Husband Material

Husband Material.

It happened to me๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

“Did you buy a new car?”. That was the first question my mother asked, as soon as I stepped down from my newest SUV.

I knew she was going to notice.

“Yes, I bought this one, two weeks ago… they are two of them actually”. I said, feeling proud of myself.

I expected her to be excited, but she didn’t even smile.

We haven’t seen each other in six months, yet she was acting like we live together in that village.

“You bought two cars within a week?”. She asked.

“Yes oo, what will you have me do, business is booming, I have to enjoy my life to the fullest”. I replied.

She doesn’t look excited at all, even as I opened the trunk to reveal the bags of rice and other foodstuffs I brought for her.

“Oh!, Regina, we still have enough foodstuffs in the house. It hasn’t been three months you sent us things, remember?”. She said.

“I know, mama. But I don’t want you to lack anything at all”. I said.

Normally, she would have started dancing, and calling me names like ‘one daughter greater than seven sons’ , but instead, she gave me gave a fake smile which vanished immediately.

“Thank you. She said.

…Somto!, Somtochukwu”. She called on the girl that stays with her to come and offload the trunk.

While we were having dinner, later that night, I noticed the way she was staring at me, through the corner of my eye. I wondered what could be going on in her mind.

“Regina, age is really telling on you oo”. She finally voiced out, after minutes of making me uncomfortable with her questioning gaze.

“Really?”. I continued eating, fighting hard not to get offended.

“Yes, my daughter. I want to know what your plans are”. She continued.

“My plans?, about?”. I asked, looking a bit lost.

“When are you going to make my joy complete?”. She asked.

I let the spoon dropped into the plate, so I could sit properly.

“Mama, am l not doing enough?. Why is your joy not complete?. I built this house, I got you a car and a driver, I provided you with a maid. I ensure there is always food in this house. What else do you want me to do, mama?”. I asked.

“I know, my daughter. You have done so much for this family, infact you have done what my two sons put together cannot do for me. But there is one important thing everyone is expecting from a woman your age”. She said.

“And what is it?”. I asked.

“A woman’s beauty and prosperity is vain, without a crown over her head”. She said.

“A crown?, what crown?”. I asked, suspecting where the discussion was heading for.

“Regina, you need to get yourself a husband”. She finally voiced out.

I kept quiet for a while. I never expected such from my mother. She of all people should know that I am not happy being single at my age. I really desired to be married, but the men were not forthcoming.

“Mama, you know, men are scarce” I finally found my voice.

“Men are scarce, but your two sisters found husbands?. Stella’s marriage is going to two years now, Divine’s traditional marriage is around the corner, how did they do it, Regina?, and they are your younger siblings”. She continued.

If there is one thing I hate, It’s comparison, I hate being compared to anyone.

“Mama, stop this. You’re really getting me upset right now. You should know that I am a woman, not a hunter. You don’t expect me to go out, and start professing love or proposing to a man”. I had to remind her.

“So your sisters are now hunters?. She smiled.

…. Regina, put your pride aside, and ask questions. Ask your sisters how they got their men. Please, my daughter, people are talking”. She pleaded.

“So because I am single, Stella and Divine are now doing better than I am?. Why are you talking like marriage is everything?”. I asked.

“Marriage is everything, and more. It’s a woman’s greatest achievement”. She replied.

“Do you know how many times I have been on a peacekeeping mission to Stella’s house?. The last time, she was in my place with her son for two whole weeks before her husband came to. A man who is so wicked that he cannot provide for his wife and son. Stella would still have been jobless by now, if I didn’t intervene, a womanizing husband. Is that one also an achievement?”. I was getting really mad right now.

“But it’s still better than being single”. She replied.

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#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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