My destiny helper episode 6



“Instead of you to stand you’re sitting down!! I think it’s high time I extend your punishment to next three weeks.” Chief scoffed and walked up to me, cracking his throat and gazing at me as I was on the floor helpless. The other man on glasses that was sitting behind him adjusted his suit and also stood up.

“This girl. This girl… Hmmmm. What’s your name?” The man on Glasses questioned me and instructed me to get up of which I did. “I’m mittata. That’s what madam to me to answer.” I said. “What’s your original name? The name your parents gave to you?” He asked again. Marian. That’s my real name.” I said, groaning and coughing.

“Chief.” “Yes. You want her?” Chief uttered. “Ummm kind of. Just reserve her for me. I’ll take her in the next two days. How long has she been here.” “Four years approximately. But Benjamin you know you’re still owing me and this time I’ll be very strict. Anyone that doesn’t make full payment won’t be allowed to go with any of them..” “Aaaahh Chief Chief it hasn’t gotten to that extent mmmm. In short this night I’ll be making full payment.” He muttered, chief quickly chuckled and walked away.

“Please.. Please I’m hungry and I’m still having brèast càncer. I haven’t eaten for days. Please I know you have siblings of my age at home and you wouldn’t want them to starve like me. If that’s the only thing you can do for me please. Please help me..” I cried out and held his left leg as he was about leaving.

“Don’t ever try that nonsènse with me again.” He warned and slapped me on the face. He kicked me thrice and spàt on me. ” Now Kindly make use of the door and meet your colleagues fast!! Don’t make me repeat myself.” He instructed, extending both hands till I struggled to exit the place.

Khedia left his mattress and walked close to me. That period they were all starving badly and madam had been procrastinating their meal because we failed to clean some of the rooms on time. Remember I was under punishment which implies that I won’t join them in eating even though I had worked with them. The previous two days Khedia and another young girl, that I was older than, fed me a few spoonfuls of the rice from the one madam had dished for them.

That was how I struggled to eat worst was the food was not always enough. Some days they’d boil beans, at times they’d feed us bread or sausages.. On some days, they would serve us some strange dark soup with leaves in a big bowl and we would all gather the bowl like a swarm of ants shoving it straight into our mouths with our hands. Anyone who didn’t eat right away would go the rest of the day without food. There are some waste bins prepared for us to be dumping our mensural pads.

All of the leg aches returned the following day after I accidently tripped and fell while we were cleaning some of the toilets. I began to wail on the ground and shout. Madam came and gave me one of the worst beatings of my life and I quickly remained silent. Before she left she forewarned me “if I hear you shouting in this place again, I’ll personally use my cutlass to remove that leg.”

When I was about getting penetrated that day, the man had to allow me to go because of the leg cos it had began decaying and the muscles needs to be stitched by a medical practitioner or better still a well qualified doctor and I was struggling to walk. Madam came to inform me that night that I should pack my things. That they’ve paid for me adding that I’d be leaving the next day.

On hearing that Khedia, tiny and one other girl that also care about me, all crawled up to my mattress and began communicating with me. Khedia was the only one that could understand English. The other two were using signs.

” Yes I’ll be leaving tomorrow. She said I should prepare myself.” I answered them, signalling them with my hands.

“Please just be careful. I know that someday you’ll see your parents. How I wish I could be lucky like you. You’re one of those that I could communicate with fluently. I’ll Miss you.” Khedia said, shedding hot tears.

“It’s okay. It’s okay please. I’ll always have the three of you in mind. I swèàr with my late grandfather’s gràve. Please three of you should stick together. Don’t bear any grudges against yourselves. Just be patient and keep on praying. If you’re a Christian you pray for God’s protection and guidance as well. If you’re a Muslim you pray for Allah to preserve and protect you. Just keep on praying. Okay..” I told them holding their hands. Few of them that were still awake were just staring at us.

I discussed with them, gave them some advise till they dozed off on my mattress. I didn’t mind sleeping on an empty floor because I care so much about them.

Madam entered the room the following morning and jolted me up from sleep with a full bucket of water. “Mittata you’re still sleeping abi!” “Madam I’m sorry. I— I, I– I ..” You’ve forgotten what I told you abi!! Commo get up and start moving!!” She thundered furiously and I followed her as instructed. She took me to one particular room…………

To be continued.

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