My destiny helper episode 4



“Please, that– that, the– the thing I complained to you the other day. Madam it’s — it’s , It’s still paining me.” “What thing!!!” She shouted, holding my face and rotating it sideways. I slowly removed my shirt and unveiled my left brèast that had swollen.

“Hahahahahahaha.” She chuckled, clapped her hands thrice and began staring at me annoyingly.

“So what do you want me to do? Your mates are out there doing what I told them to do and you’re here sputtering unnecessary pleasantries! Mitatta if you continue to give me headache in this place, I’ll order for your transfer and you’ll be replaced in the blink of an eye. Who are you! In short you’re not even scared of me!!!”

“Please you can just take us to a clinic they can give us some mèdicàtions please I’m dyîng. Shyla, and tinty are still having severe headaches but they’re scared of speaking up. Please help us .. Please I’m begging you. I know you still have human conscience in you. Please… Please.. Please…” I cried out, kneeling and hugging both of her legs.

She slapped me and warned ” If you ever try this nonsense with me again, then there’d be no food for you for the next three days. Now get out!!!” “Madam please. “I said get out!!!” She fired at me and smacked me on the face. I quickly turned and went to join the others in tears.

I signaled Shyla and tinty that she doesn’t intend to help us and they began to sib silent tears. Even though I couldn’t hear their dialect I could still communicate with the few of them because I had been with them for years. Shyla continued to cry but I sympathized with her that God would surely help us someday.

The young girl that they brought the previous month could understand English very well so she stood up from where she was sitting and sat close to me. She had been with us for over three weeks approximately.

The others exited while I was left with khedia, Shyla and tinty.

“Khedia..” “Yes.” She answered me.” “Tell me about your family. How were you captured? What were you doing?”

“The last thing I could remember was that, I was cooking in the kitchen around 8pm then someone just placed some kind of material on my face from behind and I lost cônsciousness. When I opened my eyes, only to find myself in an unknown location. Everywhere was just different. I don’t think this is my country. I want to go home.” She cried out.

“I’m from Nigeria.” I said “I’m from Kumasi Ghana. That was where I was born and brought up. I’m just 22yrs and I wasn’t expecting any of these. I’ve lost alot of weight because I don’t eat well.” “I’m so sorry. But there’s nothing we can do. Security men are always outside 24/7 the house is very big. They don’t even allow us to go out. From one of the conversation that chief was having with his colleagues, I’m suspecting that chief to be someone that’s into some kind of secret secret association.” I added.

“I pray that we should get lucky today. You know madam will come and pick one of us to satisfy one of those men as usual. Two days ago you were the one they picked.” “Yes. Please let’s not talk about that horrible experience.” She said sympathetically. “Sorry.” I told her.
“It’s okay. What are you going to do about this cancer. Because the longer you wait, the painful it becomes and the larger the growth.”

“I don’t know what else to do. The previous time I told Madam, she said that if I dîe she’d gladly order for my côrpse to be buried that countless of women had dîed here that my dèàth wouldn’t be the first nor the last.”

She said she wants to see and I showed her. “Arrgghhhh.. it’s painful.” I groaned as she tried pressing it. “Sorry.”

“I don’t know the kind of heart that madam carries. Even those men are the worst. Ràpîng us one by one everyday by day. I’m tired. I’m tired. Please let’s go and join the others so madam will not start shouting at us again..”

I held Shyla and tinty’s hands and we both went to meet the others. It was part of the rules for us to always be stay together regardless.

The next day, three men in suits along with the chief, arrived to visit us in our room in the morning. There were no mattresses, so we slept on the floor in our own individual wraps. The room was so large that it could typically accommodate all of us and it was where we had been sleeping for years. Two of those wearing glasses dashed over to meet the girl the chief had pointed at. I was pretending to sleep meanwhile I was also using style to observe them. They gripped her tightly and told her to stay calm. They drew up her skirt and began injecting her buttocks with a syringe.

To be continued.

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