Husband Material episode 23

Episode 23 (Final)

Husband Material ๐Ÿ‘ž

“You said you’re what?”.. I couldn’t believe my hearings.

“I’m Vincent, I’m sorry I lied about myself”. He was saying, trying to hold me, and I brushed his hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch me…”.

At this moment, my mother came entered.

“What is going on here?”. She asked.

I ran passed her, out of the backyard

“What is wrong with her?”. I heard her asking Eric.

The rest of the family were sitting quietly in the veranda with with Eric’s uncle when I ran passed them.

The first thing I did after Iocked myself in the room was to switch off my phone, after which I laid facedown on the bed, crying away my pains.

My third heartbreak in one year!…am I cursed or something?

My mother and my brothers came knocking after some minutes later, but I refused to answer them.

At a point, my brothers got tired of, and left me alone, but my mother didn’t give up early.

“Regina, open this door now!. I won’t spare you if you allow these people leave”. She threatened.

She must have been hitting that door for more than fifteen minutes before I heard someone’s voice, telling her to leave me alone, after which I heard the sound of car engine start… they were gone.

I didn’t come out of the room, until 10pm that night when I felt everyone have gone to bed.

I didn’t mind driving back home that night just to avoid anybody to summon me for a family meeting in the morning…. Alicia and the cook can always find their way back in the morning.

I threw my clothes into the bag, opened the door quietly to peep. Everywhere was quiet… I tiptoed out of the room , through the passage. but then I walked directly into my mother who was quietly sitting at a corner in the veranda.

“I knew it. I knew this would be your next move. That is why I have been waiting here for you”. She said.

“I’m going back to the city”. I muttered.

“Why?, did you not come back to get married?”. She asked.

“As the marriage didn’t work out again?”. I said.

“Come, and have a seat here”. She motioned me to sit beside her.

I was hesitant at first, but after further persuasion from her, I gave in, and sat down, but on a different chair.

“The young man explained everything to me. He is really sorry, and I apologize on his behalf. Please, forgive him”. She began.

“That will not be possible”. I said.

“Why?”. She asked.

“Because he may not even be what he is saying. That was how one came to me.. just like this, with fake identity. I trusted him until he turned out to be a kidnapper”. I said.

“Jesus Christ!, when did this happen?”. She asked.

“Some months ago”. I replied.

“I hope they didn’t succeed in kidnapping you?”. She was alarmed..

“No, they are in police cell already”. I said.

“Thank God. But if this one was among them, don’t you think they would had mentioned his name?”. She asked.

“Ehh, what if he is something worse, like a serial k!ller or something else?”. I said.

“But you said he has been your gate keeper for long?”. She asked.

At that moment, my elder brother and his wife joined us from within.

“Regina, what you did today was very bad. You shouldn’t have locked yourself insy. The uncle of the young man wanted to speak with you”. He said.

“How are you even sure that was his uncle?. What if he hired him together with those cars?. How could a rich man son bring himself low to work as a gateman, gateman oo, check it now”. I tried to convince them.

“So you think he is a scammer?”. He asked.

“Nowadays, things are happening”. I told him.

We argued over it for long before he finally promised to do something about it.

“You know what, I’m going to make inquiries”. He promised.

“If he is real, I won’t have any problem with that”. I said.

My mother pleaded with me to go back inside.

“It too dangerous for you to be driving by this time”. She said.

I went back very early the next morning before they were up. And that day of every other, Jude decided to come look for his wife and son.
I transferred all my aggressions to him.

“You’re very stup!d man”. I pursued him out of the house with a bowl of water.

Eric kept calling me after I switched back my phone, but I wasn’t taking his call. I also instructed my new security never to allow him into the house for any reason at all.

My brother called me after four days.

“I have made the necessary inquiries. The young man is really the son of that chief.They said there was a time he died, but miraculously resurrected”.He added.

When Eric called again that evening I finally picked.

“Regina I am sorry…”He began.

“Where are you?”. I asked.

“Me?. I’m still in Delta State”. He replied.

“When are you planning to come with your people”. I asked.

“Wait, are you saying you’re no longer angry with me?”. I could feel the excitement in his voice.

“No, I’m not”. I replied.

“Okay. I will..we will be coming right away”. He said.

“When?”. I asked again.

“Tomorrow”. He replied.

“No, you need to give my family time to get ready”. I said.

“Okay, next tomorrow is good”. He said.

I went back to the village that night, and awaited their arrival. This time, he came with, not only his uncle, but his father as well as his step mother and his three sisters.

I also had to apologize to the uncle for the way I behaved the last time.

Our traditional marriage was fixed there and then…there is no time again (in my mother’s voice)

After the traditional marriage I followed them back to Delta State, there, the white wedding took place.

It was supposed to be a simple wedding, but a lot of people crashed the church service..

For instance, I din’t remember inviting any of my friends.. I didn’t even tell them I was getting married yet I sighted them from where we were taking our vows at the altar.

Divine too was there, all the way from Abuja.

“Did your husband later go to jai?”. I asked her during the reception.

“Not yet, he is still in police custody”. She replied.

That was it, my good people. The husband material I was busy looking for among kidnapers and fraudster happens to have been staring at my face all the while, trying to get my attention.

We are seven years in marriage today with three beautiful girls, he has never given me any reason to regret my decision… and I still refer to him as Eric.

Though I now based in Delta State, he didn’t stop me from running my own business.. I can’t give up.

As for the other people, Stanley was later bailed out by Eric, and was employed in one of our companies in the south..he has been doing well.

Stella also reconciled with her husband. Diana is still serving her ten years term at Anambra, while Solomon has been transferred to kirikiri prison where he is serving a life sentence.

Alicia was married at 24.

The end.

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