Husband Material episode 8

Episode 8

Husband Material

I had to stepped back to take a proper look at the young man again…just Incase I was seeing things.

Before we entered into the compound, I knew I saw a car that looked exactly like the one I gave him, parked a distance away from the compound, but I didn’t get close enough to see the plate number..

“Is that not Dennis?”. I asked the rest.

“Na im na”. Eric replied.

When he saw us, his dance steps changed drastically. My sister noticed his discomfort too, and moved closer to whisper something into his ear.

The first thought that came to my head was to pounce on him at that very moment, and take away the gold chain, watch and shoes I gifted him two days earlier, but my friends gathered around me.

“Gina, please, you need to calm down”. They were saying.

“This guy is an armed robber”. Alicia was saying from behind us.

“Just calm down”. They continued saying.

Without thinking straight, I hurried back to the car in tears, the rest running behind me.

“I will drive you”. Rita said, helping me to the other side of the car.

“My keys! Someone should get my car keys from him first!”. I screamed, once I got into the car.

Diana left to get it.

“I no understand”. Eric said to me through the window.

“What don’t you understand?”. Rita asked.

“How we no go beat craze comot from that idi0t body before we comot?”. He asked.

“What’s that your name?, get into the car”. Rita ordered him.

Diana came back some minutes later with the key.

“I will drive”. Charity volunteered, taking the key from her hand.

Immediately we drove off, my phone started ringing.Calls from my mother and Stella. I thought it was something I could handle by ignoring, but then my uncles aunties and some other relatives joined. That was when I turned the phone off.

“But does it mean your sister has not introduced her man to you before now?”. Rita asked, after a long silence.

I shook my head.

“That’s bad”. She muttered.

“I told you earlier that that guy is up to no good, like I know he was a fraudster”. Alicia was saying from the back.

“The boy get criminal body, but madam no just see am”. Eric said.

“No noise from the back, please. This is no time to apportion blames”. Rita said.

It was past 7pm by the time we got back to the town.

Immediately I stepped down from the car, I threw myself on the ground and wept.

“Gina, you have to stop this”. Rita was saying.
They dragged me up from the ground, and took me into the house.

I slumped again on the couch, when we got into the living room.

“Gina, please stop, you’re stronger than this”. Benita consoled.

“Do you know that this is all your fault?”. Charity said to Diana.

“How is it my fault?”. She retorted.

“You brought up this crazy idea that gave the criminal access to Gina’s heart”. Charity continued.

“It’s not my fault at all, no one should blame me that she chose the one every other person despises”. Diana tried to defend herself.

“You guys should stop!”. Rita pleaded with them, and there was silence once again.

The rest of the girls went back home but Diana stayed back to spend the night.

It was midnight when I finally put my phone back, and immediately I did, my mother’s call entered.

“Regina, where are you, and what was the meaning of the madness you displayed here this evening?”. She asked.

“Mama, I just had a mood swing”. I replied.

“Mood swing?, which mood swing made your friend slap your sister’s husband, and collect his car key?”. She asked.

I ended the call immediately.

“Diana, did you slap Dennis?”. I asked.

She sat up from the bed.

“Ehhh, he, he was going to be stubborn, so I had to take the key by force”. She was explaining as mother was calling back.

“Mama, the car belongs to me”. I said, when I took her call again.

“How?”. She asked.

“Mama it’s a long story, forget it”. I explained further.

“Regina, I’m ready to listen to that long story this night”. She insisted.

“Mama, please, I’m not in the mood to talk too much right now. Goodnight”. I said, ended the call, and switched my phone once again.

Diana left in the morning, after instructing Alicia never to leave my side.

Stella came around 4 in the evening.

“The security man outside,was he not same guy you introduced to me yesterday as your fiance?”. That was the first thing she said immediately she got into my room.

Alicia and I exchanged quick glances.

“Welcome, aunt”. Alicia greeted her.

She sat on the bed besides me.

“What is wrong with her?”. She asked Alicia when I didn’t reply her.

“She is not feeling fine”. Alicia responded.

“Regina, what is wrong with you?”. She asked me.

“How did Divine meet that guy?”. I asked.

“Online, why?”. She replied.

“Does he live in this city?”. I asked again.

“No, he stays in Abuja”. She replied.

“What does he do for a living?’. I continued.

“Why are you asking all these questions?”. She was getting infuriated.

“Is it now a crime to know about the person going out with my sister?”. I asked.

She laughed for a long time before she continued.

“So you think this is the right time to do that, after they have been married?. She sighed.

…By the way, why did you create a scene at the event yesterday?. That is why I am here, since you won’t take my calls”. She added.

“What does that guy do for a living?”. I repeated.

“I don’t know, I’m not Divine, call her and ask”. She replied.

I picked my phone and placed a call through to Divine.

“Hello, sister, I have been calling you”. She said, immediately she picked the call.

“What does that Dennis do for a living?”. I asked.

“Dennis kwa?, who is Dennis?”. She asked.

“Your boyfriend…”. I said.

“Her husband”. Stella corrected.

“If you’re talking about my husband, his name is Stanley. She replied.

…. have you met him before, why did you walk out on us, who was that lady that slapped him, and why did she snatch his car key from him?”. She was asking.

“Why don’t you ask him?”. I said.

“He won’t talk to me. I have been asking since yesterday”. She was saying before I ended the call.

“His real name is Stanley, not Dennis”. I announced as another line of tears started streaming down my cheek.

“What is going on here?”. Stella tried to understand, but when nobody was going to explain anything to her, she got angry, and left.

My friends and I drove down to his apartment the next morning only to discover that the house was empty.

“Some men were here two days ago to take away the properties. He called me to allow them in, that he sold all to them”. The landlady explained when we enquired.

“I have been scammed. You needed to see the way I furnished this house”. I announced to my friends.

“I told you, men are scum”. Benita said.

“Now you will consider what I told you earlier. Get pregnant and have your child, age is no longer on your side”. Rita said, when we got back home.

“I won’t do that, it’s better I go for adoption”. I replied.

It took me about three weeks, before I was able to get on my feet again, and back to work. I was ready to put all behind me, and move ahead, promising myself never to have anything to do with any man in my life again.

“There is no different man, anywhere”. I had told my employees.

But one evening, as I was driving home from work, my car broke down in a very
lonely path.

Many cars passed by without stopping to help me. After a long fruitless effort of struggling to fix it, I heard the sound of a car door banging from behind me, and on turning, I saw a young gentle man, coming towards me. I didn’t see his face clearly, because he was putting on a spec, but I could tell he wasn’t bad looking at all.

“Good evening sir”. I greeted immediately he aproached me.

“What is wrong with your car?”. He asked.

“I don’t know”. I replied.

He worked his way to the bonnet, and after some minutes after touches, he asked that I start the engine. I did, it was perfect. I got down again to thank him.

“It’s okay now, thank you so much sir”. I said.

“I’m glad I was able to help, but please you don’t have to call me ‘sir’. My name is Oliver, and you are?”. He asked.

“I’m Regina”. I replied.

“Regina, that is the perfect name for a beautiful damsel like you. He complimented.

Surprisingly, I found myself blushing.

…May I have your contact, please?”. He added.

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