Husband Material episode 3

Episode 3

Husband Material

As I drove home from Diana’s house that night, I was beginning to have double mind about the idea.

Instead of handing it to Eric, I decided to take it into the room first.

I studied it all night, with mixed feeling, but at the end, I decided to still go ahead with it, after all there is no harm in giving it a try.

During breakfast, the next morning, I called Eric and handed it over to him.

“Post this at the gate, put it in a way that anyone passing by would notice it”. I instructed, handing the post ard over to him.

Silly Eric, he opened it right there, and struggled to read it’s content.

“Hus, hus.., wetin be this, fine madam?”. He asked, looking confused.

“Eric, I hate too much talk, and you know it. Post that stuff at the gate, and stop asking unnecessary questions. And before I forget, get the number of anyone who shows interest”. I instructed again.

Alicia came down to join us, at this moment.

“Good morning aunt, hi Eric”. She greeted, while taking her position beside me.

“Small madam, abeg, help me read wetin dey here”. He said, placing the card so Alicia could see it clearly.

“Husband Material needed. Apply within. She turned to look at me.

… seriously, aunt?”. She asked.

“Madam, why you go do a thing like that?”. Eric asked, looking disappointed.

“Will you get out of here right now??”. I yelled at him. He knew I was pissed off already so he left immediately.

“Aunt, you shouldn’t have done that”. Alicia said, as soon as Eric left.

I just gave her a side eye, and she shrugged, and started eating her food.

For three days, the sign was still at the gate.

“Nobody come oo”. Eric would always say, each time I drive into the compound.

On the fourth day, I was almost giving up, and had called the girls over again.

“I told you that idea is not cool”. Rita observed.

“Calm down, this is going to work, exercise a little patience”. Diana tried to assure us.

Just then the door opened, and Eric entered.

“Fine madam, four men dey gate, because of that sign board”. He announced.

“four men”. Diana repeated, emphasizing on the ‘4’.

I felt anxiety building up inside of me.

“Let them in”. Benita said to Eric.

“For what exactly?”. He asked.

“What question is that?. My friend, bring those men in. Diana screamed

…And make them wait at the reception”. she added.

He still refused to move.

“Eric, bring those men in”. I requested, gently.

“Okay, madam”. He prostrated, and left.

“What kind of a guy is this?”. Benita asked.

” I don’t know why Gina cannot listen to me, and sack him, he is so annoying”. Diana added, angrily.

“Forget Eric, abeg. Those men, what am I going to say to them?”. I was so anxious.

“You don’t have to say anything, come, and sit close to me, and observe. I will do the interview”. She replied, pushing her handbag aside, to make me a space.

Minutes later, Eric walked in.

“Fine madam, I don bring them come”. He announced.

Charity stood up to go take a peek at them.

“Okay, you know what you’re going to do?, you will bring them in one after the other. Diana instructed.

…. did you hear me. Don’t do anything stup!d. Now bring in the first person”. She ordered.

Eric stood there, staring at her with his hands folded on the chest.

“Did you not hear her?”. Benita asked.

But, he still didn’t move.

“Gina, I don’t like this guy at all …”. That was Diana.

“I no like you too, why you go dey talk like say na you be my madam?”. Eric interrupted her.

Diana turned to look at me.

“Gina, don’t just sit there, and watch this guy insult me”. She said.

Before I could say something, charity came in with a frown on her face.

“Seriously Gina, this your security guy is an imbec!le, can you imagine?”. . She said, taking back her position on the couch.

“What happened?”. Diana asked.

” Did he not tell us they were four guys?”. She asked.

“Yes, how many are they?”. I asked.

“Five of them”. She replied.

“Five?”. We all chorused.

“Well, I just asked them to start coming in in three minutes time”. She continued.

Eric”. I called.

” Yes, madam”. He replied.

“Why did you tell us they were four of them?”. I asked.

“I no wan waste numbers”. He replied.

“Meaning what?”. Charity asked.

“I dey talk with my madam. He warned her, before turning back to me.

… see, two of the men dey short, so I come count them like one person”. He explained.

Alicia couldn’t control herself again, as she bursted into a noisy laughter.

“It’s either you close that your mouth or you go back upstairs”. I said to her.

Just then, the door opened, and a young man with big muscles stepped in. All eyes turned to the direction of the door.

“This one na agbero oo”. Eric muttered.

“Eric get out!”. I screamed on top my voices, and he ran out immediately.

“I don’t know why you don’t want to get rid of this guy, I really don’t know why”. Diana fumed.

The young man came closer, and started introducing himself immediately, without even saying a word of greeting to us.

” I don’t like him. He looks so arrogant”. I whispered to Diana.

“I think I like him”. Charity said, after he was gone.

“Then you can have him”. I said.

The second one was a middle aged man. He looked gentle somehow.

“You know, I was never in support of this whole thing, but if you must do this, I suggest you go with this one, he looks responsible”. Rita suggested, after that one left too.

“I don’t like him”. I replied.

I still wasn’t impressed with the third nor the fourth.

“I don’t like any of these men”. I expressed my dissatisfaction.

But then, the door opened, and the fifth stepped in. My jaw dropped at what I saw, he was tall, handsome, heavily built, he was… infact exactly the way I wanted my man to be.

“Oh, no”. Diana whispered.

“Oh yes”. I found myself smiling, and nodding continuously.

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