My destiny helper episode 13



“What is your name and how old are you?” he inquired, looking intently at me.. I- I, I’ve- I’ve, been away from my parents for over six years. This year is making me 21.”

“Oh Jesus! I sincerely apologize for this. I am truly sorry. So, what are your plans moving forward? While I can offer assistance, I suggest considering staying here for a while to gather yourself and save some money before returning to see your parents. Because you can’t just go there empty handed. It’s in two ways.”

“But I want to return home; it’s all I ever wished for. I missed my parents and I don’t know if they’re alive.” I continued to weep and repeating those words. “God fõrbid! Nothing will happen to them in the name of Jesus. Miriam, considering the current situation, I urge you to examine your leg closely and take a good look at yourself. Your condition isn’t ideal; you’re not in a good health. You require proper treatment and you ought to give your life to Christ as well.”

At that moment, Mr. Edoh and Mrs. Samah entered and informed him that Lawani had left. The pastor then suggested that he would take me to live with his family and help me acquire a few skills before returning to my country. They both expressed their gratitude towards him and also informed him that they’d be checking up on me from time to time to assist with the little they could before departing.

Afterward, the pastor drove me to his house, and one of his older sons guided me inside and I was well taken care of. The following day, as I was eating breakfast, the excruciating pain from my breãst cancer resurfaced, causing me to shout out in distress. His wife immediately prayed for me, but the situation was growing critical. Eventually, she informed her husband and they drove me to the hospital in one of their cars, where I stayed for over two weeks undergoing various treatments.

The nurses focused on treating my leg as well, performed surgeries, and administered a range of medications. They even took care of changing my pads. Pastor and his wife would check up on me, pray for me and go. Similarly, Mr. Edoh and his wife welcomed me into their home after my discharge. I started residing with the pastor and his family. They were having two boys and one girl. Collins was the eldest. The girl was still in ss1 and she became my good friend. One evening, Rebecca, the pastor’s wife, asked me to join her outside within the compound. We sat down together, and she initiated a conversation, noticing the long ash gown I was wearing.

“Before I met my husband in Nigeria. As of then he was still a lecturer in Delta State University Abraka (delsu) life had been incredibly challenging for me. In my personal circumstances, I faced great hardships. I didn’t actually lose my parents, but also because they expelled me from their home. They even accused me of being responsible for the dêaths of my two sisters. Our family consisted of seven children in total – four girls and two boys, and sadly, excluding the girls who had already pãssed away, we were left as a total of five siblings. I held the position of the second-born in the family.”

“I’m truly sorry, Mummy. I thought that I was the only one enduring such difficulty, unaware that there are others facing even more severe challenges than mine. However, your parents are still alive, correct?” I asked, filled with sympathy. “Yes, they are still alive,” she replied. “Although I have forgiven them through Christ, they still don’t answer my calls. Today marks exactly 10 years since we last saw each other.” She said.

“I’m a tailor and that’s the business I had been doing to feed my children. I can put you through. There’s huge profit in the business if you’re really good at it. We decided to leave our home country due to the immense hardships we were experiencing there. My husband had to give up his job as a lecturer to follow the Lord’s calling, and with my support, we persevered until we reached this point. I truly believe that this is our home – where we belong. This is where Jesus has guided us to be.” She added and I just folded my hands listening and nodding my head.

“So have you given your life to Christ.” She asked. “But mummy I’m a Christian..” I said scratching my legs. “You know you’re still having cancer, the treatments only suppressed it. And you have to give your life to Christ for the Lord to heal you.

“It’s okay it’s okay, Collins will direct you to your room. We’d continue tomorrow my husband is already calling me. Don’t forget to pray before you sleep.” She said, stood up, dropped her bible and left.

Collins came held my hands and took me to my room. “Miriam.” He called. “Yes sir.” I answered him as we both sat down.

To be continued.

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