My destiny helper episode 5



“Yamaaaa… Yamaaaa.. Yamaa.” She kept saying the words, crying. One could tell that she was pleading for help. “Will you Shût up!!” Chief shouted, planting her a slap twice. Everybody including me was silently peering at her. Some were crying and we’d dare not say a word. They hauled her out and banged the door.

That was the last time we saw that girl in that place. Days went by, weeks passed and my malignancy progressed to the point that I couldn’t wear a top unless I tore the left side of my top with a knife to reveal my swollen left breàsts.

I’d force myself to work with my left brèast opened. Madam’s eyes were always on me making sure I stick to work. She’d always treat us like animals.

After a few months, Tinty gave up the ghost while sleeping. The fever and pains had already engulfed her to the point she couldn’t bear it anymore. Madam gladly reported to chief and chief requested for her body to be transported by some of his colleagues.

There was a day I tried escaping, meanwhile, some of the other maidens including those who had recently been transferred, tried to explain to me that I’d be caught but I pathetically pleaded with them that I was weary of being treated like a slave and that I had to try my luck. They then insisted that I proceed. I successfully climbed down the stairs. Although some of the rooms were using elevator but I’d dare not make use of them. On getting to the entrance of the gate, one of the security men caught me and shot me on my left calves and I collapsed. Two of them hauled me over to meet chief in his chambers.

“You tried escaping right!!!” Chief shouted and dropped the glass of wine, adjusting the green well ironed Senate clothing he was putting on. “I’m so— sorry, I’m so– sorry sir. Pls– please, Pls– please forgive me. Fo– forgive me sir.” I stammered amidst tears.

“I’m chief Ababalade and no one dares to challenge me. I own this kingdom and whatever I say is final.” He walked up to me, shouting and raising both hands. He started kicking my Tommy and I cried out. He kicked me repeatedly till he was satisfied. “For breaking the rules you’ll be used as a scape goat for a whole week. No food for you for the next three days. Let me see how you’re going to survive.” He stated and went back to continue his wine.

They hauled me over and threw me right in front of the others as instructed. I tried removing the bullet with my hands but I couldn’t because the pains was unbearable for me. That same day, Madam also gave me her own share of punishment and warned me not to continue with my useless pattern if dressing. When other maidens were asleep at night I couldn’t sleep. I just laid on the floor with the little cloth I had used to tie the leg.

I began pondering in thoughts. “God Is this how I’m going to dîe? Where’s my mother. My mum had no idea that I’m going though all of this. Daddy where are you. Your daughter is dyîng. Jesus please rescue me from this slavery.”

One of the men on glasses entered the room that same night. I jolted up in fright after sighting him and few of the ladies woke up and all eyes were on me.

“The man removed the wrapper on my left leg and began to press it. I was groaning in pains as some darkish blood began to ooze out from it on the ground.

“Please please stop it hurts… It’s painful please stop. You’re hurting me.” I shouted and tried removing his hands but he kept pressing it. It got to a point he inserted his fingers on the flesh and brought out the bullet.

He gave me a small glass filled with some ashe fluid and asked me to drink it before leaving.

The following day I was summoned to one of the rooms as usual and got penètrated. The same thing repeated the following day and the day after that, making day three. After three days, the small amount of medication the guy provided me numbed the pains in my body to some extent.

During the fourth day of serving my punishment, chief summoned to his chambers. I wanted to sit but he insisted that I should sit on the ground

To be continued.

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