we settled our payments and the driver started the engine and we began our journey. However, I soon noticed two guys wearing glasses sitting behind me in the back seat. To my discomfort, they began staring at me intently and even started leaning in towards me as if they wanted to kîss me. This situation became even worse as I found myself sandwiched between them in the back seat. The left one hastily deeped his hands in his left pocket……..

To be continued.

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