My destiny helper episode 3



“Arrange yourself fast!” Madam instructed, wiping some of the women behind me on their backs. Madam was holding a long belt alongside with three long canes. Two had worn out. She usually torture them with it.

“You!” Chief said pointing in my direction while chomping a chewing stick. “Me!” I said confusingly. All the other ladies were just staring at me in silence.

“Are you stûpid! Are you not the one that oga is talking to! One of the men on suit squeaked at me, he abruptly stood up and pulled me in front of chief with my hair.

“I got a complaint from you yesterday that you don’t know how to greet. The worst was that I called you just now and you pretended not to hear abi!” He shouted and planted me a sláp.

He pulled the light green top and dark skirt I was wearing and I was only on my pánties. Chief instructed me to follow the man that was sitting by his left. I just obeyed and went after him. The others stood there as I left.

He pushed me inside the room and I collapsed on the ground. He shut the door behind me and then walked out. He assured to return immediately. Although the interior was beautifully decorated and the aroma emanating was fantastic. I was nonetheless afraid.. What if the man is plotting something evîl against me? Why am I here in the first place?

When he came back he got me disvirgined that night and dragged me meet the other girls. They were all lying on the ground, huddled around a sizable dish of boiled rice, eating continuously. Almost all of them were using their hands to eat, and only a few used table spoons.

“Totayona.” One of the girls spoke in a strange dialect as he brought his left hand that was filled with the rice to my face. I never wanted to eat but considering my current state, I had to eat or I’d starve myself to deáth. I opened my mouth with teary eyes as she put the rice in my mouth and I began devouring it sluggishly.

She was the one that fed me till I told her I was satisfied. I cried throughout that day. Few days later I began to get familiar to the rules and regulations of the place. The way they dress, the way they eat, the kind of places we were allowed to go because our movements are restricted. We all had our own name’s of which madam gave us. They named me ‘Mittata’

We eat once in a day except for some days that the Lord decides to touch madam’s spirit that she’d feed us twice. I had lost alot of weight. Only few of us understood English the rest were abducted from different places. Some were from different countries entirely. Every month, they switch out one of us; some would be moved to a different location, while others would stay. I was fortunate to be one of the those who stayed.

There are some rooms in the mansion that we can’t enter. Madam was just treating us like slaves. We had no phones to contact our friends nor loved ones. The kidnàppers took my phone with them but I stored my dad’s number off hèart. The worst part was that I don’t even know our present destination. Last week was the thirty-third time the Chief or one of his men had chosen me amongst the others to spend the night with them in their room.

I kept praying for God to help me, I kept praying for my destiny helper to locate me and withdraw me out from the frustrated lifestyle I was living in that house. Every day, the chief brings guests to the house.

When I got to eighteen, I had brèast cancer and some days the pains would submerge while some days it’d increase. Each time I tried talking to madam about my condition she’d yell at me and instruct me to continue with my duties.

There was a day I stepped up to madam in tears despite summoning a little courage because no one had ever dared to approach up to her. I noticed her a short distance away. She finished talking to one of the men in front of her and I rushed to meet her crying.

“Mitatta what are you doing here!” She muttered angrily, peering at my face with both hands placed on her waist.

To be continued.


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