My destiny helper episode 17


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To our greatest surprise, it was the officers. Some rushed over with a cõrpse, while others were dragging people out, including madam. Cries filled the air as I was asked about Collins, but no one seemed to care about anyone else; the only focus was finding their friends and loved ones. Meanwhile, the captured girls were rushing out one by one.

“Where’s Collins?” I kept shouting his name, my eyes filled with tears, but still couldn’t find him. Amidst the chaos, one of the captured girls rushing out caught sight of me and claimed to recognize me. However, I brushed her off, my focus solely fixed on finding Collins. Without warning, more military personnel arrived in a pickup van and started transporting most of the captives to an unknown location, leaving me clueless.

Another van arrived and loaded the remaining men, a group of six. Shockingly, they were forcefully stripped n***d, bound, and callously thrown into the trunk before the van sped away with them. While I was heading inside I sighted Collins on the stairs bleeding badly and struggling to breathe he held one of the rods tightly to prevent him from falling.

Acting swiftly, I lifted Collins in my arms and rushed him towards one of the vans designated for transporting the injured victims to receive free treatment because everything was being sponsored by the government. As soon as the van reached its capacity, it commenced its journey, engines reviving as it sped away.

I remained by Collins’ side throughout the night at the hospital, joined by others who also watched over their friends and loved ones. Together, we formed a supportive presence, providing comfort and reassurance to one another during that difficult time.

Meanwhile, The news had already gone viral and Rebecca and pastor came over to check up on us.

That marked the turning point when the girls were finally rescued and spared from their captivity. Since many of them couldn’t recall their origins, the government extended their support by providing care and covering their expenses. However, the fate for Chief, Madam, and the rest of their crew was far graver. They were justly sentenced to death due to the countless innocent lives lost as a direct consequence of their actions. Meanwhile the mansion was crushed by government operatives.

Collins and I grew increasingly close, to the extent that he eventually proposed to me and I gladly accepted. As we enjoyed our courtship, Collins’ parents made the decision to invite me to their country. They flew me back and upon arriving at my house, I was surprised to find only my father inside, despite my father’s car being parked within the compound.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I noticed my father’s frail appearance, indicating he hadn’t been taken care of properly. When I anxiously inquired about my mother, my father sorrowfully informed me that she had passed away due to depression. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Collins suggested that we bring my father along with us. After a few days of ensuring his comfort and settling his belongings, we embarked on our journey back to Togo, with my father by our side


Collins’ business flourished as the years of our marriage progressed, and we had been serving God will all our heart. I discovered that I was pregnant during my second year of attending the business school. Coincidentally, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Edoh also enrolled in the same school, which focused on shaping individuals into successful entrepreneurs and empowering them to manage their own businesses. My dad later secured another high paying job though the help of pastor.

The presence of Collins’ family completely transformed my life, teaching me the valuable lesson that help can come from unexpected sources. It became evident to me that in this life, anyone has the potential to lend a helping hand. I am incredibly grateful for the grace of God that has consistently protected and guided me; without it, I am certain that my I’d have been dêãd by now.

The end 🔚🔚🔚

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