My destiny helper episode 11



“You look somewhat familiar,” he said, his voice filled with suspicion. He spoke in english, pulled out a small pistol, his frown deepening as he motioned for me to drop the remaining money I had just put in my pocket after paying the driver. He used a swift hand gesture to signal me to remain silent.

Meanwhile, the accomplice on my left reached into my gown pocket, extracting the rest of the cash. The one by my left was the only one doing the talking and It appeared that both of them were partners in crime. He then instructed the driver to halt and let them out. The driver seemed oblivious, engrossed in his driving and listening to some soundtracks.

The fear of the gun quickly overwhelmed me, reminding me of the harm it had already caused to my left leg. I didn’t want to become another casualty of a gunshot. Driver continued his journey afterwards. I criêd for hours till we reached sokodo market. He asked if I should drop at the market and I told him yes. I was seriously hungry and I was pretty sure that most of the women would lend me some food if I could take time to explain to them.

I carefully descended from the vehicle, being mindful not to aggravate the injury on my leg. With a courteous farewell to the driver, I made my way to the market. Before delving into the busy atmosphere, I took a moment to say a few prayers. My first encounter within the market was with a woman who seemed disheartened. She shared that she hadn’t made any sales and had nothing to offer.

The next person I approached was a man that was eating some rice inside his shop. He gave me a listening ear as I wasted my time explaining my situation to him, only to be met with skepticism. He expressed that he didn’t trust me and couldn’t offer any help. “Why would he waste my time in the first place when he knew he wouldn’t help? A kind-hearted woman noticed my predicament and generously offered me half of her sliced orange that she was a about eating. Gratefully, I devoured it with lightning speed, savoring every bite. One of them gave me some sachet of water and I drank.

As I continued through the market, I realized that many people struggled with understanding English. Exhausted from walking, I sought respite in an unoccupied shop after crossing the road to the other end. Settling down on a nearby bench, I rested my hands on my cheeks, while simultaneously swatting away pesky flies that were bothering my injured leg. “Ma please what is the time?” I asked one lady that was on glasses reading through some papers by my left. ” She began peering at me confusingly.

“Ma I mean time. Time. I mean your time.” I said signaling her with my hands and she responded. “Almost 7pm.” Just then, one man that was well dressed walked up to me to give me a flyer pertaining to one of their church programmes. Luckily we could communicate fluently

“I would like to invite you to our church programme that will be taking place next week,” he said, his concern evident as he noticed my injured leg. “What happened to you. You don’t look okay at all. What’s your name?” As I glanced at the flyer, tears welled up in my eyes. “I’m Miriam, I’m… I’m lost,” I stammered, my voice filled with desperation. “I can’t find my way. I’m starving and desperately in need of help. I’m just a young girl who was kidnãpped. In short right now, I’m hopeless. My parents have no idea where I am. This is not my country…” My words were punctuated with silent cries.

“Please don’t say that. As long as there’s life, there’s hope. Even Jesus Christ went through all forms of temptations, he was even crucified and he rose again. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. I’m so sorry to hear this heart wrenching news. Please I don’t have much time you can follow me to my place.. Maybe Jesus led me to you for a reason.” He said looking so devastated as he closed his bible and inserted the few flyers in his pocket..

“But I’m hungry please. I’m starving badly. I haven’t eaten for days. I’m dyîng please..” I criêd out. “My dear I’m so sorry. This is so sad oh Jesus..Just hold on let me get you some snacks. I’ll be right back.” He assured me and headed towards the market after successfully crossing the road.

“I hope this person is different from the others. God, please help me. Please. I have endured so much suffering in this life. The Christians these days don’t live up to the image they project. I’m just so scared,” I to myself, my voice filled with uncertainty, as I absentmindedly cracked my left finger and rubbing my other hand on my aching stomach.

To be continued.

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