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I was abducted a few years back while sleeping in my bed(around 9pm) by some unidentified gunmen. I was just fifteen. My parents were not around on that particular day so I just closed the protector and slid the door partially open due to the heat I typically experience at night. They searched everywhere in the house but couldn’t find any môney.

They even shattered the glass of the plasma TV in the living room. One of them used some stone to smash my dad’s car screen as they carried me towards the gate. When they checked inside, they discovered some money close to the jar. I saw Musa (our gateman) bound and roped a short way from our tank. His mouth was tied with some strange material so he couldn’t talk.. One of the gunmen brought out a syringe 💉 from the small bag that he had hung over his shoulders, he injected my left hand with it and and I lost cônsciousness within a couple of minutes.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a passenger boat that was travelling down a river at a high rate of speed. It was dawn and I felt like I was being taken a destination I had no idea of. There were 6 young girls behind me, some of whom were considerably older than I was and most of them were devastated and silent. Everywhere was so cold as ice and we were all putting on life jackets. Four tough men wearing similar dark clothing were in the boat. The boat was being driven/directed by one, while the other three sat nearby and watched us. I started to shiver from the cold. I had never experienced such cold in my life and I was under great pressure.

What should I do? I can’t survive this cold. Mummy where are you? Daddy where are you? I’m kidnapped…, As I sat down shivering and pondering in thoughts with teary eyes, one of the young girls pulled her shirt and covered my body with it. I tried to turn to face her and give her my appreciation, but I was unable to do so because of how much my lips were shaking. She became close to me and seemed to understand my situation.

Although she was speaking to me in Yoruba, I was unable to understand her. I started talking to her with my hands, but I was still unable to understand her. When security personnel(naval officers) stopped us, the folks sitting next to us would always bargain with them so that they would simply let us go without searching. After more than three hours of sailing, the boat came to a halt.

I was dragged inside a certain Lexus by two of the men who then sat me on the back seat and pounded on the door. In the front seat, a man and a woman that appeared to be his wife were haggling with the guys. I couldn’t understand what they were saying due to their dialect but when they were done, the man banged on the door and drove off. Everything was happening as if I was dreaming. The whole places, their languages, culture and ways of life, were completely distinct. I kept wondering where they were taking me as I peered through the window.

God is this how I’m going to dîe? So I won’t see my parents again? So I won’t be going to see my classmates in school? So I won’t submit Mrs Mercy’s assignment? So I won’t see my elder sister again? Mummy where are you. Mummy I don’t know where they are taking me to.” I kept crying out in private as they continued to drive. The man quickly switched his mirror by his front and was peering at me. His face wasn’t friendly at all to the point I quickly turned my face to the other side.

To be continued.

© Nicholas Stephen


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