Husband Material episode 22

Episode 22

Husband Material ๐Ÿ‘ž

After I finally accepted my fate to date Eric, the next issue on ground was how to let him know… you don’t expect me to start toasting him.

I gave him all the green lights, but he still do not understand.

I even went as far as taking him along with us whenever we’re sitting out, yet he wasn’t getting it.

The next thing I did was to prank him that I was employing a new security man.

“Why you wan sack me?”. He asked.

“But you wanted to leave, have you forgotten?”. I reminded him.

“Abeg I no wan go again”. He went down on his knees.

I started laughing..

“Come on, do you think I will ever let you go?”. I asked, helping him to his feet.

“Na joke?”. He asked.

“Yes, I’m joking”. I replied.

“Abeg, that joke too dey expensive oo”. He warned.

“How about I make you my personal driver. What do you think?”. I asked.

“You wan make I dey drive you?”. He asked.

“Yes”. I replied.

“Who go come dey gate?”. He asked.

“I will take care of that” I said.

And I took care of it because three days later, a middle aged man, Buhari, was sent from the agency.

Eric resumed work as my driver immediately.

The goal was to get to be talking with him all the time.

“Where did you even say you come from?”. I started the conversation as he was driving me to work that morning

“Me?. Delta State”. He replied.

“Oh, me I’m from here”. I said.

“I know nah”. He laughed.

“I almost forgot you already followed me home”. I said.

“Two times”. He added

“Yes, two times, and I think my family like you” . I said

“You dey serious?”. He asked, excitedly.

“Yes, my mother calls always to ask about you. The funny thing is that she thinks you’re my fiance”. I said, watching his expression from the mirror.

He just smiled, and frowned again.

“Heya”. He said.

No more was said again untill we got to the salon.

I offered him some money to go find something for himself to eat, but he turned down my offer.

“I don eat for house”. He said.

“I won’t be done until at 6. You still need the money”. I insisted.

“No worry yourself, I dey alright here”. He assured me.

This repeated for three days, without him making any move.

I was becoming frustrated day by day. I think I have completely fallen for his personality.
Some times I find myself speaking pidgin English while we converse.

On the fourth day, I made him drive me to a bar not very far from our estate.

“Are you not joining me?”. I asked, as he pulled.

He jumped down from the car, and walked quietly behind me.

When we got in I ordered for one bottle of medium stout and a plate of fish for myself. I forgot what her ordered. We drank silently. When I was done with my drink, I called the bartender and demanded for three extra bottles for myself.

“Wetin you wan carry am do?”.He asked after the girl to get my order.

“Drinking”. I replied, rolling my head like I was already drunk.

“Where you wan drink am? for my face?”. He asked.

I laughed out loudly, attracting attentions to us.

The girl returned, and started setting the bottles on the table. I reached out to open one, but Eric held me to stop.

“What?”. I asked, pretending to be angry.

The truth was I was never going to open that drink, neither was I drunk. I was looking for a reason to fall back on him.

“You drink only one bottle, you don dey do anyhow, if you come drink another one nko?”. He asked.

We argued for long before he finally left with the bottles.

I rested my head on the table, and feigned sleep.

Seemed he settled with the bar people… I don’t know, because the next thing I know was me being swept up my the chair , and out of the bar.

As he dropped me into the car, I tried to pull him on me, but he resisted, and shut the door at me.

I broke into singing as he drives.

We were home under ten minutes.

He helped me down from the car, and again I fell on him, trying hard to kiss him. He kept resisting until we got to the front of the door.

He knocked multiple times before Alicia opened. He then carried me up again into the living room, and laid me on the couch.

“What happened to her?”. That was Alicia.

“She got drunk”. He replied.

“How?”. She asked.

“Na only one bottle of medium stout oo”. He explained.

“Please, help me take her to the room”. She pleaded.

I was carried up again to the room. I closed my eyes, and started snoring as soon as my head touched the pillow.
He covered me with a duvet, and they left the room.

immediately they left, I stood up, and locked my door.

I wonder what manner of man he was.

The next morning, I had to meet him to apologize for my misbehaviors the previous night.

Before I was done, he took my hand, lifted it up to his lips, and kissed my palm.

I was taken aback.

“What did you do that for?”. I asked, snatching my hand from him.

“Oh, I dey sorry, ma”. He begged.

I hurried into the house.

I’m going crazy.

For two days, we didn’t talk to each other.

While he was driving me home from work on the second night, I gave up, and spoke my mind.

“Eric”. I called.

“Yes”. He replied.

“Do you like me?”. I asked.

“Yes na”. He chuckled.

“Do you understand what I mean?”. I asked.

“No”. He answered.

“I mean, would you want to be my husband?”. It was hard to say, but I said it anyway.

He turned to take a glance at me, then look away immediately. I waited for him to speak but he didn’t say anything until we drove into the house.

“Did you hear what I asked?”. I repeated.

“I hear you, but the problem be say, me and you no dey the same level. You get money, i no get. You go school, I no go, how we go do am?”. He asked.

“It doesn’t matter to me anymore, just agree to marry me, all these things would be in the past”. I persuaded.

He got down from the car, opened the back door for me, and helped me step out of the car.

“Na man dey propose to woman”. He said

With that, he knelt down, and raised his hand up.

“I no get ring, but I beg you to be my wife”. He began.

I smiled, dragged him up from the ground and hugged him, with tears in my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed my new security watching us in disbelief, but like I said earlier, I really do not care anymore.

We walked into the house, and broke the news to Alicia. She was so happy.

“Wow!”. She hugged the both of us.

We started making introduction arrangements immediately. He said he would need to travel, and inform his family.

“How are you going to transport them from Delta State?”. I asked.

“That one no be problem”. He said.

“You can go with one of the cars, if you don’t mind”. I suggested.

“No too worry yourself. Na only me and my uncle go come before the others”. He replied.

He called two days after he travelled.

“We go come on Saturday”. He announced.

I called my mother immediately, and informed her.

She broke down in tears.

“Let me go, and tell your uncles, have you called your brothers?. How many bags of rice are we going to cook?, when are you coming back?”. She just couldn’t control her emotions.

“Mama, calm down first. they are only coming on first visitation, just two people”. I told her.

I travelled home on Friday evening with Alicia and the cook.

My mother already hired laborers to clear the neighborhood.

My brothers came back that night. Everyone were happy for me.

Stella was running around, doing what I don’t know. She seemed to be trying her best to get back in my good book, but I refused to take notice of her. 6

Around 2 PM, the next day, mother asked me to go get ready.

I was applying my makeup when I heard the sound of sirens from afar coming towards our compound.

I looked out through the window, and saw two cars pulling in, 2 big big cars, that two of my own cars cannot buy one of it.

I ran outside immediately. My mother and the others were already standing in the veranda watching as the cars parked one after the other.

Just then three police officers stepped down from one of the cars, and one. ran back to open the second car . We watched in awe as an elderly man stepped down, dressed in a native custom.

Few minutes later, I noticed a gentleman on shades coming over from the other side to meet the older man, and together, they started walking towards us.

“Who are they?”. My younger brother asked no one in particular.

“Regina, did you invite people?”. Mother asked.

“No”. I replied, still confused.

We watched them until they walked up to us.

“Good morning, good afternoon, sirs”. My elder brother greeted.

“Please, who are you looking for?”. I asked.

The young man pulled away the shade from his eyes.

“Oga Eric!”. Alicia exclaimed from behind me.

I looked at him clearly, and shook my head.

“Eric?”. I was shocked.

“That’s me”. He smiled.

“My in-laws”. My mother shouted, and motioned them to come in.

They went in and sat down.

“What is going on here?”. I was still confused.

Eric stood up, took my hand and walked me to the backyard.

“What happened to you?”. I asked.

“I’m sorry I have a lot to explain”. He began.

“You’re even speaking English?”. I was becoming scared at that moy.

I knew it. My life has always been like this, fake people all over me.

“Remember the story I told you some times ago, about a friend of mine who was kidnapped by his fiancee?”. He asked.

“Yes, the one that was shot by the kidnapers”. I said.

“Yes. The truth is he did not die. He actually survived the shot miraculously”. He continued.

“So what about that?. What has it gotten to do with you appearing here a different person, speaking good English and….”.

“That friend was me”. He interrupted.

He paused, like he was expecting me to say something, but when I didn’t say anything, he continued.

“Yes, I’m the only son of Chief doctor Michael Obidi”

“You’re who?”. I could hardly breathe.

Who doesn’t know the man he claimed to be his father?. The owner of the largest manufacturing company in the south southern part of the country, a philanthropist. I read about him in papers and in television.

“Yes, the man you see over there is my uncle. Chief Michael’s younger brother, Sir Barnabas”

“The question is, what were you doing at my gate?”. I was becoming really impatient.

“Like I told you in the story, women really dealt with me. Nobody wants me, all they cared about was my money. I was losing my mind.”. He continued.

“So?”. I urged him on.

“I left home. I just needed to live low-key. I came down to Awka . There I registered with the agency. That was how I found myself in your house. I fell in love with you the very day I set my eyes on you. I waited patiently for the best time to approach you. But then, it seemed you were only interested in flashy men I almost gave up, that was the time I was going to resign until that man turned up in your house… the same man who tried to kill me five years ago. I knew I had to bring him to book, and also save you from him. And here we are”. He concluded.

We stared at each other for like three minutes, before I found my voice.

“There is one more thing I need to hear”. I said.

“What is it?”. He asked.

“Tell me your name is not Eric. Come on, Tell me your real name. Because that is what your other colleagues do. They ended up not being what they made me believe about them. Tell me your real name. And finally, you tell me which one of my fake friends you’re working for”. I cried.

“No, I’m not working for anyone. As for my name, I’m Vincent, Vincent Obidi”.

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