Husband Material episode 13

Episode 13

Husband Material

The kidnapers called while Oliver and I were walking into the living room. I picked the call, and put it on loud speaker, so he too could hear them.

“The money is ready now”. I announced, motioning Oliver to sit, with one hand.

“10million naira cash?”. The voice asked.

“Yes”. I answered.

“I will tell you when to start coming”. They said.

“Please, may I hear her voice?”. I pleaded.

“I will let you know when to start coming”. It repeated, and the call dropped.

I shook my head, and slumped on the chair besides Oliver.

“These people are heartless. They won’t even let me hear from her”. I muttered.

“Don’t worry, no harm will come to her”. He tried to assure.

“Why do you sound so sure?”. I asked, looking at him suspiciously.

He cleared his chest, and pulled me closer to his chest.

“I have prayed over it, and I believe God”. He said, stroking my hair.

At this moment, Diana walked in.

I sat up, and did my hair.

“Ana. You didn’t go to the shop today?”. I asked.

She shook her head.

“I’m just coming from there. I came to check up on you”. She said, sitting and placing her handbag beside her.

“Good morning, Oliver”. She greeted, with a smile.

Few moments later, they both started discussing politics, which I found very boring.

Meanwhile Eric has been flashing my line ever since the kidnapers dropped so I seized that opportunity to excuse them, and go talk some sense into the silly gateman.

“Eric, Eric!”. I was screaming his name when I got to his doorstep.

He came out from within the cabin with a small leather bag on his hand.

“Madam”. He answered

“Eric, what is your problem?. Why are you becoming so difficult for me in this house?, why are you behaving like a jealous lover over me?. Am I owing you?”. I asked.

“No, ma”. He replied.

“So what is your problem?, why are you disturbing my phone?”. I asked.

” Abeg, who be that man wey follow you go inside?”. He asked.

“I don’t understand. Who are you to ask me such question?”. I asked.

“Problem dey oo because that man…”. He tried to say but I cut him short.

“Wait, you think I am here to listen to your bulkshit?. I smiled.

…Of course I am not. I’m here to make one thing clear to you, and that is that I am your boss, not your younger sister or your girlfriend. You need to mind the way you speak to me, especially before visitors”. I was breathing fast.

“I dey sorry for wetin I do, but I still wan know who that man be”. He insisted.

This guy is just so impossible.

“Eric, did you say you’re not working anymore?”. I asked.

“We go talk that one later. Who be this man to you?”. He asked.

“You’re free to leave now, you’re no longer needed here”. I said, and turned to go back to the house, but then I remembered what my friends were saying about him the other day. I turned around sharply.

He was still standing there, staring at me with something like pity in his eyes…he looks so innocent.

“Let’s talk about this, tonight”. I said, and started going inside with mixed feeling.

Oliver and Diana were still talking when I entered, and sat down. My conscience was pricking me like I did something terrible.

Maybe I should have let him speak. I thought to myself.

“Babe, what’s up?”. Oliver asked, concerned.

“It’s nothing”. I answered, trying to fake a smile.

Minutes later, Rita walked in.

“I’m coming straight from school run, what is happening?”. She asked, sitting down.

“We have been waiting all day”. I said.

“Why is your gate open?. Did you finally let that your gateman leave?”. She asked.

“No one at the gate?”. I was alarmed.

“Do you not know?”. She asked.

“Is the gate still open now?”. I asked.

“No, I locked it”. She replied.

“The guy is a fool”. I muttered.

“It’s a pity you’re just realizing that”. Diana said.

We waited for a long time, talking, drinking and sleeping at interval. while waiting for the kidnapers.

“Oh! why are these boys delaying us? It’s been more than 4 hours we spoke with them. Oliver complained, checking his wristwatch.

…. I don’t want to be late for my flight this evening”. He added.

“Maybe…”. I was going to say something but was interrupted by Stella’s voice from upstairs.

“Regina oo!”. She called out, as she joins us in the living room.

“Stella, what is it??”. I asked.

“Someone has been knocking at your gate”. She announced.

“My gate?”. I stood up to go get it, but Diana was ahead of me.

“I will get it”. She said, and left.

“What about your gateman?”. Stella asked.

“Forget him. I said. I then held Oliver’s arm over my shoulder

Meanwhile, meet my boyfriend. His name is Oliver”. I smiled.

“Hello, boyfriend”. She smiled, before turning to go back upstairs.

“She is your sister, right?”. Oliver asked.

“Yes, my immediate younger sister”. I smiled.

“I see the resemblance”. He observed.

Just then, the door opened, and Eric walked in, followed by a dozen police men, all fully armed.

“See the animal here”. He said, pointing at Oliver.

“You’re under arrest, Mr Solomon for kidnapping and attempted murder” One officer said, moving forward to handcuff Oliver.

What exactly is wrong with this Eric?

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