Husband Material episode 5

Episode 5

I didn’t like the sound of that word ‘Ghetto’, but I love the personality coming out of it.

“You won’t continue staying there”. I said.

“How?, that is where you can find the cheapest house in the entire city”. He said.

“I know, but you won’t be staying in a cheap house, you’re my man now, your status has to change too. I will rent you a flat as soon as possible”. I promised.

“Me?”. He screamed, and threw himself on me in an embrace.

“Wetin be this?”. That was Eric, asking from behind.

We disengaged immediately, as I turned to face him while Dennis went ahead to inspect the cars.

“What exactly is wrong with you, Eric?. How many times will I tell you to just mind the gate?”. I asked.

“I’m sorry, I no fit focus on the gate alone”. He said.

“Babe, I think I like this one”. Came Denny’s voice from the garage.

“Eric, go back to the gate”. I said, before going to meet Dennis.

He was leaning on my latest car.

“Is that the one you like?”. I asked.

“Yeah”. He replied.

“Then you can have it” I said, searching through the keys in my hand.

But when I stretched my hand to hand him over the key, a hand snatched it from behind.On turning, I saw Eric, standing behind… I didn’t even know he followed me.

“Are you okay?”. I asked.

He nodded.

“Give back the key”. I demanded.

“Madam, you dey do this thing with clear eye so?”. He asked.

“I don’t understand”. I said.

“How you go carry your car give this thief?”. He asked, pointing at Dennis.

“Babe, who is this?, is he not suppose to be your gate man?”. Dennis asked.

“Eric, drop that hat key here right now”. I ordered, placing my palm before him.

He reluctantly did.

“Now go back to the gate, and open it for him”. I demanded.

He turned to leave but Denny’s voice stopped him.

“Wait!, are you going to let him go like that?. This guy just called me a thief”. He said.

“Oh!”. I exclaimed, not knowing what to do at that moment, because the Eric I know would never accept to apologize to anybody.

“Yes, he just called me a thief, and I demand an apology”. He continued.

I turned to face Eric.

“Eric, apologize to him”. I requested.

“I no fit”.

That was the exact response I expected from him.

” Babe, just forget this guy”. I said to Dennis.

“I don’t understand. This guy is your security, you employed him here, if I’m not mistaken. Why then is he behaving like reverse is the case?”. Dennis asked.

“Just forget about him”. I pleaded, but he insisted I speak to Eric like a boss should.

“Look, Eric, this guy you’re seeing here is my boyfriend. He has as much right as I do in this house, if you respect me, you ought to give him some respect too”. I said.

I turned back to Dennis.

“Is that all?. What about the apology?”. he asked.

“Don’t worry he will come around”. I said.

“Why is he so stubborn?”. He asked.

“Please, leave this guy, I will talk to him”. I pleaded, handing the key to him.

He sighed, and opened the car door.

Eric refused to go open the gate for him, and I ended up doing it myself.

“I will be talking with the agency tomorrow. I need a new security man since you’re becoming impossible”. I said to Eric, after Dennis drove away.

He didn’t say anything, like he knew I didn’t mean what I said. The truth is getting a security man as loyal as Eric won’t be easy, though, he may be difficult some times, but he remains the best employee I have worked with so far.

Alicia was still sitting in the living room when I entered. She had her face buried in the phone.

“What do you think about Dennis?”. I asked as soon as I sat down.

“Nothing”. She said, still not raising her face from the phone.

“Nothing?, but you were here as we speak this evening”. I said.

“My opinion does not matter”. She said.

“Just tell me what you think”. I insisted.

“I still maintained that he is the worst of all the men that were here today”. She replied, still not putting her face up.

“You’re right. Your opinion does not really matter here”. I said, and placed a conference call with my friends.

They were not happy with me.

“You gave him your car?, Gina, do you not think it’s too early?”. Charity observed.

“Nne, you don fall my hands, just pray the guy comes back after tonight”. Benita said.

“You no do well at all”. Rita said.

The only one that said the one thing I love to hear was Diana, and that was the reason she was the best of them all.

“You guys should calm down. Gina is so in love with this guy, and when you’re in love you can do lots of crazy things”. She told the rest of the girls.

Well, Denny and I spoke for hours that night, and he also called me first thing the next morning. He makes me feel loved. He was the only thing that matter to me at that moment, nothing more.

Though I finally rented him a two bedroom flat in town, he was always at my place, even while I was at work, and that can only mean one thing… he was jobless.

I later got him a job at a shopping mall, just to keep him busy, and away from my ward.

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#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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