My destiny helper episode 9



“Please… Please, I’m a complete stranger here. Please, I’m lost and scared,” I pleaded, my voice shaking as he approached. His face was hidden behind a dark, unfamiliar material, making it impossible for me to identify him. He was only wearing trousers with no top on. I felt his strong grip on me as he dropped his menacing cutlàss to the ground.

He brought some strange ropes from somewhere unknown to me, and proceeded to tightly bind my hands and legs with them. I whimpered in pain, reminded by his earlier warning to stay silent. Securing his cutlass around his waist and holding a torch, he hoisted me over his left shoulder and began walking with me.

In my mind, I was filled with fear and despair. Was this man going to end my life? Oh, Jesus, please protect your child. Where is he taking me? We crossed the river and travelled a short distance until he halted. With tears streaming down my face, he raised my gown and violàted(ràped) me in the most horrifying way. As I sobbed uncontrollably, he carried me until we reached a desolate roadside.

He callously dropped me to the ground on the right side, and without a second glance, walked away into the silence. The air was frigid, and I found myself trembling. There were no vehicles passing by, leaving me completely stranded and vulnerable. A heavy rain began to fall, in addition to the cold got me shivering continuously.

I huddled on the cold ground, shivering uncontrollably. To my dismay, there were no passing vehicles in sight, indicating that it must have been very late, perhaps around 2 am. The cold became unbearable, and soon I succumbed to unconsciousness. When I regained consciousness, I couldn’t remember when the rain had stopped. As I surveyed my surroundings, it became apparent that it was now morning, and my gown was soaked and covered in sand.

Desperate for help, I managed to crawl towards the roadside on my right. My whole body was on fire, the pains emanating from my gènitals wasn’t funny at all. The first taxi I flagged down callously ignored me, adding to my despair. The second one reluctantly rolled down the window and dismissively stated that he doesn’t transport passengers for free, telling me about the hardships of life for him and his family.

My diminishing hope flickered as I noticed a woman emerging from the nearby bushes, carrying some bundle of firewood on her head. With great urgency, I signaled for her attention, and thankfully, she noticed me. “Mama… Mamma, your daughter is dying. Please, Mummy… Mummy…” I signaled, my voice filled with desperation.

“Mabama…. Mabama…. Mabama… ” The exact words she kept saying as she hurriedly dropped the firewood and approached. I could tell that she was trying to ask me what was going on but I tried communicating to her with signs so she could hear me. We couldn’t comprehend each other’s dialect at all.

“I’m I’m Marian please. I don’t know where I am. My left leg is badly wounded. I can’t walk. Please help me. Mama help me. Please I can’t walk.. I’ve not eaten…” I pleaded, crying bitterly as I held her hands tightly and tried communicating with her.

Without wasting much time, she secured her wrapper tightly around her waist and firmly grasped my hand. She led me to a marked boundary where groups of people could be seen off in the distance. Meanwhile, she had already informed me that the neighbouring town was not far away, trying to give comfort and hope in her words. She walked away after signaling me pathetically she had something urgent to attend to.

I sighted a man that was selling bread and groceries by my right. From my observation, he should be in his early 50(s). So I crawled up to him after he finished serving the last customer..

“Yes. What is it..” He said rotating his left hand. It appeared that the man could understand English.

“Daddy I’m hungry. Daddy I’m hungry. Please anything you give me I will managê. Please I’m dyîng Please.” I uttered amidst têars with a dried throat and cracked voice.

“You’re hungry! Don’t you have a father? Do I buy things from the market on crêdit? Better reverse and start leaving! This is how you people will start bêgging up and down! Start leaving fast!” He bellowed at me.

To be continued.

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