My destiny helper episode 2



He drove till he entered one particular compound and halted after the gateman had successfully opened the gate for him. The man told me to come down and then, instructed me to follow him inside.

The setting of the compound alone appeared to be a royal palace. A swimming pool was present, a well-fenced yard and many other pricey amenities. Sincerely, the house was quite large and one could pronounce it to be a mansion.

I followed the both of them as they walked inside. Fear had already engulfed me. Who knows if I’m walking straight to my grave. I was speechless and praying in my mind with sluggish steps. One shabby woman rushed over and greeted the woman and held the woman’s bag.

“Good morning chief.” She greeted the man “Morning where is Collins?” He inquired. “He’s still inside.” She replied. She rushed over to meet me held my face with her left hand and rotated my face sideways. She began to scoof. “You don’t know how to greet abi!” She shouted and slapped me on the face.

“Good, Good— morning ma, I’m— so, so sorry ma.” I stammered and quickly went on my kneels. One of the things that my mother taught me very well was to respect my elders anywhere I go. When she slapped me I feel I was at fault. The man and the other lady had already went inside.

“This is the place where females are meant to serve. It’s either you serve your masters or you dîe with frustration. Are you hearing me?” “Ye– yes, ye— yes. Please I’m– I’m cold.” I stammered wrapping both hands on the light top I was wearing.

“Cold ke!! Look at this girl o. You just came and you’re telling me you’re cold? You’re not allowed to do anything else till you complete your task. Just follow me.” She stated and dragged me along with her left hand.

The interior was crowded with women of all ages and demographics, including guys. All of the women were impolitely attired, and some were working as housemaids.

“Oya go and join them. When you’re done stay here. Till I return ” She remarked while pushing me towards the group of ladies cleaning the toilet axis.” “But I’m hungry please. I’ve not eaten.” I complained and the few of the ladies there burst out laughing.

“If you like let me return back and see that you’re not done with what I told you to do. You’ll see the other side of me. Don’t worry just ask them and they’d tell you about me it seems you don’t know who I am. You can call me your madam. Just try me. She hissed, clicked her tongue and irritably walked away.

I joined them in the cleaning along with my whiny Tommy. I was starving badly. I could see the other girls gazing at me. While some were grinning and others were frowning, I simply remained silent and went about my work.

Later, they went from the bathroom to a few more rooms that were filthy, some were mopping the floor and others were arranging and scaling chairs to get rid of the tiny cobwebs. After joining them to clean for approximately two hours, I fell down and fainted.

Someone splashed a bucket on water on my face and I quickly jolted up in fright. I saw myself in one of the bathrooms and I noticed that time had gone far. Madam was holding the bucket and peering at me. The bathroom appeared to be very large and spacious. She dropped the bucket and left.

In the lavatory, a man with spectacles came in, threw two piece of sausage that were wrapped in nylon across my chest and left. I devoured them within the blink of an eye and drank enough water. Since I had no other place to sleep, I prayed and slept there till the next morning.

Around 7am, madam summoned all of us that chief needs our attention and we all assembled to meet him three men on suits sat behind him on the couch. I had already join the league by dressing like them and there was nothing I could do because none of us had any choice of our own. We were more than thirty.

To be continued.

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