Husband Material episode 19

Episode 19

Husband Material 👞

“Eric, I employed you as a gateman, if I needed a driver, I’m capable. I will get myself one” I said.

“I know you too get money, but make I just be your driver for one day”. He pleaded.

“And who will be at the gate?, who is going to open the gate?”.; I asked.

He pointed towards the gate. And that was when I noticed Alicia waiting patiently.

“What?. What is she doing over there?”.

“She dey wait make we start motor. Give me the key”. He requested.

He took it from my hand, unlocked the car, and opened the back door for me.

I was hesitant for a while, before I finally decided to surrender. I walked in, and he closed the door immediately.

I was comfortable with his driving, I was so used to driving myself. I had to complain about his speed limit many times.

Okay ma”. He would reply, and still continue his slow speeding. At a point I got tired of complaining, and started pressing my phone.

He tried to initiate a conversation, but I wasn’t showing any interest, so he stopped.

When we drove into our compound, I hopped down from the car before he could park.

“Make I dey come?” He asked.

“No, stay there”. I replied, already running into the house.

My elder brother and the uncle that called me earlier were sitting in the veranda, with a big bowl of fufu and two plates of vegetable soup set on the table before them.

“Hmm, this is my sister with whom I am well pleased. Though she doesn’t care about me”. My brother joked.

“Good afternoon. Ebuka, where is mama?”. I asked.

Before he could answer, my mother entered with a bowl of water which she placed on the table before she could even turn to look at me.

“Mama, what happened?”. I asked, surprised.

“How?”. She replied.

“They said you were sick. They told me you were very sick. I turned to look at my Uncle, who was already devouring the food.

… uncle, was that not what you told me?”. I asked.

He nodded, with mouthful.

“Oh! that. Hmmm, you won’t believe what happened today. I was very sick, very very sick, infact I almost died, but God in heaven came through for me. Just then we heard the sound of the car door open from afar.

…. Who is inside your car?. Did you get yourself a driver?”. She asked, looking towards the direction.

“Not really a driver..he is…”. Before I could say what was in my mind, she interrupted.

“You brought a man home for us?”. She asked excitedly.

“That is good a good one, my daughter”. My uncle said.

“Why did you leave him in the car, go and call him here”. My mother said, pushing me out.

“Mama, listen. He is not..”..

“Please, bring the man in”. She continued pushing me.

They won’t just let me explain myself.

“Maybe she is shy”. My brother said.

I walked back reluctantly to the car. Eric was leaning on the car with his phone in his hand when I came.

He looked up immediately he noticed me, and we stared at each other like a minute without saying a word.

“Wetin make you dey look me?”. He finally broke the silence.

“My mother wants to meet you”. I said.

“How she dey?”. He asked.

“She is fine”. I replied.

He stood up.

“Oya, make we dey go”. He said.

“Look, there is something I want you to do for me”. I said.

“You know I fit do anything for you”. He said.

“Don’t act like I am your boss in front of them”. I pleaded.

“Just that?” He asked.

“Yes”.I replied.

“Very simple na, but how I go dey act like say na me be the boss?”. He asked.

“Stup!d. Just act as if we’re lovers.. but don’t hold me, don’t even try to”. I had to warn him.

We walked quietly down to the veranda. My mother already set a special chair for him.

“Una good afternoon oo”. He greeted.

I was a little embarrassed about his English.

“Sit down my son”. My mother said, motioning him to the seat.

“Thank you mama”. He replied, sitting down.

“Bros, come, and join us”. My brother said.

“Carry go”. He replied.

“Don’t worry, I will get his”.My mother said, and hurried into the house.

She came out some minutes later with a set o plates covered in a tray… the special plates she usually stored inside the cupboard in her room.


“Regina, go and get him water to wash hand.I don’t know where that Somtochukwu has gone to. That girl is really growing wings these days”. She screamed.

I got the water, returned and dropped it there on the table for him. Then I sat on the bench beside my mother.

“Why did you not place the water for him to wash his hands before dropping it on the table?”. She asked.

“Was I supposed to do that too?”. I whispered back.

“Yes, he is your man. Learn how to be humble before him, everything is not money”. Sh lectured.

“Okay, next time. He has washed his hand now”. I said.

“It’s alright”. She shrugged.

“So, why did you people call me here, because from all indications, mama is fine, there is nothing wrong with her. Why am I here?”. I asked after they were all done eating, and were picking their teeth.

My uncle cleared his throat, and started talking. He talked for almost fifteen minutes, stressing on one particular word, ‘forgiveness’.

I sat there, nodding, and at same time wondering where all that was coming from.

“To err is human but to forgive is Divine”. My brother added

“Yes, forgiveness is very very important in this life. Even the bible instructed us to forgive one another at least 70×7..”. My mother began.

“Why are you all stressing on forgiveness, who is to be forgiven?”. I had to interrupt her.

“Your sister. My mother said.

…. Yes, Stella. She is sorry for what she did to you”. She added.

“Stella?, where is she?”. I asked.

“I will get her”. My mother said, and went into the house.

“So Stella has been here all these while?”. I asked my brother.

“No. She came down to Onitsha two days ago, and narrated everything that happened, to me. How she visited you, stole your money, ran out, and got duped. So I decided to bring her home”. He was explaining.

“Wait, did you say she got duped?. Like, she lost the money?”. I asked.

He nodded.

“She ran into fraudster”.

“All the money?”. I asked.

“Yes”. He replied..

“So why are y’all telling me to forgive her?”. I asked.

“She is sorry, you need to see her. She has been hiding away before she summoned courage to come, and meet me”. He continued.

Just then my mother entered, with Stella walking slowly behind her.

She stood before me, with her face bent.

“Kneel down”. My uncle commanded her.

She knelt in front of me and started shedding crocodile tears.

“I’m sorry, it was the devil”. She cried.

I watched her for like five minutes before I was able to say something to her.

“It’s alright, I have forgiven you”. I said to her.

My mother shook hands with me, my brother hugged me, and helped Stella up her feet.

“You’re a true daughter of your father, my brother, Odili. May God rest his peaceful soul”. My uncle commended

“Amen oo”. They chanted happily.

“Now, hug your sister”. My mother said.

Stella tried to hug me, but I stopped her.

There was a brief silence.

“What now?. You said you have forgiven her”. My mother asked.

“Yes, and I have forgotten her too”. I said.

“What does that mean?”. She asked

“It means that I don’t want to have anything to do with her henceforth. She is no longer part of me, infact she is not my sister anymore”. I said.

“Abomination!”. My uncle spat.

“Regina, what are you vomiting from your mouth?. Stella wronged you, we all know, I frowned at what she did, and you know that if she was a child, I wouldn’t spare the rod on her. But she is sorry, does she not deserve your forgiveness?”. She asked.

“What exactly is she sorry about?. No, why is she sorry?. Because she lost the money?. Okay, let’s assume she didn’t lost the money, do you think she would be here right now?”. I asked

“But at least she is showing remorse”. She continued.

“I have said my own, and that is final. I don’t want to ever see her( I turned to face her) I don’t want to ever see you anywhere around my house again. You’re on your own from now. I stood up to leave.

…In the absence of no other thing, I will be taking my leave. Eric, let’s go”. I said, and started walking away.

“My son, please help us talk to her, okay?”. I heard my mother pleading with Eric.

“No too worry yourself”. He replied.

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