Husband Material episode 21

Episode 21

Husband Material ๐Ÿ‘ž

I was thinking my mother would forget about this whole marriage talk for the mean time, as Stella was yet to go back to her husband’s house, Instead she is making me go crazy by putting ideas into my head.

“Mama, you know I can do anything to make you happy, but you see this particular one, I will not try it. If I tell you what I have been through in the past few months, you would even advise me to forget about men, and focus on my life”. I said.

“God forbid that I should give you such an advice. And what have you been passing through?. Tell me, I need to know” She demanded.

“Forget it, I’m fine now”. I said.

“Then try and think about what I’m telling you now”. She continued.

“It won’t work oo, because I cannot bring myself down to start going out with my gateman of all unseriouse people”. I maintained.

“That is exactly your problem, pride. You hang yourself up to a height that is difficult for any man to notice you. Bring yourself down, Regina. Money is not everything in this life”. She advised.

“Hmm. This is not going to work. How am I even going to start professing love to him in the first place?”.

“If you don’t know how to do it, bring him home, I will do it myself”.

This woman is determined.

“Mama, Eric is not my spec”. I told her.

“Then turn him into your spec”. She said.

Mama Ebuka! You can never win her in an argument.

For days I kept close eye on Eric, and at the same time imagining the way I’m going to be introducing him to people as my husband without him embarrassing me in front of everyone with his unpolished attitude and language.

“Is this what my mother wants as a son inlaw?”. I asked myself after I sighted him through my bedroom window one morning , dancing under the rain.

Me I cannot do this oo.

And finally came the day my mom has been talking about…my birthday.

It was Rita’s call that woken me up.

“Happy birthday!!”. She screamed, and together with her daughter, they sang me a birthday song.

“Thank you, thank you very much”. I replied.

“So where is the venue?”. She asked.

“For what?”. I asked.

“The party ofcourse”. She giggled.

“Ohh!.There won’t be a party this year”. I replied.

“Why?”. She was surprised.

“I didn’t plan for it”. I replied.

“Okay, enjoy the rest of your day”. She sounded a little disappointed.

I checked the time, it was 5: 46 am. I switched off my phone, and went back to sleep.

“Happy birthday, fine madam”.

That was Eric when I was leaving for work later that morning.

“Thank you so”. I smiled back at him.

The only party I hosted that night was with already made cake I picked up from the mall on my way home that evening which I cut in the presence of Eric, Alicia and the cook.

After I cut the cake, Eric presented me with my first birthday gift in years…a wristwatch.

That was so thoughtful of him…

Though it looks too cheap, but I was glad. At least, someone remembered to get me something. Every other persons, including my family, think I have too much. They even expect souvenirs from me every year after taking them on a treat.

“What made you think of this?”. I asked, as I put on the watch wrist.

“You like am?”. He asked.

“Of course, I love it”. I replied, excitedly.

“I will bring my own gift next time”. Alicia muttered.

From that night onwards, I started viewing Eric in a different light.

But I still don’t think it’s right to date him.

So as I was driving home from work the next evening, the spirit led me into a men’s boutiques. There, I chose some nice outfits worth a hundred of thousands.

“Let me try this on him first”. I said to myself.

He was so happy when I handed the bag to him that he lost control, and tried to hug me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay”. I stopped him.

I woke up every morning to watch him through my bedroom window as he washed the cars.

I think I’m beginning to like him.

One Sunday evening, I was watching him through the balcony when Alicia joined me.

“What do you think about this Eric?”. I asked her.

She watched him for a while

“Am I supposed to thinking about him?”. She asked.

“Forget it”. I said, and switched to pressing my phone.

I just wished I still keep friends around me.

“Are thinking about him?”. Came her voice.

I looked up.

“Thinking about who?”. I asked.

“Oga Eric”. She replied.

“Why would I be thinking about him?”. I asked.

“I’m sorry”. She apologized.

“You better be”. Sighed.

The next day, I was forced to open up to Alicia.

“My problem is this his pidgin English”. I complained.

“If pidgin English is his only fault, then he has no fault at all”. She said.

“I shouldn’t be doing this!. What if he doesn’t like me?”. I muttered.

“Eh! Someone that is ready to die for you”. She exclaimed.

God! the whole world will laugh at me ๐Ÿ˜ข

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